Who we are

BERLINABLE is an online publishing house focused on celebrating Berlin as a sex capital and embracing its free lifestyle and values. We want to prove that sex is not a problem to be fixed, but rather a solution to be experienced. BERLINABLE aims to spark an intellectual sex revolution to the rest of the world. The ultimate goal is to enable as well as inspire our readers to explore their bodies and sexuality the same way we do in Berlin.


1. One Time AUTHOR

If you write only one or two short stories (e.g., as a submission for the Pornceptual Birthday Story), we can publish it, and you will be a Berlinable Author. But there will be no royalties as this would just be too much administration for only one short book.

2. Resident Author

If you send us more short stories or a novel, we can sign you as a resident author, with contract and revenue share.

Pseudonyms & Privacy

Nobody has to know your name. You chose how to present your author identity.

Length & Format

There are three possibilities:  

1. Short Story: 5.000-15.000 words, DINA 4, 11pt Arial
2. Short Novel: 15.000-50.000 words, DINA 4, 11pt Arial
3. Novel: 50.000+ words, DINA 4, 11pt Arial

This is just a rough classification. Only after reading your manuscript, we can decide which category fits it best. Please, send your manuscript as a Word or Pages document to


We read every story you send us. But we can’t guarantee that every story will be published.

Category & Keywords

Your readers have to find your story. Therefore, help us categorize and tag it. Give us the primary category (e.g., BDSM) and at least three keywords (e.g., threesome).

Style, Topics & No Gos

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be Shakespeare; we love all styles (or no-styles). Queer and LGBT stories are not only welcome but valued – we want to talk about sex in a diverse spectrum. Also, you are free to choose your topic (and if the city is Berlin, you make us very happy). There are a few no goes though: incest, pedophilia, zoophilia, and no matter how hard the game – it has to be consensual (in the end).


You can write your story in German or English, as you want. German stories will be published in English and German.


The stories will be distributed through two channels:
1. eBooks Shops: We pay our authors 10% – 20% of the story’s net revenue.
2. Subscriptions Platform: We intend to start this later this year so we can’t give you a fixed number yet.
When you are accepted as an author, we will inform you in detail. 


When you are accepted and become an author at BERLINABLE, we will inform you in detail.