Dominant Lesbian Landlord’s

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Dominant Lesbian Landlord'S
Quarantine seduction

by jordan church

A Dominatrix Landlord Takes Advantage of Her Young Sexy Quarantined Renter

Willa thought quarantine sucked.  Of course, she knew most people thought the same.  But most people had at least some people they were living with, or had nicer living circumstances, or had more to do.
Not Willa.  Fresh out of university she’d moved to the big city for employment only to be laid off due to the virus.  Her temporary living arrangement would have to go on much longer now.  
Willa had moved into a woman’s basement.  It was cheap, almost suspiciously cheap, especially because the woman, Annalise, seemed… a little too interested in Willa’s physical form.  As in, she seemed to like women.  Really like them.
Annalise had looked like she’d found a gold nugget when she met with Willa.  Or like she was looking hard for gold nuggets all over Willa’s body.
Annalise had even reached out and ran her hands, both at once, through Willa’s long blonde hair soon after Willa moved in!  Admiring and complimenting her while she did it.  Willa liked compliments just like anyone but didn’t think the touching was necessary.
After that, Willa found herself actually trying to avoid Annalise. The basement was above ground on the back of the house and had a door so Willa just walked around the house to get in. The steps to the first floor had a locked door at the top for privacy and she had her own basement bathroom.
The place was nicer than an apartment especially with that little back yard but it became a lot less nice when she was stuck there twenty-four hours a day unemployed and under quarantine.
Annalise insisted on doing all the shopping. Annalise had transportation and Willa did not.  Annalise bought the food due to Willa’s financial circumstance. Willa could not insist on her own shopping.
At first, Willa went on walks but then Annalise insisted she stop. Annalise claimed Willa could track the virus back into the home. That left Willa entirely stuck in the rather poorly lit basement. 
Willa felt herself going stir crazy.
About a week into the quarantine Annalise insisted that they open the door at the top of the basement and keep it open. She said they were sharing the same air anyway and couldn’t have anyone over, so they had to spend as much time together as possible.  
Annalise said it just like that. They had to and as much time as possible.  Willa felt indebted to her because she was literally indebted to her. She did not want to get evicted!  Not ever and especially not during the quarantine.
Willa was grateful for the sunlight she could soak up through the upstairs windows. She’d heard how important it was to increase your vitamin D levels if you wanted to survive getting the virus. It felt a little like her life could depend on joining Annalise and keeping her happy.
Willa was happy to get out of the basement but a little intimidated and a little creeped out by Annalise. Annalise had some weird décor up there. Nude statues of females. All of them looked like they were either in pain or having orgasms. Actually, they all looked like they were both in pain and having orgasms!
Then there was Annalise herself. Annalise had pure black hair, curly, with a paleness that Willa thought of as “intensely pale” rather than washed out or unhealthy pale. Really, she looked like a vampire.
Whenever she looked at Willa she looked like she was thirsty for Willa’s blood.
Annalise insisted that they eat all their meals together.  Annalise had all the food and kept the pantry locked. Willa had to wake up for breakfast when Annalise did. Willa had to ask permission for any snacks or drinks other than water and, often, Willa even said no. Annalise never justified why the answer was no and Willa never pressed her. Willa did not feel comfortable pressing her.
Annalise felt plenty comfortable pressing Willa though!
Annalise insisted that Willa cook all their meals and clear the dishes. Then that Willa do all the cleaning upstairs and downstairs. Annalise soon had her cleaning most of the day, all day long. Even areas that were already clean!
Annalise claimed firmly that they needed to save money and save on laundry detergent. She said there was no reason for them to wear clothes at all with them being house-bound. What could Willa say?  
Annalise had Willa take off all of her clothing right there in front of Annalise, right there in front of the big bay windows of the living room. Annalise said it was to make sure Willa was comfortable nude or, rather, to force her to get comfortable.
Willa did it.  It gave her a real funny feeling doing it. A ticklish swirling in her lower tummy. The way Annalise looked so boldly at Willa’s intimate areas, even leaning forward and to the side at times, made Willa feel vulnerable and sapped her of confidence.
It also made that heavy tickle in her lower tummy swirl faster and faster.
Annalise had her spin around. Then again, more slowly.  Then, “for fun” she said — but it wasn’t “fun” to Willa – and for Willa to get more comfy with her body, Annalise instructed her to pretend to be a stripper who had already taken off her clothing.
Willa was no innocent. Well, not that innocent. She knew that meant touching herself. Touching herself in all the important areas usually kept secret.
Willa did it.  She wasn’t sure who was more surprised, her or Annalise.
Doing it made the swirling expand and strive to work its way to the surface.
Where might that liquid whirlpool of sensation and emotion surface?
She felt it, the liquid, surfacing right where she thought it might. Probably her own hands pawing her breasts like those hands belonged to someone else didn’t help matters.
Annalise called her a “sexy slut” and a “horny bitch”. It was hard to deny but it made Willa pause.
Annalise explained that she was just adding to the atmosphere to help Willa get more comfy with her body. She said a girl needed to be able to take compliments, especially a hot “wench” like Willa.
Annalise told Willa to turn and bend over and look back at her through her legs while touching herself. She said strippers always did that.
Willa did it.  She did it right away. She did it like… like she wanted to do it.
She knew Annalise had to be getting off on this. That was sort of sick. Or natural. One of those two extremes.  
Willa felt unable to refuse Annalise so she tried to control things in her head by just deciding it was fine, no big deal, if a lesbian was aroused looking at her or even made her do things she did / did not want to do. It wasn’t lesbian. Not of Willa. Willa was no lesbian. Willa was just… willing to entertain.
Willa was just being a good renter!
That line of thinking became a harder sell when she looked upside down between her legs, while burning with humiliation and who knew what else was in that fire, and saw Annalise touching her pussy. More than touching it. She was full on masturbating!
It was hard for Willa to criticize right then. The house itself wasn’t glass but Willa’s internal house was made of glass and she couldn’t be throwing any stones right then.
Not when she herself was frantically masturbating her pussy, one hand with two fingers up inside her and the other one stimulating her swollen clitoris. She’d touched her pussy as she’d been told to do and then just got carried away thinking what her bare ass looked like, whether Annalise could see her asshole, and then seeing Annalise like that….
Annalise ordered her – it was an order – to turn around, get on her knees, and to crawl over. Willa couldn’t help it.  She did it.
Crawling over she tried not to think, even as her head came to a stop in between Annalise’s knees, about what would be next. But, of course, she already knew. She thought she did.
Annalise had her lick pussy.  Willa could not let her down and could not turn her down.  
Annalise, gasping from Willa’s licks, told Willa to get herself off while she licked.
They both came within minutes.  It was only the first of many orgasms that night and many more in the next weeks.
Willa was no longer stir crazy. Now she just felt crazy with sexual need and an overdose of obedience.
She heard Annalise talking on the phone one time. It was easy to overhear when you were right there licking her pussy.
Annalise said, “This quarantine is great. My new slave is named Willa and now there is nothing Willa won’t do.”

The End

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