The older man was openly staring at her young, firm body. It always made her tingle to feel eyes on her. Conflict only came from the fact that she worked for him. And that his wife was five feet away.

Sylvie could feel his gaze resting on her body as she played with her young charge. She looked up and smiled at him. The urge to seduce older men was still strong inside her. It had been months since her body had been used the way she wanted it to, and right in front of her was a man that she could manipulate with her looks and her body. The attention was what she yearned for.

Temptation was something that had always aroused her. The more dangerous or taboo, the better. It began when she had seduced one of her professors in college, and then soon after the father of one of her best friends while at a birthday party. Older men had always been easy for her to manipulate. Now she was hooked on the idea that these men wanted her young body for one purpose. Sex. Dirty, hard and sweaty sex.

Being craved by someone was addicting. They would pursue her subtly, trying to be coy about it, but then once Sylvie let them know that their advanced might yield fruit, they always succumbed easily. Part of what got her off was the risk that the other person was willing to take in order to ravage her naked body. Possibly losing a job, a family.

The professor she seduced had proclaimed his love for her right after she had drained his cock in his office in order to receive a glowing letter of recommendation. He had no idea she was about to leave for the summer and move to another city. He also had no idea that she had forwarded his text messages anonymously to his wife.

From the looks her employer Craig was giving her, she knew he was struggling to avert his eyes. She had intentionally worn a bathing suit that she knew revealed a lot, but still looked demure enough to not have his wife Tammy get upset about it. The matriarch of the family seemed oblivious to any of it regardless.

It had been weeks since she had been working for the couple, having moved in right after her semester at school. It was an ideal situation, a summer position while their daughter was out of daycare and both parents wanted extra help around the house. She had a room in the basement that was fully furnished, a generous salary, and while the hours were demanding, once the child was in bed she had free reign as long as the young girl wasn’t sick.

When she had met the couple for the first time she knew that Craig might be a fantastic target for her seduction. He was tall and lean, with salt and pepper hair in waves that was styled perfectly. His eyes were dark and piercing and he had long muscles from cycling as a hobby.

Next, it was time to tease him. Moving around the small child playing on the ground, she got onto all fours, pointing her ass into view of Craig’s gaze. She knew her bottoms had slid into the crack of her ass but didn’t adjust them. As she played with the blocks on the concrete, she wiggled herself as provocatively as she could without blatantly drawing attention.

There was more than one dad at the pool that suddenly put on their sunglasses and started to stare. Having multiple eyes on her just made Sylvie even hotter. When she stood up, she knew her nipples were hard and visible under the thin bathing suit top. Glancing at Craig, she could see his eyes were fixed on her, and he had to adjust himself so that the erection in his shorts wasn…

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