The Madness of Last Night

The madness of last night

He sends me pictures. Pictures of him in the street, looking dapper, in a suave suit or some creative outfit. He’s into fashion. We’re getting on well, it’s almost romantic. A developing friendship via the medium of dick pics and compliments, he sends me photos from Paris fashion week while he’s there. He has a broad, handsome face, wears stylish glasses. His name is Jason.

He sends quite spicy photos too. They’re beautifully framed, all of them, he clearly has a keen aesthetic sense. His sizeable cock, from many different angles, in different conditions, different situations. It’s a beautiful penis, long and large and buoyant, one of those ones that doesn’t grow and shrink so much as harden and relax, it always seems to be the same length. There are pictures of it poking obscenely from underwear, the waistband pulled down to reveal resplendent cock and balls.

I show Alexander, my best friend and chief confidante in these matters. He concurs with my assessment. He makes the observation that you can tell it’s really big because it reaches past his bellybutton. In one shot, the thick meaty sausage obscures his bellybutton completely. In another, it rests just to the side of his navel, extending quite some distance past it. The elastic of the waistband stretches down under his balls, which sit, shining twin ovoids, under the extended cock. Between them the shaft rises like a stalk, the grooves either side of it pronounced but the penis is smooth, without visible veins. At the very tip, the glans peeks out from the foreskin, a shade lighter than the rest.

There is one taken from above, his fingers grip the base, the head is a gleaming mound, bulbous under a condom, which wrinkles slightly at its teat. It’s as if I’m there and he’s just rolled it on ready for me. I’m no size queen, actually I generally find the larger penis a little uncomfortable. But something about this one, seeing it there, pointed directly at me in its latex garb and ready to split me in half, sends shivers down my spine.

I try to get a good angle on my privates, arm awkwardly extended trying to hold my phone between my legs and focus the camera, while getting the light right. It’s tricky when you’re a woman, almost as bad as photographing your own breasts. Anyone who can take a decent tit selfie is a fucking artist. A pussy selfie of any merit is doubtless possible if you’ve recently waxed or you don’t depilate, but if you’ve a few stray hairs and wish to artfully place fingers over them, forget it. I tilt the phone again, shift around trying to get rid of the weird shadows around my labia. It’s not happening, I give up in frustration.

Jason sends clips of him fucking, a disembodied butt bouncing on his cock, the sounds of a woman’s pleasure. The base of the condom forms a ring around it, I can see it as the buttocks lift, I almost thought it was a cock ring. But no, just a condom. The woman’s moans are increasingly frantic as she holds still and he moves his hips so fast they almost vibrate. “Fuck yeah!” she shouts. This happens while Jared is at work, he narrowly escapes a major faux pas when he receives the message. Then, the woman in the video is leaning forward, bouncing her butt up and down, flicking her pelvis. The condom gleams in the low light of a lamp, as though he had a marble cock. Her pale buttocks jiggle, her arsehole on display as though she were demonstrating its attractiveness from different angles. A hissing moan from him as she rides his cock.

Funnily enough, it was actually Jared who met him on a dating app. Jared being my partner (in crime). We live together now. The two of us have had endless threesomes with women and very few with men. Partly this is because I prefer women, and so does he, so we tend to pursue ladies together if we’re out on the prowl, to share pictures of women we’ve matched with on Tinder and Feeld and 3fun. Group sex is somewhat of an ongoing theme for us. And there’s something about group sex with men that is utterly compelling to both of us.

We’re getting along famously with Jason. One night, after many revealing photos, I request Jared’s help in taking a reciprocal genital photo. In bed naked, the two of us, while he’s propped between my legs and instructing me on how to best position myself for the light. Occasionally, he reaches up to touch me, to position my legs, reposition my fingers, which are spreading my flesh to show my pussy to its best advantage. We can’t get it right and we’re giggling and he throws the phone aside as we laugh and grabs me, pulling me towards him as I emit a giggly squeal squirm. We fuck with love and warmth, it’s true romance, there’s really nothing like it, my man, the only man I fuck without a condom.

As our breathing slows but the lights are still on, we think of reattempting the photo. My pussy is flushed, plump from the pounding it has just received, and slick with cum, his, mine, who knows. It trickles down my crack as he takes a few pictures. And finally, we get a reasonable one, my pale thighs stretching either side of the vivid opening, a glimpse of my arsehole puckering beneath, my buttocks round either side. We send it to Jason, his instant response: “Nice asshole. I’d like to put something in it.” More laughter as we message him back.

It’s a discussion we’ve been having for some time, more group sex with men. This particular dirty text message thread started after we decided to pursue this more actively, after a particularly wild night out, during which it became clear that this was a mutual interest.

We had been at a festival, a festival that turned out to be somewhat lacking on the entertainment front. Being in general a sceptic regarding the merits of the great outdoors, and all the more suspicious of tents, I am cranky, under-slept and not in the mood to endure any more outside activities. Jared has a hangover. The festival has insufficient shade, the areas not intended for dancing are rudimentary. It is hot, uncomfortable, sticky. We agree that it’s better to go back to our friends in Berlin. Once the tent is packed, we heave our stuff out and head to the train station in a bid to return to civilisation.

The friends in question greet us upon our return with Rotkappchen. I put on my favourite swimsuit, the one with a multitude of slits in improbable places, so that it’s more slash than swimsuit. We try our hardest to wheedle them into coming out with us to THE club, but it’s Sunday and they both have to work next day. So we go alone, the line is short and before long we’re inside. Of course, we run into Kyle. And the madness begins, we’re in bathroom queues and on the dance floor, blazing a whirlwind trail through the place, gathering people and losing them. Kyle seems to know everyone, as ever.

He has a hoard of thin women around him, mostly somewhat disinclined to smile, but also generally pleasant to talk to. Ella is a sociology Master’s, wearing black spandex and giant goth boots, with her long russet hair tied back in a high ponytail. Her eyes are a blue-tinged green, she has a very pretty face, with high cheekbones. She and I hit it off immediately, we’re a bit intoxicated, so the eye contact is longer than usual. At some point, Jared has the attention of all Kyle’s ladies. “Story of my life, being upstaged by Jared with women,” he says, rolling his eyes exasperatedly. “Don’t worry, me too,” I reassure him.

Later, Jared suggests that we steal Ella, he has an inkling that she’d be up for it. I have too. She’s gorgeous, and I would love to. But I can’t quite bring myself to be that unclassy these days. I like Kyle, I have no desire to be a dick to him. He and Jared have had a (for the most part) good-natured brotherly rivalry for most of their long acquaintance, consistent attempts to one-up each other. This applies especially in their dealings with women, naturally.

Avoiding the issue and seeing no good reason to follow Kyle around all night, I suggest a trip to the darkrooms. We split off from the group, without comment. We filter through the side of the main room, disappearing into the minotaur’s lair as we approach the front, to see what mischief we can find there. And, sure enough, we find mischief, plenty of it.

We kiss against the rough scaffold holding a plastic-covered bench. His hands on my body, my neck, down my back. The atmosphere dark, the presence of others apparent, but it’s impossible to tell how many or how close. I slide down his body, hands on his sweaty torso as I push his mesh top up and run my lips down his stomach, sliding my nose into his navel. I hook my fingers into his shorts to pull them down, and take his cock in my mouth. It’s salty with sweat, it stiffens as I suck. He leans back against the makeshift bench. We have attracted attention, I can feel the people surrounding us, edging closer. I feel a hand slide up between my legs, a finger’s pressure down the middle over my swimsuit. In my haze I don’t know if it’s Jared or someone else. I look up for a second to realise we are completely surrounded.

The hand continues to move between my legs, insistent, I now realise it does not belong to Jared. My pussy is wet from the anonymous fingers, they pull the swimsuit aside for better access, rubbing back and forth over my clit. It is definitely the touch of a man, but one who understands how to touch a cunt, he pushes his fingers inside me but not with the rough touch that some men employ, his touch is smooth, teasing my pussy as he gently but firmly probes it. I shimmy back onto the hand of the faceless man. Through some wordless communication the man and I have agreed to fuck. He has a condom in his hand, opens the packet. In the blackness I help him roll it on, pinching the tip.

Jared has acquired a man of his own, and is enthusiastically sucking the latter’s cock next to me. To double check that the condom is on, I interrupt him. “Darling, could you check this condom is on please?” He obliges, turning to feel the man’s cock, he shines the light from his phone at the swollen penis with its latex shrink wrap. His fingers graze the sheathed cock as he feels for the rubber ridge around the base. The cock pulsates at his touch in its gleaming encasement.

He kisses me as I hold my swimsuit aside for this stranger. The faceless man penetrates me, holding my hips. I may never see his face, an exhilarating feeling, to have this and only this interaction with someone. He fucks well, hips smacking into my arse with force hard and fast as I bend over the bench. Jared comes up for air to kiss me, passionate and frenzied. He offers me the cock he’s been sucking; I take the tip in my mouth and suck on it.

Another man has stationed himself behind Jared’s man. In the blackness, I can just make out that he’s wanking, he leans over to kiss me, then Jared. Cock in one mouth, kissing, cock in the other mouth, other mouth kissing. It’s dark and filthy and my heart beats with the sheer excitement of it, raw and sweaty and visceral. It’s one of the sexiest things for me to watch Jared suck cock, face bent expertly to a penis. Partly it’s the act of watching him pleasure someone else. But this has a very particular flavour to it, perhaps to do with the fact that I love to suck cock. Perhaps also to do with the novelty of watching man on man action, it’s not something I get to see all the time.

Sounds are hushed and mingle with the thud of the music from the main room. Muffled grunts from the many men in the room. Several men are standing around us masturbating, I can feel their presence, even if I couldn’t hear the flipping slap of sweaty flesh. Sex in the air, dank desire. It’s not a pleasant atmosphere, not by any stretch of the imagination. I have heard the place described as ‘Satan’s Asshole’ (that date didn’t go anywhere, unsurprisingly). And it’s really quite a good description. But there’s pleasure to be found here, in the Devil’s posterior, and we’re all here, strangers, finding it together.

Again, I kiss the wanker curled behind Jared’s man, kiss Jared’s sweaty neck while he sucks, one hand moving in tandem with his mouth. It is frantic as the man fucks me faster, pushing into me with athleticism. I reach behind me to touch his hip, feeling hard muscle. I run my hand over the chiselled hip bone, around towards his butt. He slips a hand towards my clit, wrangling it from under the stretched material of the swimsuit. I hear heavy breathing by my head, and sense the man thrusting his hips forward as Jared sucks. The movement subsides and Jared turns his head to kiss me. I taste cum on his lips, his mouth soft and salty.

Jared leans on the bench again. I suck his cock, feeling it stiffen further. The man who was fucking me has left his station, who knows where he went. Another comes to take his place. Again, I ask Jared to check for a condom. In the glow of a lighter, I see the man’s penis, sheathed in its rubber casing, pinched at the end. It is stout, hard and pulsating in its shiny wrapping, a taught surface as though made of plastic. It is fringed at the base by dark hair, trimmed. I catch a glimpse of his face with matching groomed hair, heavy eyebrows and a shaved head. His lips are full and his eyes appear to me as somewhere between dark brown and green.

It’s like a 17th century Dutch painting of a dissection in candlelight, but so dark it isn’t even as bright as that. Any light appearing exposes a tableau of the perverse, a bulging testicle, fingers tensed around a priapic cock. The filth and the drama, no deity could see us here, we’re too far down. The man slides his plastic cock into me, as I slide Jared’s in and out of my mouth. Whispers and rustlings of the men around us, the shuffling of hands on cocks, pointed in our direction. The atmosphere is torrid as the whole scene attains a rhythm that meshes with the music.

As we come to the next day in our friends’ spare room, we talk about the madness of last night. We’re both exhilarated and a tiny bit shocked by our own tendency to truly baroque depravity. It’s a running theme in our relationship, that of transgression, bound up with the group sex, of course. As in porn, where a very standard scenario is one woman with an improbable number of dicks wielded in her general direction (when in reality I’m not sure all that many people are into that); the aesthetic of many penises is appealingly obscene. And we’ve certainly gone all out on the obscene front last night. I wonder if that’s the entire appeal of it for me, whether I would like it in a friendlier setting.

It was exciting, wouldn’t it be exciting to do it with someone we knew, someone we liked? We haven’t ever really attempted it. I’m generally averse to the idea of sleeping with friends, he is much less so and suggests a few people. Too close for comfort, in my view. And so we take to the dating apps to find people. There’s no shortage of possibilities, of course. And so some months later, when Jared receives the first of many cock shots from Jason, I think, why not? He’s straight, this is slightly anxiety-inducing for me as I’m not sure how much I like being the centre of attention. But I reckon these days I can handle it.

The build up with Jason is intense. Weeks’ worth of scheduling, of explicit texts. For someone who likes to write, I’m remarkably bad at the dirty text, frequently resorting to “I’m sorry, I’m better at this in real life.”

There are a few close calls, we fail at scheduling several times. One night we stay out too late. The next morning, I’m destroyed, there’s no way in hell I’m putting in a double penis shift later on. Other times we just can’t find a day that works. Finally, a couple of months after we first speak, it’s happening, Jason is coming over.

He says we should dress up for the occasion. I tell him I’ve picked some shoes out, but it’s a surprise, I won’t show him yet. He says he’ll wear a suit and tie. Jared says he will too. That will look nice if we make some films. I send Jared lascivious texts while he’s at work.

Jason is on his way. Jared is all nerves, pacing through the house. He has put on a suit, to match Jason. For my part, I am naked under a black mesh bodysuit. I am wearing the highest pair of heels I own, they’re so high I can barely walk in them, stilettos with a pointed toe in patent black, buckles up the front, with numerous straps running all the way up the ankles. Jared didn’t know I owned such a thing, he seems to like this stripper look though. He takes photos to send to another couple we’re flirting with, my arse and legs in the foreground as I rest on my elbows.

Finally, the bell goes. Jared goes to answer the door. I remain on the bed, legs crossed as I sit on the edge. Jason appears, kisses me by way of greeting. His lips are soft as we continue to kiss, Jared runs to fetch champagne. He is excited to do this together with a man, properly, in this civilised way, for the first time. The contrast between this, candlelit soiree in our apartment, with mood lighting and chill music; and our last encounter of this sort, could not be starker. And for boning a stranger you’ve invited to your house for group sex, it is extremely civilised. Until it isn’t…

I’m between the men, stretched out on the bed with them either side. It feels like being in the beginning of a porn scene, as might be expected. Kissing one, then the other. Both wearing suits, with me in my stripper outfit. Hands moving over my body, Jason unsnaps my bodysuit. He goes down on me, licking gently while Jared kisses me, runs his hands over me, pinches my nipples. A proliferation of sensations as the two men touch me. Jared unzips his fly, gets his cock out, feeds it into my mouth, my head turned sideways to suck it as Jason holds my legs apart, licking insistently. It’s still a little daunting to me, this centre of attention thing, but I try to relax and go with it. Jared’s cock glistens with saliva as he pulls away and stands up, knocking a glass over as he does so.

Jason is still fully clothed. How he has remained so, I don’t know. I undo his belt, unzip his trousers. Finally, I’ll get to see his cock in the flesh. It bulges in his underwear; I wrangle the fabric to release it. Pulling his underwear down a little more, I start to suck it. It’s a beast, thick and so long, with a kink in it so it points downwards. As I suck, Jared has hands between my legs, fingers in my pussy, in my arse. I feel a hand land on my butt with some force, and another short whack on the other buttock. At first I can’t tell who is spanking me, but when they both do it I can identify Jared’s large hand, Jason’s smaller. Their touch is different, Jason is softer, so much so that sometimes I shiver, being very ticklish. Jared, on the other hand, is harder, more forceful in his touch.

I point Jason in the direction of the condoms on the bedside table. With a smile, and says he has to bring his own. No wonder. Undressing, he moves to get a couple out of a small purse in his bag. I watch him remove one from its packet, he holds his penis gently in one hand, pointing it outwards as he manoeuvres the rubber over it. The way he does it, so delicately, contrasts with the heft of his cock. It’s one of those ones where it’s so big, it’s kind of hard to tell if it’s hard. But I assume it must be, it doesn’t point upwards, like some men’s do, rather, it sticks out, with its rubber shining over it, ready for action. A pale ring circles the base, contrasting with his dark skin. His pubic hair shaved to a neat triangle, mirroring my own. He lubes up his cock, pouring the lube luxuriantly, sliding it over the latex, which clings to his skin.

I’m on my hands and knees, he kneels between my legs, strokes some of the lube over my pussy. Slowly, he penetrates me, easing it in, speeding up as he finds his rhythm. He spanks my arse again as he rides me, faster, thrusting in forcefully. Jared watches motionless, plays with his cock for a moment. Jason said in his texts, this is something he likes, to start while the woman’s boyfriend watches, jacks off.

I reach for Jared’s cock while Jason fucks me. Jared is standing by the bed, still partly clothed in the now rumpled suit. He’s rock hard, dick poking obscenely from his open fly, clearly getting a kick out of watching his girlfriend get fucked by another guy. I take his cock in my mouth, looking up, it twitches. While I suck it greedily, he grabs my hair and shoves it down my throat, filling me up. I take it all, I take them both, a dick either end and me in the middle. My eyes water with the effort of a cock shoved down my throat and Jared’s cock pops out of my mouth I pant, gasping for breath, wiping my face on his stomach. He pulls me up and reaches for my clit, massaging it as Jason thrusts into me, holding my breasts from behind. I’m overwhelmed, in the best possible way.

Jason suggests they blindfold me, Jared obliges. They flip me over, so I’m on my back, at their mercy as they spread my legs, incapacitated in my heels. Two against one, Jason continues to fuck me hard, perched over me, I can feel his weight. My head tilted back over the side of the bed, Jared feeds his dick into my mouth, I clasp his tight buttocks with my hands, pulling him towards me. He thrusts in and fucks my throat, drawing out when I tap his butt to let me breathe. His hands are all over me, Jason’s hands are all over me, he fucks me forcefully, but not too hard. He’s conscious of his size, says to say if it’s too deep. I can feel it, like it’s reaching forward inside me with a mind of its own, like it’s filling my insides. Jared pinches my nipples, squeezing my breasts as Jason fucks. I angle my mouth to his cock again, he thrusts hips forward to shove it down my throat, again and again. It’s like they’re trying to make their cocks meet in the middle, to drive a hole all the way through me. As though I can feel a shaft opening through the centre of my body, from throat to cunt, stretching out to let these men in. The feeling is incredibly intense, I lose sight of something, I’m just experiencing, I can’t really think. I come once, maybe twice, I don’t even know anymore.

Jason takes his cock out of me, they’re both fingering me together. Jason adjusts the condom and pushes back in, just a little, barely moving as their fingers work my clit in tandem. Then I hear sounds of delight and intrigue as I cry out again, it’s almost like I’ve left my body for a moment, a strange, slightly painful pressure. Jared asks, “did you just squirt?” Well I don’t know. “I think you did!” He says it triumphantly; they are so pleased with themselves. Jason pushes his gigantic cock with its outsize encasement deeper in me and yes, I think I did, it’s wet all over, more so than before.

I beg for a break, I’m a mess, makeup running down my face, gasping for breath. We lie still for a while, while I catch my breath. I’m in the middle, still finding it odd to be the centre of attention in this way, but I’m quite enjoying it. Jason starts to kiss me once more. We’re a tangle of limbs on the bed, each of them seems to have a leg over one of mine, as though I’m being held down, but very sensually.

I start to suck on Jason’s cock again, playing with its weightiness. It’s novel, I don’t often see one that big. I want to see if I can get it all the way down my throat. And so I start to take it further back in my mouth, feeling it pass into my throat, sucking it back. I manoeuvre my way around that kink and manage to take it further. Eventually my tongue laps at his balls, I’ve swallowed it whole.

I draw it out and plunge it back in a few times as the boys watch. “Damn, that’s impressive!” Jason is surprised. I’m quite surprised myself, privately gleeful as I continue with this bizarre porn show. I’m enjoying it, why is somewhat of a mystery. It’s not exactly comfortable. Well, I do quite like the sensation, I think I also enjoy the performative aspect of it (unusually for me, I’m no natural performer). Jared replies “It’s pretty standard in this household.”

Jason suggests I sit on his face, he licks and sucks and bites gently as I continue to plunge his cock down my throat. Jared’s hands on me, squeezing my butt, my hips, my breasts. Later Jared tells me he enjoyed this pornographic display, he wishes he’d got pictures of it. I wish he had too, I enjoy a reminder of nights we’ve spent together like this. We’ll just have to do it again.

Over the course of their texts, the boys have specifically planned to double penetrate me. It’s only happened to me once or twice before, and it’s quite the sensation. I’m eager to have one in the front and one in the back again, the ultimate form of being fucked by two men.

Jason gets another of his monster condoms, rolls it down over his cock. I run my hands over the rubber as I slather it in lube. Did I mention I’m no size queen? I need all the help I can get. I hold the base of the condom as I ease down onto his cock, my pussy stretching slowly to accommodate him. The size of the thing really cannot be exaggerated, I’m rather amazed that I managed to get it in at all. I sit on it, feeling the stretch, lean forward to expose my arsehole to Jared. Jason moves slowly inside me, runs hands over my body.

I lube my arse, sliding fingers in and out. Jared takes over, lubes me up more, a finger in my arsehole, then two. Slowly, he slides his cock inside. I hold still, breathing deeply as I feel both holes filled, pushed to their limits. They go slowly, pushing in sync. Both of them holding my hips. I can feel them both deep inside, a delicious feeling of fullness. I am under their command, they have me by the cunt and the arse and they can do whatever they want with me. Well, they’re doing so already, really. I couldn’t go anywhere if I wanted to and they know it, they seem to be getting a kick out of immobilising me with their cocks. Jason’s face is full of excitement as he watches me.

I shift a little, feeling the full force of them fucking me in both holes. The sensation from my anus strengthening the sensation in my pussy, I always find stimulating both gives me incredibly powerful orgasms. They’ve got a rhythm going, both pushing in simultaneously. It feels so good, both holes stretched to the point of discomfort. And I feel the impending release, I’m panting and gasping and they hold me and I come forcefully, shouting loud as I squirm, impaled on their cocks.

Jared is plunging his dick deeper and deeper into my arse, fucking harder. His breathing quickens and he starts to make the sighs of pleasure that indicate an impending orgasm. He holds it back, I feel him pause, slow down. Jason holds my neck, Jared has my hips and goes in deeper still, riding the wave of his pleasure to a cry. I feel his cock expand inside me. He pulls out and goes to rinse off. Jason flips me over, pushing his cock into me again from behind. Faster he goes, still faster, until he too starts to gasp and moan, shuddering with orgasm as he pins me to the bed.

I tie off the condom, put it in the bathroom bin, come back to bed for a snuggle. I’m completely spent, satisfied but sore, as though I’d just run a marathon. Jason takes his leave; we all have work the next day.

Jared and I get snacks out of the fridge, pour a glass of wine, stick some music on and talk, a bit of a debrief after the excitement of the evening. He tells me he could feel Jason’s cock moving inside me as he fucked my arse. It’s intriguing, I wouldn’t have thought about it like that but, of course, it makes total sense. And I thought I was the one getting the most interesting sensations. “Living with you is like being in porn,” he says as we contemplate the night’s events together. I giggle, I guess I have to take it as a compliment.

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