The Shield

The Shield

Whenever I go out with my girlfriends, we tend to have a wild time. The clubs we go to vary between strip clubs and sports lounges. Sometimes just restaurants or hotels. Regardless of where we go, we always have one goal: To have fun and enjoy the company of others. When alcohol is added to the occasion, we tend to get a little more reckless.

Mixing fun and alcohol together more often than not, leads to sex. We feel much braver and less inhibited under the influence in places like these. More tendencies to make potentially harmful decisions. Unfortunately, we also live in a gigantic cesspool of diseases. Having casual sex is not always safe because not everyone practices safe sex.

This led me to my devout study of anatomical science. Studying the human body has given me the idea of creating protection of my own. It’s my personal gift to my fellow women. A special tool that keeps the power and responsibility of safety up to us, instead of solely relying on a potential partner. Or worse, just relying on chance. It also comes in handy when roaming the streets for love in all the wrong places. A pastime my girlfriends and I are most fond of.

Sarah, Vicky, and Jamie and I have been close friends for many years. They’ve always been there for me through thick and thin. Their personalities also perfectly represent the ideal modern day woman. I gathered them to my house Friday night to show them what I’ve been working on. I felt that they would also make great test subjects, since they represented a thorough sexual variety.

Sarah is small and petite. She is also an insatiable flirt who is always the first to disappear with strangers whenever we go out to bars. Vicky is curvaceous, sensual, and private. She is also quite feminine and inhibited. Vicky requires much more coaxing in bed. My dear Jamie, on the other hand, is a wildcat. She’s always in denim and boots no matter how hot or cold it is. She also has a nice contrast to her edge. She may have the softest skin in the world but she’s definitely rough around the edges.

When I first had this idea, I immediately had them in mind. I based the sizes and textures as close to their body types and sexual styles as possible. I’ve named this grand invention.

It’s not your average female condom. It straps to your hips and covers the mound and pelvis so its protection you can have on for hours before intercourse, if need be. I was very pleased with how the girls reacted to them.

“Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this before,” Sarah smiled, stretching out the latex over her pelvis.

“That’s your own special brand,” I declared with pride, “so, a potential customer can just base your measurements to theirs and pick out the Sarah Shield.”

“The Sarah Shield,” she repeated with intrigue, “I like it!”
I stepped towards her with my brow raised. “Undress for me. I will show you how it works.”

She grinned playfully and bent over in front of me while she uncovered her lovely shape. I gave her a light pat on the bottom, and then help…

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