The Night

The Night - Anthony George

The Night

The Night - Anthony George
The Night - Anthony George

The Night

An Englishman comes to Berlin looking to get lost in the city’s sex dungeons. A wild encounter with a sexy boy toy ahead!

It’s a warm September’s evening in my favourite city of Berlin. I flew in the afternoon, and it was hot enough today to lay naked in the gay field of Tiergarten, soaking up the late summer sun and taking in the sights of hot undressed men having a day off. I always get extra excited thinking I’m lying naked in the equivalent of Hyde Park in London. If I were, I’d be arrested in no time!

There was one athletic looking guy who was soaking up all the attention but I doubted I was his type. Don’t get me wrong, I’m generally considered to be an attractive man – and I have my moments – but I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, age can make you a speciality. I’m in my mid 40’s and have dark hair, blue eyes, and a beard. I’m told I am handsome. My body is in fairly good shape and I’m hairy. I’m one of your older daddy types; and not a bad specimen of.

After all the glorious flesh on display in the park and the warm sun on my bare body, I was tempted to take a walk through the cruising ground on my way back to my hotel. I’ve had some interesting times there in the past, but I knew I was coming here and I wanted to save myself… I’ve been saving myself for a while, so a few more hours wouldn’t hurt.

Now I’m walking up to the party. No queue until I turn the corner and people are lining up before the main entrance. It’s just after 11 p.m. so the doors are open and I’m guessing I won’t have to wait long before I’m inside and stripping.

I can feel my excitement stirring. This is my favourite party of this kind and I’ve been to a few in different countries. Even in London, when The Vault was still open, I was a regular at Sunday afternoon’s Stark Bollock Naked. It was a great venue; when it was busy it would almost throb, but it had nothing on Berlin. I miss the mazes and the smell of beer and sex, but this is a whole different level.

I remember the first time I ever came here. I was so overwhelmed and delighted I couldn’t actually participate for the first three hours. My bar bill was considerable, but the venue and the men seduced me, so eventually I had a blast. Although, I never got used to men wanting to drink from you by the urinals.

This will be my third night here. I’m shuffling forward enjoying my reverie and as l walk towards the entrance I notice a guy ahead of me in the queue. He really is something else! I’m 1,88cm and he looks even taller than me. He’s leaning against the wall so I’m seeing him in profile, handsome face, dark hair, I’d say late twenties, early thirties. From what I can see, he’s got a great body.

I think he can feel me eyeing him up because he turns and scans the back of the queue and he’s even more handsome, full face. I don’t think he noticed me but the line has started to move again so he had to turn back and walk forward, giving me a great view of his arse. From what I can see it looks like his best feature.

I’ve not cum for a while and I took a little enhancement. Not that I need assistance, I just enjoy it, and it takes the pressure off, so looking at that arse I can feel it stirring. I have to concentrate to control my excitement, not for much longer, but it’s hard to keep it under control when I get a good look at that amazing butt.

My cock is just shy of 19cm, thick, and when it’s very pleased to see you, it stands upright and leaks loads of pre-cum. I also have a great arse – it’s still really tight but I have to be in the right mood to use it. I can rarely relax enough in sex clubs to take a good pounding so I’m looking to top, hence my fixation with this beautiful man’s amazing arse.

He looks back again. Did he see me that time or was he looking past me? When he turns back around, I turn and scan the crowd behind me. The queue has built up quite a bit but I can’t see clearly beyond the corner. Nothing exceptional catches my eye. Maybe he was looking at me, some chance. Christ, I have to think of something else or I’m going be rock-hard getting changed! Not that I think anyone would give a damn…

He’s about to go in, I hope I won’t be far behind because I’m looking forward to seeing him naked in the changing room before he disappears in the maze of the club.

Not too long to wait and I’m in. I head to the changing room, grab a plastic bag for my stuff and look for somewhere to perch while I get naked. I see a spot not too far from the Adonis. He’s naked already, and that body is spectacular. Broad muscular shoulders, great pecs and arms, a flat stomach with the hint of a six pack, long firm legs, and smooth all over. He’s covering his cock with his bag at the moment, and I can’t see his arse.

He’s chatting to two muscle boys, a little overworked for my taste but don’t get me wrong, I still would. So he’s been snapped up before he’s even left the changing room. I can’t say I’m surprised. I’m a little disappointed, but hey. It’s still early.

I strip quickly until I’m just in my black DM’s and sky-blue football socks. I put my bag in the coat check and head into the main body of the club. I love this space; its industrial fixtures, the huge bar, and the hot men everywhere. But I still can’t help feeling slightly crestfallen over the one that got away… But fair enough, a three-way with two muscle boys is a good way to start your night, so I can’t blame him.

I head straight through the bar, and when I turn left towards the outside area I notice my bootlace is undone, so I get down to tie it. As I stand again a man brushes past me, and when I look up, what a pleasant surprise, it’s him! My God, that arse is to die for; toned, tight and high, perfection. It hypnotises me and I can feel my cock swell slightly but I’m not ready to get hard just yet.

He looks over his shoulder at me. Was that a come on? I stand there shocked, my heart is thumping but I’m not letting him get away this time. He turns left and I follow as fast as I can without looking totally desperate.

I see him heading upstairs, and he looks back hopefully to see if I’m still behind him. Of course I am. I get to an area where it’s darker and I can’t see him, shit, where the fuck did he go?

I hear a noise from behind me and I turn and see him standing at the door. It’s early, so it’s not very busy out here yet, we are alone. I look him straight in the eye and he holds my gaze. Fuck, he’s handsome, and that body, wow!

That’s it. My cock can’t take any more and in about three or four heartbeats pumps up to full size and then some. It’s hard as a rock and poking straight up. He’s watching this with what looks like desire in his eyes and his cock starts to swell too, more slowly than mine but then it is a whole lot bigger…

Yeah, he really does have it all.

I walk over to the door where he’s standing, my heart and cock pounding, and stand in front of this beautiful man, our eyes lock and I run my hands down his biceps, down his forearms and he clasps both my hands. I lean in and we are hand in hand, forehead to forehead, I can feel his breath on my face and the heat from his body.

My whole body is aching for him. I lick my lips and my tongue brushes his lips. They part and I kiss him, deep and long. As I do it I release his hands and pull him to me, feeling his hard, manly body pressed against mine. My cock is on fire and I am pleased to say, so is his. I run my hands down his back and cup that arse.

He moans, thank God, because I want to fuck him, so bad. I nuzzle into his neck as my hands explore the prize… Those firm and fleshy orbs of perfection. I gently run my hand along the divide, drawing out the time before I reach between them and seek out that hole.

He is enjoying the attention to both his neck and his arse, as I run my hand along between his cheeks, he arches his back making it easier for me to explore. Time to go in. Using my right hand, I grasp one cheek and pull it gently over while my left hand heads into the heat to explore, and boy is it hot in there.

As I draw near to my goal, he moans and I feel it twitch beneath my fingers. Here I am, caressing his secret place as he moves back onto my hand. It’s hot and moist and it too is loving the attention.

I can’t take much more of this, my desire is making me impatient, fixated, selfish even. I have to have it, have to get up close and personal, have to see it taste it devour it penetrate it.

As I see what looks like an old gym vaulting horse to my right I break from him, manoeuvring his body over to it, turning him around and bending him over it. There it is in all his glory: This perfect arse, and right now it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I drop down before it, taking it all in, I put a hand on each cheek and part it. The hole is just as beautiful as the arse that frames it, pink, round and smooth.

I can take no more, I have to taste it. I plunge my head between those cheeks taking in his manly aroma until my lips are over his quivering hole, then I thrust my tongue deep into it, it yields as he lets out a groan of pleasure. My heart is racing as I explore him with my tongue, and my cock is leaking its approval. I could do this for hours, but my full balls are setting the pace and I stand up behind him, rubbing my dripping cock against his slick hole.

He moves back onto it. I know this is happening too quickly but I can’t resist, I can’t control myself, I want to be inside him so badly. I position my head right on his hole and he moves back onto me, he wants it as much as I do, and my entire length slips into his hot arse, he swallows the lot in one go.

This makes us both gasp and he reaches back and grips my hips so I can’t move. I am deep inside him; I can feel his body heat and his heartbeat as my tool throbs out mine. His tight hole is holding me tight and I am trying to keep my dick as still as possible as this sudden intrusion must have hurt him a little.

We stay fixed in that intimacy for what seems like ages before I feel him relax a bit, he exhales and releases his grip on my hips. I move my cock slowly inside him, as he gasps and arches his back a bit – he’s ready. The tingle from my balls tells me I’m ready too and I start to slowly glide my rock-hard cock in and out of his glorious arse.

It looks and feels so amazing that I am gripped by a frenzy and I begin to pound him hard and fast. He lets out a cry of amazement and pleasure and so do I – I haven’t fucked like this in years. He’s getting ploughed and we are both loving it. I’m starting to feel the pressure build so I slow my pace a bit because I’m not sure how long I can last, I haven’t gotten off in two weeks, saving it up for this night, and now my first load is desperate to explode into him.

I slow things down to catch my breath and he is panting too. I feel his arse squeeze my dick and he looks back at me with a look of absolute lust, he wants it and he wants it now. How can I deny such beauty?

I tease him with long downward strokes as my breath returns, hitting his prostate and he groans his approval. Then I grip his hips for the final stretch. I fuck him with an animal lust that surprises us both. It’s almost too intense. Almost.

I can feel my orgasm building inside me, tingling in my feet and hands, heading up my legs and arms and centring on my cock and balls, building up to a glorious inevitability and I’m past the point of no return. I feel his body clenching around me, as if he’s in amidst an anal orgasm as I feel the first massive spurt rip through my body and consciousness. At that moment I am pure ecstasy as I unload wave after wave of hot spunk into his grateful hole.
I feel like I am turning myself inside out as I cry out in pleasure. I collapse on top of him over the vault with my cock still twitching inside him as I pant for breath, heart racing. I hardly know where I am. I can feel him heaving beneath me, I feel his heat, his moisture, his body spent from pleasure too. He looks back at me and smiles and we both laugh a little, but I still don’t want to take my cock out of him. We lay connected for a while as we both return to our bodies and I slowly slide out of him.

Back to reality. The spell is broken. We are separate again. I stand back dripping with sweat and he stands up, soaked too. Our eyes lock and we smile at our shared experience. He comes forward and takes me in his arms and we hug. He smiles at me one last time and then he’s gone, taking my first and probably best load with him. I grin to myself, even though I just got here, it was well worth it. I have about twenty minutes to clean up, get a drink and recover, before load number two is looking to go…

I doubt I’ll get as good as that again, I’ve peaked. But in this place, anything is possible, and I can strut about now like the cat that got the cream, or better yet, gave the cream!

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