Penis Envy

erotica ebooks by Ena Dahl
erotica ebooks by Ena Dahl

Penis Envy

Two women enjoy playing with a toy cock, but only one of them wears it. Things change as Anna decides to take charge.

On a cushy surface, centered in an empty, dark room, warm lights flicker to bathe two intertwined female bodies in a mellow, somber glow.
My face is buried deep in her pussy; viscous juices run down my chin.
Moaning loudly she clenches and grinds greedily against my mouth causing me to almost bite down on her erect clit. I stick my tongue in to taste; clean, salty-sweet with a faint acidic twang. Deep, musky aftertaste. Divine!
I always enter this fantasy mid-action: No foreplay, no build-up.
Getting up, I grab my cock; a veiny dildo attached to me with a minimal, black leather harness. Touching it, I feel the sensations in my body as if it were part of me. I stroke and pull on it with a playful grin, watching her quiver in agitation below me.
“You want this?” I tease, eyebrows lifted.
“Fuck, yes!” she whimpers, barely audibly, unable to disguise the delicacy of her voice.
I slide into her with ease. She responds by grabbing a hold of me as if to pull me in deeper. I feel this too.
“Your pussy feels so good,” I whisper in her ear; the freshly shaved hair on her neck brushes against my cheek like crushed velvet.
“Ahhh, your cock feels even better,” she sighs back.
I start thrusting into her, rhythmically, as she squirms underneath me. Each time her hips raise up, eagerly, to greet me.
We’re both close and I’m about to burst. The sensation is familiar, yet different. There’s a slight tingle, like a buzz—a wet warmth that floods my crotch.
“I’m cumming!” I gasp.
She nods back, unable to articulate.
At that moment I erupt into her. She responds by contorting her whole body in ecstasy. Fireworks! I see stars.
End of fantasy.

“You dozed off. What were you dreaming about?”
She’s straddling me. Rays of morning sun enter through her sheer curtains to illuminate her sculpted face that hovers just above mine—so close that the tips of our noses nearly touch.

“Oh, nothing,” I lie.
“I don’t believe you,” she teases. “You were moaning!”
Her large, green doe eyes pierce right through me. She can always tell.
Crystal, Alex’s cat, galivants across the duvet to stretch out next to my head. Clawing into the pillow, she shoots her back up and rolls over onto her back. I mimic her, pulling my head to the side to avoid the question.
“Spit it out, Anna! What’s in that perverted head of yours?”
“Hmmm, nothing special… I dreamt that you were fucking me, hard, with that thing,” my eyes point to the dildo resting on her nightstand, “Except it wasn’t a dildo, it was real. It was as if it were part of you.”
I’m half-lying, reversing our roles, knowing she wouldn’t like it the other way around.
“Hah!” she exclaims. “Why would you ever want a real one when you can have this? It’s the most magnificent cock in the world.”
She picks up the dildo, confidently, to hold it in its intended place, stroking it in admir…

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