Love in Times of Corona

erotica eBooks by BERLINABLE and PORNCEPTUAL

Love in Times of Corona

erotica eBooks by BERLINABLE and PORNCEPTUAL
erotica eBooks by BERLINABLE and PORNCEPTUAL

Love in Times of Corona

A free compilation of provocative stories and photographs capturing the desires and fantasies of different artists in isolation. A time-capsule of the intimacy of lockdown.


In 2020, the world was swept by a new virus. Suddenly, everyone was forced into their homes. Human contact was strictly forbidden. Stores closed, stadiums empty, only the wind running in the streets. Across all parts of the globe.

For the first time in a long time, humanity was forced to retreat together. Couples were forced to be with one another every single minute of the day. Singles were banned from meeting new people – and had to make peace with their own company.

This unique chapter in humanity’s history brought many rare emotions to the surface; the first pandemic in 100 years, the first time anyone alive had to deal with a worldwide virus threat. In a world of fast connections, dates à la carte, flights that can bring anyone anywhere – it all came to a sudden halt.

In the quiet streets, from the limits of our confinements, we as a society experienced something singular; the collective missing of what we came to understand as normal life. We were forced to realize how much human connection is not only an essential part of everyday life, it’s also fundamental to life itself.

The yearning for kinship was ever-present. How much we would like to touch and be touched, kiss and be kissed, let our skins flow and collide together with other humans. Sex was something more private than it ever was before.

Each of us in our homes, we had to look into ourselves. Delve deep into the particular universes inside our minds, hearts, and bodies. In the beautiful confinements of our deepest fantasies, we found new galaxies of desires, needs, and sexual chimeras.

This eBook reunites all of this; collects all those flakes of human stardust, floating around our empty streets, sprinkling our collective imagination. A time-capsule of human desire blooming in isolation, so one day, when this is all over, we can look back and understand how the changes the Pandemic brought had their genesis.

In this eBook you will find a compilation of erotic stories and photographs. From artists from all corners of the world. All races, ages, sexual preferences, and genders. Capturing a little bit of their souls in such a weird moment. The magnifying glasses of Internet and social media, the cyber connections scrambling to replace face-to-face encounters. The odd and vivid dreams. The desires for the roommate sleeping next door. The new kinks blossoming in a period of introversion. All of that, in one piece of art.

We would like to deeply thank our authors and photographers, for pouring their soul and letting us peek into the keyhole to see their private lives in quarantine. We would like to also thank our partners in crime at Pornceptual for making such a special project possible.

Let us never forget that sex is a creative expression of the human soul.

From us with Love


Ana Ornelas
Giada Armani
Anna Fiene
Mailin Pretschner
Raquel Fedato
Chris Phillips




Kirra Cheers
Kirra Cheers

Photographer: Kirra Cheers (ig @kirracheers)
Model: Kyla Ernst-Alper (ig: @ kygwen)


Sex in the Time of Corona
by Desmond Blume

In the morning, as the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases climbed past 35,000 in Germany, I drove my cock deep inside her from behind. The warmth and sweat of sex from our bodies encountered the cool March air. I pulled her arms behind her, grabbed the hair on the back of her head, as if she were a maiden, bound to the front of a ship, heading into stormy, unknown waters.

At the table, Minna spread brie on good German bread as we discussed “The ‘Not a Checklist’ Negotiation Sheet” by Tornus. I had sent her the list back when the supermarkets were still stocked with toilet paper. Minna had told me that the checklist was a turn off. Suddenly, she asked me if I liked the wine she had chosen.

“I didn’t know if it peers with the cheese,” she said.


“How do you say it? Peer. Pear?”


“I can never get that right.”

“That’s a tough one.”

“It’s like when I studied abroad and they laughed at how I said squirrel.”

“How do you say squirrel?”


“Sounds fine.”

“You should have heard me then.”

“Wie sagt man squirrel auf Deutsch?”

“That’s hard. Eichhörnchen.

“What? Einhonen?”


“Eich hoon shin.”

“Almost. Eichhörnchen.

“That’s squirrel?”

“Yes. You know ‘chen’? It’s a, how do you say? Diminutive.”

“But you don’t say r’s in Berlin. Eichhörnchen.

“That’s better. Almost.”

“So, the checklist?”

Minna explained that she didn’t like the labels. She preferred to trust her partner and explore. I scratched my beard. I had been trying not to touch my face but I had a habit of stroking my beard.

“I understand that. But, I think it can really help to frame limits and rules. I mean we don’t have to go through the whole list right now,” I told her.

“You send a German a list and you know what happens,” Minna said, mockingly.

We fondled our way into the bedroom. The harsh light from the ceiling shone down unromantically. We took some photos recreating a Vettriano painting. I tied a rope around Minna’s waist, just above her hips, then around the bottom of her butt, then around her upper thighs. I kept looping the rope around her legs until it reached her ankles. When I was finished, it looked as if the maroon rope was a ladder climbing up from her feet to her stomach. It was beautiful and constricting.

I pushed her onto the bed and tied her hands above her head. I went to kiss her but this time there was something different. I felt our energies conflicting. She didn’t kiss me back. When I went to slip my hand between her legs she pulled away.

“Are you being a brat?” I asked her. I put my hand around her neck. “I know you like this, don’t you?”

Minna didn’t answer. I looked into her eyes but they were cold. Usually she melted under my touch. There was something different now. I listened for our safe words, “wait”, to slow it down, or “stop”, to completely cease the play, but she didn’t say them. Minna struggled under my grip.

“You’re fighting me more than usual,” I said.

She gritted her teeth.

“Maybe I want you to fight for it,” she said.

I paused, uncertain as to what to do next. I grabbed the back of her head by her hair.

“Do you want me to fight for it?” I asked.

Minna didn’t answer. She just stared. Her eyes were hard to read. I slapped her butt harder than usual. I untied the rope around her legs, pushed them open and tried to slip my hand up, almost touching the lips of her. She jerked her hips back and forth, evasively. I held her down by her chest and used more force with my hand between her legs. My hand made it to her pussy and it was dry. This wasn’t normal for her. Usually she was dripping wet. I grabbed her jaw and tried to kiss her as my fingers almost made their way inside of her.

“Wait. Stop. Stop,” she said sharply. “Stop.”

Automatically, I pulled away. Minna was panting nervously. She closed her eyes and rolled away from me. I untied her hands and laid down next to her. I went to draw my hand caressingly down her back but she moved away. I pulled a blanket over her and lay down next to her.

A few minutes later, I switched the light from the ceiling to the bedside table. Everything felt less harsh. Softer.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“I just need a few moments,” Minna said.

We lay in bed for a while longer. I wondered what had happened.

“Okay,” Minna said a moment later. She rolled over. “Sorry,” she said.

I tried to look in her eyes but she avoided that. She had come back from wherever she went but not all the way. She seemed fragile.

“There is no reason to be sorry. If anyone is sorry it’s me. I’m sorry,” I told her. “I just feel like I didn’t know what was real. I didn’t know whether you were playing or whether it was real. Can you tell when it’s real?”
She didn’t respond right away. There was still distance there.

“I told you it’s complicated with me, “she said. “I promise you it goes away when I trust someone. The longer we play, the less scared I feel. Part of it is that I want to push myself. I want you to play rough. I want you to take control. But sometimes

I feel both of these things. What I want and what scares me. It’s a question of which one wins in the moment.”

She curled up into the crook of my neck and then pulled her head back to look at me. Her eyes were green with a rusty hue. They held many layers. She continued.

“This is how complicated it is with me. I want it. But I’m scared. I have to ask you. How much are you holding back from what you want from me?”

She laid her head on the bed and closed her eyes. Perhaps bracing for the answer or transcending into her own, dark space. Her question surprised me.

“How much am I holding back?” I asked. I thought about what had just happened. It didn’t feel right to me. It felt like I couldn’t tell the difference between real and play. It could have ended up much worse than it did. Perhaps with someone less caring, considerate, or empathetic. I felt conflicted. I had never had the opportunity to force someone like that. To force someone like I did in my fantasies. I felt confused.

“I just want to know what you want,” I said. “If I don’t know that, I don’t think I can do this.”

I felt Minna’s emotions, as if they were a wave into which we were about to crash. I felt the vulnerability between us that is only derived from awkward and intense sexual experiences. No one else in our life would ever see us this way.”

It’s confusing. I know,” Minna told me. “All I can say is that if we keep playing then my panic attacks will go away. The more I trust you, the more I will be comfortable with what I want. Just stay close to me this time.”

Across the courtyard, we could hear a TV show. From a different flat, a couple was having sex. We could only hear the woman but we could tell when the man began thrusting faster and faster.
Again, I tied Minna’s hands above her head. I pushed her back onto the bed. I drew my fingers up and down her thigh high stockings. I nibbled and bit at her nipples. She moaned. I kissed her neck and pulled her hair. I felt between her legs. This time she was wet. I teased her pussy with my fingers, hinting I would put them inside of her but then pulling them away. Eventually, I used my tongue to tease her clit. I slowly circled it, gently applying pressure, then increased the frequency and pushed on it more and more. I slipped my fingers inside of her only after she begged me to. I placed my knees by her head, still playing with her pussy, sliding my fingers in and out, curling them on the back of her clit, while she sucked on my cock and got it hard. I slipped a condom on and drove my cock deep inside her and held it there. Then I took it out and licked her more. I continued this exchange- fucking then licking- until she didn’t know what she wanted. She begged me to fuck her. Then she begged me to continue licking her. Then she begged me to keep fucking her. Eventually, under my tongue, with an eruption of energy and pleasure, moans and convulsions, she came.



Photographer: (ig @pevdokim)
Model: Valentina Nemchenkova (ig: @santavalentina69)


Live Cam Dreams
by Nathaniel Feldmann

The church rings twelve bells, but it’s half-past eleven. I’m alone in the kitchen. On the other side of the door, he’s snoring. The dry coughs that interrupt his anti-viral induced slumber are drowned by crackling from both ends of my earbuds that are plugged into my computer. The white noise of an empty screen transitions to moans and pillow talk the moment I click on my pirated movie: a sexy pop-up.

A man with a buzzed head beckons with a finger, his ass facing the screen, his torso twisted. My eyes follow the contour of his side along his broad hairy chest towards his neck until finally settling upon his stumbled chin. Wrapped around his eyes is a mask as black as night and beneath this silken fabric, he gazes with a promise, calling me.

My cursor hovers over the red X as I get lost in this man’s clenched jaw. I salivate, adjusting my chair, sitting closer to get a better view. I won’t follow him down this darkened path towards a market of endless faces. I will stay put, continue the evening as intended: a movie alone, again for the eighth night in a row.

I click on him anyway. I couldn’t help it. Quarantined and highly contagious, this is the closest I could ever get.

My screen engulfs my face in the light. My pupils dilate to the shifting forms of men I could only ever imagine, a market of unlimited proclivities and desires. A hundred boys gaze into cams, torsos exposed, eyes smoldering. I can’t look away.

I lose myself to binding straps, muscles galore, smooth stomachs, big long cocks barely concealed by tiny Speedos, and asses propped by jockstraps. I stumble on men with tattoos; tribal patterns cover sculpted chests. They throw their hands behind their heads, showcasing their bulging biceps, their hairless pits. Some choose to position their feet closest to the camera, faces out of focus. Others sit in private boudoirs, performing a tempting gaze that leads to a bed just out of view, waiting to perform for a man who can pay the price for their attention.

Stuck indoors, my boyfriend is sick, and I’m left with desire beating in my loins, my heart thumping like a drum. The array of lounging bodies infects my heart with a fever. Without any notice, the air goes still and my eyes roll back.

Kisses beckon me to private shows as my pants open, my hand drifting into my briefs. My dick gets harder as I continue to scroll, looking for the masked man to guide me out of this minuscule apartment, even if only for a brief moment of pleasure.

I hear him stir in the bed: the comforter being tossed to the side, the mattress shifting under his weight. My heart drops and I quickly shut the tab. I lower the screen, my eyes readjusting to the dark kitchen. He steps out of the bed. I turn my head, my eyed focused on the door behind me, zeroing in on the knob. From the corner of my eye, I see the bathroom light flick on through the window. After five blinks, the toilet flushes. I’m still not breathing, waiting to return to a bazaar of infection free desire.

I’m in the clear once his snoring ensues, like nothing happened at all. Blood rushes to my cock as I reopen the screen, surrendering to lust.

I fall into the chair, my spine slithering and shoulders hunched. Digital sirens call out from tiny cams. I lose myself to the shaking hips, the stroking of monster cocks, a horde of Russian twinks fingering their tight pink holes. Fuck, it’s all so hot and I free my cock from my underwear and stroke underneath the table, hoping my neighbor across the courtyard cannot see, a thought that only gets me harder.

I circulate through twenty rooms, all the boys asking for tips as they strip to pop music, all covered in defined muscle, cocks measuring over 25cm, each one in the prime of health, promising life with a single kiss. I want to ride them, to take that whole cock and be split in two, to have big strong hands spread my cheeks wide. Be rough with me! Throw me around! My hole clenches at the thought and the head of my cock is dripping, with each stroke becoming wetter.

I come so close to blowing my load as their profiles tell me their desires to be whipped and chained, to be called daddy, to fulfill my fantasies and mine alone.

I go further down the wall. I can’t help it.

New profiles sign on, more men asking to be watched and me willing to tip a euro here and there to keep the party going. I am hypnotized by their hips gyrating, dicks hard in their hands, switching from one man to the next and back again, being at the center of a circle of dancers and getting lost and almost coming…

My head falls back, and my eyes find focus again. Each breath centers my thoughts and I am soon reminded of my original mission. Masked seduction, where have you led me? Will I find your green eyes amongst these faces? Your hairy chest in a sea of shaved and trimmed beasts. Take me to where you have disappeared and I will do anything you ask!

I stroke my cock as I peruse the masses until I find him. My heart skips a beat. xX_Orpheus_Night_Xx, age 27. The man of my live cam dreams, a devil in black, still beckoning as if he was waiting for me alone, begging for an intruder to his by-the-minute netherworld. I click on his stats: hairy, uncut, and 19cm. I grunt in desire as he solicits a solitary encounter: “It would just be you watching me.”

I opt for the private show. I can’t resist.

The picture loads and crystallizes and I am ushered into a completely new space, one that is dark around the borders as a hundred flickering candles illuminate the center of the room. The man enters; nude of course, his body flowing into each and every muscle, but his form is slender. Although covered in hair, he has a boyish charm, innocence to his demeanor that leads me to take another step, my legs shaking.

This rented boudoir, located somewhere in Prague, travels to a darkened corridor. I follow him until we enter a theatre, a grand piano at center stage. This masked musician sits at the instrument, his hands hovering over middle C, his buttock fully formed, toned with side indentations. His shoulders span beyond the width of hips. I lose myself completely to the fantasy of a musical genius, his dream of playing love songs to me alone.

A spotlight shines and his hands fall onto the piano with a dramatic chord, the music fills the entire hall, but then silence. I wait on the edge of my seat for his body to move with each and every note that comes from his fingertips. He plays another chord, softer this time as I stroke my cock with more intensity, hoping for him to give me more until he plays with abandonment, a liberated feeling that is energetic and wild, his biceps quivering, his cock engorging and the fierceness of his contorted facial expressions that the mask could not hide completely. What is under that black fabric? It doesn’t matter. The mystery of this Orpheus liberated me from quarantine, far away from these walls, this tiny apartment.

I gaze on his neck, hoping to catch a minute glimpse of his scruffy cheeks. The fantasy penetrates with the clamor of his descent into my body. Oh, Orpheus, you play so fantastically with my heart. I linger for your retrieval of my body from the depths that only you can reach, your eyes focused on the keys. But don’t look at me as I come! Don’t take off that mask! Play harder, no softer, move your fingers with precision and purpose! Reach for the light and lead me to my climax! Fuck me from octave one to octave seven, across the keys and into my soul! I follow your notes, the movement that you inspire.

Church bells sound from every angle as he comes to a fantastic ending, hands slamming on the keys with all his might as if the ceiling were to cave!

Oh, fuck!

I clean myself and the floor and the soiled pants at my feet before getting one last look at this hero that rescued me for a moment. My nude champion sits at a piano, and from the crackling of a high ceilinged room the only notes he plays are the pitter-patter of a child’s composition.

Tomorrow night, I will return to Orpheus to hear his music once again.


Conference Call
by Pimenta Cítrica

There was a lazy beam of sun creeping through the blinds. It was that time of year when it always got deliciously warm in the beginning of the afternoon. The air was thick with loom, and he was unashamedly checking his phone, whole face puffy with sleep.

“It’s two in the afternoon. Are you ever getting out of this cave?” I couldn’t help the slight spite in my voice. I mean, I would probably be going crazy not having anything at all to do all day during quarantine, but the night owl in me really did envy him rolling out of bed mid-afternoon every day. He nodded, covering a yawn. The motherfucker.

I went to the blinds and pried everything open. “It’s a beautiful day outside! Why don’t you go for a walk or something?”

“Whatever, mom. How’s work?” I shrugged.

“Alright. I needed a break. Editing is turning my brain into hot fudge. You want some coffee?”

His eyes lit up, he nodded fervently. God, what a dork. He was so adorable, it was impossible to play bad cop for too long. My break was not going to last long, but I did need a distraction. The home-office pace had been ruthless, and I can go on for hours in front of the computer without a break if there are no distractions. I guess it’s how it is with all writers.

I went back into the kitchen, peeking at the laptop while I poured a cup of coffee; no sugar, a little bit of oat milk. The smell filled the kitchen. It made me feel like it was early morning even though it was already mid-afternoon. Maybe I could go for a walk around the block before my Zoom call?

Quarantine was imposing a relentless rhythm on both of us, especially because I was filled to the brim with work – somebody actually makes entertainment for the bored isolated people, who would have thought – and he was laid off from all his obligations. So, the balance was hard to find at the beginning. But then, we actually found comfort in each other’s presence. And he would even flip my laptop down at the end of the day, demand we would go for a walk, tell me work day was over. And I appreciated that.

So I wouldn’t mind bringing him some coffee in bed.

He made grabby hands at me as soon as I walked into the room, getting out from under the sheets. What is it with men and gray sweatpants? I am not the straightest of girls, but seeing him in those makes me slide down the Kinsey scale a few meters. I gave him the mug, he took a sip, clicked his lips, put it on the nightstand.

“Ah, thank you.”

“No worries,” which is something funny I like to say a lot – considering I am a very worried person most of the time. He then made the same silly grabby hands at me. “Dude, it’s time you start rolling out of bed, no?”

“C’monnnn, just a little. The bed is warm…” He batted his eyelashes. The ruffled duvet seemed indeed super inviting. What’s the point of doing home office if you won’t indulge in an afternoon cuddle, right?

I smiled sheepishly, climbing on the bed. The sheets were warm, his skin was scalding hot. That mixed with the thick air inside the room made everything so lazy. He wrapped his arms around me; body pliant from relaxation. I always loved him first thing in the morning, and it felt so nice, having time to just lay down together with neither of us rushing out because we were late to work.

I kissed his supple lips. They tasted like coffee, and the warmth on my body just made me very serene. At the same time, I felt a telling pull in my lower groin. With not a lot of social activities, we were spending a shameful amount of time fucking, and the desire never seemed to let out.

Plus, he had grey sweatpants on. Girl can only resist so much.

Our harmless kiss turned into heavy making out, his scalding hot palms sliding down my back and bringing me closer to him. I felt his “morning” wood pressing against his pants, I loved his dick hard first thing when he woke up.

“Mmm,” he moaned into the kiss, grinding against the curve of my hip a little. He pried at the hem of my t-shirt, pulling it over my head. The sunlight was growing more persistent, burning lightly on my freshly bare side. He was particularly attentive and sweet today; I guess being able to sleep in could do wonders for one’s mood. He would usually be so grumpy in the morning.

His heart-shaped lips made their way down my neck, nibbling softly.

Gatinho, I have to go back to work soon…” I said, just to tease because I had no intention of leaving the bed any time soon.

“Hmmm, I know,” he mumbled, sucking on the sensitive skin. My pussy was pulsing with tiny little electric shocks. His tongue teased at the hollow of my throat, and I pulled on his curls as he sucked a nipple into his mouth. Rubbing his pelvis against mine.

Then his hands found my pajama pants and sneaked their way inside. We were spending a fair amount of time naked around the apartment during quarantine, but there was always something so dirty in the act of undressing that would always turn me on so much. Sometimes I would even pretend to be drunker than I actually was just so he would have to take my party clothes off me, while I “unintentionally” pressed my ass up to tease him.

I let out an “ah”! as his finger made first contact with my clit, pressing slowly. My hands went down to his sweatpants, I caressed him a little under the hem, got so close to his cock, but then stopped.

“Oh,” he breathed out, and his raspy voice was so, so sexy. “You little tease…”

My pussy was so sticky against his skilled fingers. Just as I wrapped my hand around his cock was preparing to dive down and taste him, my phone rang.

“Shit. It’s my boss.” I panicked, turning around to grab it from the nightstand. He firmly held me, stopping me from leaving the bed. “I’m serious, I gotta pick it up!”

“Pick it up. C’mon. Pick it up,” he whispered in my ear, his voice laced with lust. It was just the perfect mixture of commanding and desperation, and I couldn’t help but get turned on at the situation too. As I pressed the green button on my phone screen he pressed his cock against my ass, holding me in place as he undulated his hips. I greeted my boss, trying to make my voice sound as clean as possible.

“We will have to have the meeting now, is that okay? I got stuck at an appointment,” she explained.

“Yes, sure.” I cleaned my throat.

“Okay, I’ll send you the Zoom link…”

I panicked again, looking at him. I mean, this was crazy. I am still a professional. He mouthed “no video”. And as I continued to be motionless he commanded me again with a nod of his head.

“I ah… Is it okay if I don’t use video? My connection is really bad today…” Which was not far-fetched. I had been thoroughly frustrated with my Wi-Fi provider during the quarantine, so this was a passable excuse.

“Yeah, that’s fine…” She answered distractedly. “Sent you the link, okay? See you soon!”

My fingers were trembling when I opened WhatsApp and clicked on the link. My heart was racing as I made sure I had no video on. The sound of robotic voices filled the static room.

At the same time, he slid my pajama pants down and rubbed his cock right against my clit from behind. I nearly damn moaned out loud; it just felt so good. My whole body was tingling with the thrill of what we were doing, how easy it would be to just press the wrong button and all my coworkers would watch me getting fucked. The thought alone just made me wetter, my pussy clenching and unclenching wishing it was squeezing around his dick.

Someone was saying my name through the phone. Shit. “…why don’t you get us started on the plan for next week?”

“Right.” I cleaned my throat again. “Not Corona you guys!” Everybody giggled politely. Not corona you guys, just my boyfriend’s cock. “So we are still waiting on the contract for two covers of next week. The shadowban of last month is finally lifted, so this is the good news. And if you check the schedule for next week, we are way above the target…”

I didn’t know how I managed to keep talking. He just kept teasing and teasing, and I was sweating, like my whole body had zoomed in my clitoris. His breath was so hot and relentless on my ear, he always said he thought it was very hot when I used my professional voice, maybe this is what was getting him off. Thank fucking god for his filthy mind.

His glans was penetrating me ever-so-slightly, and I just felt like I was about to pass out. My voice was creaking. Finally, I finished what I had to say and my boss was happy to take over. I wanted to mute the phone but he grabbed my hand instead, muttering a “no” inside my ear.


He put his hand over my mouth and bit my shoulder as his deliciously thick cock slid all the way inside me. My eyes rolled into the back of my head. I dropped my phone on the bed, could hear the meeting carrying on without me, as I turned my body as much as possible to face him.

The look on his eyes was nearly enough to make me scream.

He had this glint in them, so malicious, he was enjoying this so much, torturing me, being the boss when I was struggling to be bossy. It was so hot.

“So let’s circle back to the schedule… Do we have a plan B in case the contracts for covers are not here in time?”

Fuck, fuck, shit, goddamn! I needed to answer! He nodded, encouraging me. How?

“Y-yeah, we will have to wait until next week. The covers have been approved already.” There was much more to say, but thank God, they were satisfied with the answer. He angled his hips, fucking me hard as I spread my legs as far wide as the position would allow me. Fuck, yes. I just wanted to turn on the fucking video, show everybody what we were doing, give them a show, put the camera right where he was coming in and out of my cunt, moan loud like a needy pornstar.

I started to rub my clit, I was so damn close already, the situation almost too hot to handle. I panicked again as I felt my orgasm approaching, awkwardly grabbing my phone so I could mute the sound and come loud and hard around him.

When I came back to myself the meeting was still going on in the background.


Eliza Lupu
Eliza Lupu

From “Georgiana in Isolation”
Photographer: Eliza Lupu (ig: @elizalupu_0)
Model: Georgiana Saraev (ig: @georgianasaraev)


Sigríður Birna Matthíasdóttir
Sigríður Birna Matthíasdóttir

From “Objectified”
Digital art by Sigríður Birna Matthíasdóttir (ig: @digitalsigga)


Alien Encounter
by Francesca Demont

There is a knock on the door. The first sign that others have survived as well. There had been no signs of life anywhere. No radio, TV, internet, just nothing.

We were all prepared that there would be a period of total blackout. No communication, nothing. As if the entire planet was void of intelligent life. The virus was just to wipe us out, then the arrival from beyond our galaxy happened. Wearing a mask is now standard, even at home. There is no electricity, so it’s hot as temperatures are rising outside.I throw on a bathrobe and open the door just the slightest bit. Wow! I’m just stunned. And frightened. If this was an alien, he, she, it, could certainly use me as a sample for their experiment. Desperate for any human contact, being fucked by an alien sounded awfully good.

About six-feet tall, a female shape, breasts, an enormous dick, and well-developed pussy to go along with it. ‘Hermaphrodite’ goes through my mind. And gorgeous glowing skin, even in an otherwise dark hallway.No hair on the body, a beautifully shaped head, no visible ears, but the most adorable eyes. I don’t mean to, but the door opens by itself and I can’t resist. Clearly not human. I don’t know their intentions, and frankly, I don’t fucking care.There is a smell. A smell that is all too familiar. Something makes me come closer, the smell becomes more intense. Arms, or maybe tentacles, wrap themselves around me. They spread over my body, reaching right under my bathrobe. I get drawn closer.

A tongue reaches out toward my mouth, I open up willingly, maybe even eagerly. It’s very sensual, like a silky surface, just slippery enough to glide inside me and leave me wanting more. And more is what I get.

The tongue smells like a moist pussy. I suck on it like it’s a dick. I don’t know what else to do. My tongue plays around the tip, wanting so much more. Finally, the creature pushes deeper into me.

I get lifted up, effortlessly. More like having our bodies merge. I’m floating just above where I stood only moments ago. The huge cock is like a shelf that supports me, hard as a rock, and agile to find my openings.

Just thinking about a cock is heavenly after all these weeks. As if my mind is an open book, the hard cock is turning upward and sliding into my rear. Then it turns hard again. There is no pain, despite the enormous size. Or maybe I just want to be fucked so badly that I don’t even notice.
More, more, please. It feels so good to be embraced, penetrated, ready to submit. I try to move my arms, not realizing that I have in fact become one with the alien. There is no me. At least not my own body. And yet, I can feel everything that is done to me.

Pulling the tongue deeper and deeper into my mouth, there seems to be no end to it. No gag reflex as it enters me well down my throat. I now just want the creature to fuck me, more than just embracing, absorbing, exploring. Nothing else is on my mind. It’s blank, except for the desire to have my dripping pussy penetrated.

Suspended like a feather in mid-air, just riding the cock and having a tongue penetrate me deeply is enough to support me; to keep me inside the alien’s embrace. The firm embrace turns to a slow and rhythmic up and down motion. It feels great to be fucked in my throat and ass at the same time. It’s been a long dry-spell.

Do aliens come the way we do? I can move my arms without losing the embrace now. I find the cock entering me. Never would I have thought something this enormous could slide so easily into me. I stroke the alien’s cock. It’s hard, with an oily surface, a perfect lubricant.

My other hand searches for the pussy I had seen earlier. I’m doing it blindly while still sucking the alien’s tongue deeper and deeper into me. There it is. I separate the flesh around it. Layers of moist skin, with the same touch as the cock. The rocking continues.

An enormous clit is just at the top of the alien cunt, just like ours, only bigger. It feels different, harder, more like a small cock. I am gently exploring the pussy past the clit, going deeper inside. My hand is now fully inside the alien’s pussy.

The rocking continues. I’m about to come, then I feel what must be part of the alien’s clit. I think of my g-spot and begin to massage it. Oh, my god! I fucking just found an alien’s g-spot.

The rocking gets more intense, the cock grows harder, I can feel the blood pumping through the veins. The tongue turns into a second cock and is now throat fucking me like I’ve never been fucked before. The g-spot is pulsing with blood.

There is nothing in this world that compares. My brain loses its ability to understand what’s happening to me. It just feels fucking great. Whatever I know about sex, it’ll never be the same again. Trying to scream, which I never do when I come, nothing but silence escapes.

Aliens aren’t done quickly; I keep working on the g-spot. The reward is a harder and harder throat-fuck. My throat shouldn’t even be able to hold the size cock that the gentle tongue has turned into. The cock continues to grow wider and deeper. It’s tearing me apart!

Growing harder, pushing further than my body should allow, I feel the cock growing through my body. Both cocks! I am just swimming in a sea of ecstasy. My pussy now pushes against the alien’s. The two become one and the power of the alien is feeding directly into my cunt.

The rods in my mouth and ass continue their exploration, getting harder and straighter by the second. My head is forced back like a spit is piercing through my body. The coming orgasm feels different from anything a human can experience.

The two cocks melt into one, that’s how the alien gets off. I slide up and down the pole that is now passing through my body. For the first time, I hear the alien’s voice. One of deep pleasure, desire, and anticipation. The harder I slide up and down the rod in my body, the faster I get pushed up and down, the more intense my own body feels the coming orgasm.

Nothing touches my pussy, I long stopped massaging the alien’s g-spot. I’m realizing finally why I’ve never felt anything like this. My body is wrapped around his alien cock, from where it enters my mouth to where it exits my behind. It’s not two cocks, but one massive rod and the alien is using my body for what I believe a good hand-job must feel like.

With every second, the stroking gets faster, the rod inside me gets hotter and I feel like burning up from the inside. There is a tingling that sets in throughout my body. All my muscles are primed to explode in one massive orgasm. Not just around my pussy, every part that comes in contact with his rod is experiencing the same sensation.

There it is. The famous point of no return. I feel it how even the slightest touch will push the body over the edge. The alien pushes me down deep one more time before I experience a complete body meltdown. My head feels the release as much as my pussy does. And every part of my body in between.

I pass out.

The alarm goes off, I’m lying naked on the floor. It all feels surreal. Did I really just get fucked by an alien? I look for any evidence. Nothing but a few drops that could have come from my own dripping pussy.

The urge to use the bathroom is overwhelming. It feels good to relieve myself. It takes a while before I’ve emptied my bowel. Looking down between my legs I see a massive amount of white, creamy, alien cum.


Locked (Down) and Loaded
by Daisy Dawn

I mean, listen… I have tried everything. I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.
Watching pornography videos (on mute) during a Zoom call: check.
Making a loaf of bread from scratch: check.
Masturbating to my neighbors having loud sex? Not my proudest moment, but, yes.
Flashing strangers who catcalled me on the way to the supermarket: check.
Ordering dildos (yes, you read that right – plural) off Amazon: check.
Did they mention that the delivery will take longer because of the spike in orders? Uh, yes.
Did I get impatient and end up fucking myself with a cucumber instead? Also, yes.
Did I – at the very low point of this isolation – text my exes? Absolutely.

I just want to feel something, alright? It’s been weeks since I have touched and been touched. Oh, at this point, I’m more than thirsty. I am dehydrated.

I have sent and received more nudes that ever. I have logged in and out of live-cam services. So help me God, I just need a human touch.

A knock on my door.
“Yeees?” I hesitantly responded.
“Hey, you wanna get pizza for lunch?” my flat mate J emerges behind the door.
I look at him and shake my head.
He makes himself comfortable and proceeds to sit on my couch.
Damn. Is this the isolation playing games with my brain or does J get even hotter these days?
Curse this. Grey sweatpants are my kryptonite.
His eyes meet mine. He can tell I’ve been checking out his junk.
Caught in the act, my cheeks are flustered.
He smiles and lowers his gaze down my shirt.
Yes, it is I – Daisy, the braless wonder. My hard nipples poking through see-through white shirt.
“Are you sure you’re not excited about pizza?” staring intently at my nips, “… or are you just excited to see me?”
“Oh, shut up!” I get up and run to the kitchen to escape from J and my dirty thoughts.
Just because we made out at a party once doesn’t mean that it will happen again.
I open the fridge door in search of something to quench my thirst.
Oh, no! We’re all out of cucumbers.


I must have been asleep for a while when I heard soft rustling under my blanket. It must be around two or three AM.
Turning right and laying on my back now I’m trying to ignore the noise and fall back to sleep.
A few minutes passed when I suddenly felt a warm hand grazing my thigh.
I’m half-asleep at this point. Forcing myself to open my eyes, I can only see darkness and decided that the sensation is probably just my body signaling withdrawal from human touch.
Or… Could this be that I’m having one of those sexy dreams?
Again, I brushed it off and fall back to sleep.
Oh, God!
I can feel it again.
It moves at a glacial pace from my thigh up to my chest.
Fondled and teased, my nipples instantly get rock hard.
I always feel kind of hazy when I wake up in the middle of the night.
Am I dreaming?
I can feel the hand continues to alternate between massaging my breast and twisting my nipples.
Oh, my God, this feels so real.
A sensation I have so missed.
My whole body tingles with warm pleasure.
Then something happened that made me almost jump out of my bed.
I can feel my right nipple being licked and sucked.
I can feel the warmth and the wetness grazing my skin.
My heart now races fast but still; I keep my eyes closed. Dealing with the shock and sensation, my body shuts down. It’s like I’m pinned down to my bed and I can’t move. I’m too afraid to move. My head is filled with all the questions and speculations. On the other hand, my body is loving this.
I tried to calm myself and focus on enjoying the pleasure. Maybe I tried a little too hard cause I accidentally slipped out a little moan.
The mouth and hands stopped playing with my nipples.
A brief pause then they wander down and under, reaching my other sensitive parts.
The hand separated my thighs and runs up and down my underwear line.
Two fingers slip under my frilly undergarment; they wander and stroke the hairy layer before entering my hole.
Another hand joined in. It locates my clit.
Oh my God, this feels so good.
As a collective effort, the hands grabbed each side of my hips and slide down my panties.
I don’t think it was possible for my heart to beat any faster, but boy was I wrong.
Turns out, it is extremely hard to act like you are asleep when you are over the roof aroused. Which makes this even hotter – the fact that I can’t see anything, it’s heightening my other senses.
Every touch and lick lingers.
This feels so so good.
My nipple is pinched and my pussy is being tongue-fucked.
With every thrust, I let out a gentle moan.
With every moan, the harder my nipple is being squeezed.
The wetter and hornier I get.
I don’t even care who or what is. I just want them to never stop caressing me, devouring me.
But they did stop.
My heart sunk.
Then I hear a crinkling sound. A familiar sound.
Oh my God.
He’s going to put on a rubber.
He’s going to fuck me.
What am I doing?
But I so desperately need it.
I want it.
Despite not being able to see anything, I can sense that he is getting closer to me. So close that a waft of musk and oud is now filling up my nose and lungs. A familiar scent. I know only one person with this distinctive fragrance.
My heart’s beating faster and faster.
He lets out a moan.
He’s inside me.
His part fits snug inside my pussy.
He pulls it out ever so slowly.
A pause.
I can feel the tension in this dark room. I can feel that he is calculating his next move.
Could it be that he’s also unsure about this?
Before my thoughts could wander any further, his cock is now jammed back into my hole.
Slow thrusts as if he wants to savor every single second of this experience.
I’m lying on my back trying to act a blow-up doll, regulating my breathing, not moving or letting a single sound escape from my mouth.
The whole thing just makes me even wetter.
His cock slides in and out with ease and precision.
He picks up his pace, continues to fuck me faster, harder.
Without slowing down, his hand now circling my clit.
I can’t help but let out a moan out of excitement.
There’s no more hesitation from me or him. We both know we want this so bad. So, he fucks me like he means it.
With the combination of my nipples being sucked and bit, my clitoris being rubbed, and my hole penetrated, I am getting closer and closer to climax town.
Every thrust is mildly painful. I can feel my pussy is being stretched. After weeks of no sex, it is now filled with all the thickness and meatiness that I so craved.
I can hear the clock ticking, my heart palpitating, my breath fluctuating, my nipples tingling, and my clit throbbing.
He does his magic.
Alternating between sucking and licking me.
Entering in and out my hole in a beautiful rhythmic.
Touching, stimulating my sweet spot.
Putting a heaving pressure and a rapid movement, he sent me to the big O.
The pleasure sends me to jolt uncontrollably as if an evil spirit is being exorcised out of my body.
Without a pause or any mercy, he grabs my arms, pins me down and fucks me even harder. It doesn’t take long for him to finally release his cum and for me to join him for my second orgasm.
Both panting and gasping for air, the cloud seems to clear both of our heads. In the air, I can smell the oud perfume mixed with sweat and awkwardness. He pulls out, gets up, leaves my room and heads to his room, the one next to the kitchen.


Beatriz Calil
Beatriz Calil

From “Beatriz in Isolation”
Photographer and Model: Beatriz Calil (ig: @beatriz_calil)


Under the Stairs
by Raul Premio

When you are in a rush and desperate to get home, you know that something is going to slow you down. Something is gonna work against you. Had I known that the tube ride from work was going to take me so long, I would have used the restroom before I left drinks with the office. The announcement of the imminent lockdown was unexpected and it made me forget about rush hour, or perhaps it was the amount of beers I drank. The train moving slowly, full to the brim felt like the longest commute ever. Exiting the station and seeing my apartment block unconsciously relaxed my bladder, and seeing somebody just leaving the building, consciously made me run. That idiot must have been one of those too preoccupied with stockpiling food and cleaning supplies from the nearby supermarket to remember basic manners. Maybe she was too paranoid about Covid-19, because she moved so swiftly out of the way, that the door shut on my face, before I had a chance to grab it.

“Thanks!” I muttered under my breath, now really concerned about holding my piss in whilst trying to find my keys. Sadly, the rude woman had already turned the corner and was too far away to hear my comment. As I felt inside my briefcase, I remembered that I used the time stuck inside the train to move the keys to my flat from my case to the pocket inside of my blazer to save me some time looking for them later. With a tremendous sense of relief, I put my right hand inside the left side of my blazer, wrapped my index finger around the keychain and I pulled them out, feeling like a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat. As I looked up, now smiling, I saw somebody’s reflection on the glass door.

He was standing right behind me and before I had a chance to turn around a deep voice, calmly said, “let me get that for you, sir.”
Those hairy knuckles holding a single key, slotting inside the keyhole made my dick twitch and my brain forget about my bladder.
“Oh, thank you, that’s very kind!” I exclaimed a bit too eagerly. Not even thinking for a second about how much I needed to take a leak, I continued smiling and played the “after you, no you first,” game, and started giggling like an idiot. Tall, bearded men always made me giddy. When it was about to become too awkward, the strikingly handsome stranger placed one hand on my lower back and gestured with the other inviting me to come in first. He had nice, big hands. My cock twitched again, this time rock hard, ready to start oozing precum and almost bursting with all the pints I drank earlier. He followed me into the brightly lit elevator and I asked him what floor he was going to.
“Fifth floor, please,” smiling and looking directly at my now visible hard-on.

The way he said please, the way he smiled, the way he looked at my bulge made me so aroused. Then it dawned on me.

“Oh, I am also on the fifth floor.”

“I’m Robert, by the way. Well, Rob.” I added excitedly as the doors were closing.

“Nice to meet you Rob, my name is Mario.” responded the stud. Oh my god, is he Italian? – I asked myself, as I was sure there was an accent there, definitely Italian.

After many years procrastinating I was finally improving my language skills and started practicing online with a friend from Milan. Mario sounded like my friend. So, I asked him. “Italiano?”

And he smiled saying, “Argentinian but with Italian blood.”

That’ll do just fine, I said to myself. Damn, he was so hot I couldn’t care if he was from a different planet. He wore stone washed jeans, a very smart watch, and a green plaid shirt with rolled sleeves exposing his bronzed, hairy arms. Ding! The elevator bell alerted me we arrived at our floor and I began to plan my next line. Not wanting to sound too creepy or keen, yet ensuring he understood my hole was already his, I hesitated what to say next. Luckily he proceeded to explain that he was coming over to look after his sister’s flat. She needed someone to take care of her beloved plants while being quarantined near the hospital she worked in.

“5c!” I said, “That’s the nurse that just moved across from me,” I added.

“Yes. She hasn’t had time to get all her furniture in yet. So you are in… 5b then?” I nodded and thought, how great that we are gonna be next door neighbours.

“I guess we are going to be neighbours, well for a forthright at least.” said Mario as if reading my mind and visibly pleased. We exited the elevator when he realised he didn’t bring the key for her sister’s apartment, just the one for the main door downstairs.

“I can’t believe I left the other key at home,” he said, sounding annoyed. “The tube is gonna be packed at this hour,” he added.

“Why don’t you come to mine and wait it out?” I offered, immediately cringing at my forwardness but hoping he would accept.

“We can practise Italian,” Mario responded eagerly.

As we entered my flat I apologised, “Sorry, I’m bursting for a wee, make yourself comfortable.”

I rushed to the toilet waving my hand towards the lounge, leaving Mario looking around and heading towards the sofa. I left the loo door opened, so I could keep an eye on the hottie, you never know these days. I made a loud sigh as I pulled my cock out and looked up to the ceiling feeling relieved. As I looked back down to aim my piss stream, I noticed Mario on the bathroom mirror walking towards me, biting his lower lip and piercing me with his green eyes. I motioned him in tilting my head right whilst still peeing. Mario stepped in pushing the door open and grabbed his package. He was licking the side of his mouth. He looked at my dick and knelt on the floor besides me.

“Piss in my mouth, Rob.” he demanded.

Without hesitation I grabbed his brown curly hair, pulling his head back and said, “open up!” sounding like an order.

“Fuck yes!” Mario complied. My warm piss mixed with precum hit the bull’s eye in his mouth. Some of it dribbled down his stubble and hairy chest. He tried to scoop it up with one hand while he popped out his cock with the other.

“Drink it,” I ordered again. As the last bit of warm urine was coming out, he drank every last drop. My erection was now indicating I loved what we just did and made me want more. Much more. Mario stood up and unbuttoned his shirt much faster than I was opening mine. He then grabbed my wrists and push them out of the way, ripping the last two buttons out of their buttonholes. I removed my trousers and he kissed me. His lips were soft and salty. The familiar taste made me leak into his left thigh. With his arms around me and his hands clutching my buttocks I felt his hard, fat penis burning on my stomach. Lifting me up without much effort I instinctively put my arms around his neck and wrapped my legs around his waist. His prick pushing up on my ass, our tongues dancing together.

Carrying me this way he looked around wondering where the bedroom was. I looked at the staircase that leads to the second floor and the big leather ottoman that sits under the stairs. With his knob caressing my hole and my back now resting on the cool leather, I felt electricity running through my veins lying there. I know he must have felt it too. We were one. Our entire bodies melted together only separated by the soles of our feet. His toes propping him up from the wooden floor, mine up in the air with my ankles touching his ears. His phallus entered my hole. With him inside me and his balls bouncing on my crack we started the rhythmic dance. Our hips moving in unison. Mario fucking me. Mario inside me. His mouth eating mine. His dick ploughing me, right there under the stairs. In a pool of sweat, I jerk off and aim at his mouth.

“Come in my mouth, Rob,” he moaned.

“Fuck me harder,” I replied. We pant, we howl and then we climax together. I’m inside his mouth and he is inside my ass. We remained in this position for a little while in silence. I already knew then, this was going to be a fun ride.

Years later, we discussed the best sex we ever had during the lockdown.

“On that leather ottoman,” I said to my husband.

“What about you?” I asked him with a big smile on my face. “Under the stairs,” said Mario pulling me towards him and kissing me. That’s now our secret code for – let’s fuck.


Dreams and Memories
by Sumo do Caju


It’s been more than thirty days since the quarantine started. Living alone, I’ve been through some very difficult days, but self-isolating is the right thing to do…

Since my ex-girlfriend and I broke up two years ago, I’ve been with few people, unable to emotionally connect with anyone. I haven’t had much sex in that time, but I felt okay. Recently, though, I’ve been feeling so horny… Sometimes I’m aroused for apparently no reason. I’ve had wet dreams almost every day and all kinds of kinky fantasies.

Yesterday, I was thinking about my ex-girlfriend. We only broke up because she moved to the other side of the world. We sucked at keeping a long-distance relationship, but we were amazing together. We loved sex games and she was always excited to experiment anything new.

We hadn’t spoken since before the quarantine started. She had texted me on my birthday and we had a nice chat, but that was it. Should I text her now? No, that’d be crazy. I am just horny. Better go to sleep.

I dreamed about her. We were lying on a deserted beach, looking at the stars. I watched her eyes shine as she pointed constellations to me. I touched her hand and kissed her neck. She wouldn’t stop talking about stars and I wouldn’t stop kissing her. My hand slipped under her blouse and I caressed her waist, giving it a gentle grip. As her voice failed, I felt a shiver running up her body.

We kissed and I ran my hands across her back from the bottom up to her neck. She bit my lip gently and grabbed my butt, pulling me closer. I took off her blouse and marvelled at her breasts. She always complained about how small they were, but to me they were perfect. My tongue felt the stiffness of her nipple and I could hear her breathing get intense as she took off my shirt…

I kissed her mouth passionately as my fingers reached under her panties, her pussy already so wet… I took off her shorts and panties at once and started playing around, massaging her labia with the tips of my fingers, taking care not to touch her clitoris. Not yet. Nothing excited me more than seeing her beg for more.

“I want you inside me…” Okay, I could start on her clit now. I watched as her eyes closed and her mouth stood open, an inaudible moan as if she was unable to produce any sound.

Her nails travelled down my body, giving me a chill. She reached my cock and just went around its base. What a bitchy revenge. She was smirking. My finger slid into her pussy and that smile turned into a real moan. Her hands massaged my balls and my dick was rock hard. I felt it pulsating, eager to… “Fuck me. I want you inside me. Fuck me now.”

I had to obey. The feeling of entering her wet pussy was out of this world. I did as I knew she liked, starting slow, giving her a long kiss. Our tongues danced as she pulled me, taking me fully into her. I moaned and she smiled, opening her eyes slightly. They glimmered as she whispered in my ear, “this is… beautiful…”

Suddenly, she turned my body with astonishing strength. On top of me, her two hands on my chest, she started a kind of dance, making my mind go crazy. I grabbed her butt and helped with the movement. I looked at her body, her waist, those beautiful breasts and perfect face. Above her, the sky, full of stars. I had never seen so many in my life. That was what she was talking about. It indeed was beautiful. But not more than she was.

I woke up. Another wet dream, but the best I had had in a long time. Shit, I really missed her. It took me a moment to recover and get back to the real world. At the bedside table, I saw my phone.


One month of quarantine. I didn’t think it’d be so long and it seems we still have a lot of time to go. Living abroad for almost three years, I got used to being far from my best friends and family. Not that I haven’t related to anyone here. I have friends and even dated a guy for some time last year. I’ve got no problem living on my own. The routine I developed keeps me sane, but in the last week, something unexpected has been happening.

I’m feeling lustful, as I’d never felt before.

It started with wet dreams I couldn’t remember. I just woke up with my sheets wet and absolutely no memory of what happened. Some old crushes texted me once in a while and tried to get sex over the phone, but honestly I didn’t feel like it. It was better to fantasize on my own.

Yesterday, I found some letters and gifts my ex-boyfriend gave me long ago. We broke up after I moved. We loved each other, but we couldn’t work out our relationship, being so far away. Still, I missed him.

I found a picture from one of our anniversaries. At first glance, just a picture of us in a fancy restaurant, holding hands and smiling. But the thing about the best pictures is what they don’t tell.

That day, we sat by the table and he asked, “wanna play a game?” I always liked his games and thought I knew what to expect. He wanted me to describe the best sexual memory I had with him. I spoke while his hand touched mine, running his fingers a little bit around my wrist. He knew that excited me. The waitress brought us wine and we ordered some salad. Then I asked him about his best sexual memory.

His detailed description turned me on. Why was he doing it before dinner, at the restaurant? Son of a bitch. I knew where he was going. He loved to get me excited just to make me want more. But I’d take his game to another level. He was usually shy in public places, so I decided to see how far he’d go. “Have you noticed that the table sheets fully cover their feet?”

He frowned: “yes…”

I moved to the edge of my seat and discreetly took off my panties under my dress, passing them to his hand. “Go down on me. Now”. He was shocked. I thought he would just stare at me like that, but he glanced around to see if anyone was looking and disappeared under the table.

I felt his hand on my thigh, his thumb playing a little with my pussy. I couldn’t believe he was actually doing that. Warmth came up through my body as his tongue touched me. I closed my eyes for a moment and suddenly remembered we were in a restaurant. I was almost lying down on the chair, my legs spread under the table, invisible to the waitress coming towards us with the salad. I straightened up and tapped his head, so he would stop. After she left, he tried to open my legs again, but I tapped his head and he got back to his seat, smiling.

I got under the table before he could protest. I knew how nervous he would get. “We could have trouble”, he whispered. I was already opening his jeans’ button and pulling out his cock. I started with a little hand job and licked the length of his penis, giving it a soft kiss on the head. He shivered.

After a few seconds, he tapped my head and I knew the waitress was coming back. As I heard her asking if we’d decided on the main dish, I did what any crazy person would do. I put his whole cock on my mouth and sucked it. It was hard to suppress a laugh as he nervously told the waitress he was waiting for me to get back from the toilet. After a few moments, I stopped sucking, gave him another kiss and put the cock back inside his pants.

He was red when I came up to my seat. Soon we were laughing together. We ate our salad and ordered the mains. That was when we asked the waitress to take the picture. How I miss little adventures like that.

Today, I woke up later than usual. Wet sheets again, no memory of the dream. I took my phone and sorted through my texts until I found my last conversation with him. I was just thinking if I should send him a message when the app showed me he was typing.

“Hey… I’ve just had a dream about you”

My heart missed a beat. What should I answer? Well, fuck everything, it’s quarantine.

“I hope it was a wet dream.”

“You bet it was.”

“Tell me everything about it.”


Sergio Pinilla
Sergio Pinilla

Photographer and Model: Sergio Pinilla (ig: @oh.heysergio)


by Nicky Miller

Pissing on the streets
Being topless
Precious values of small things
Cleaning my mouth
Going against a wall of fears

The shelves of books were so full to create and to be

Thinking, doing or making out

Will our consciousness put us into graves?
Because only rebels end up in graves.

We try to scream into this devastated tunnel of crimes

Those crimes…

Color synthesis of natural leaves green as our duty
Our little souls above this surface

My belly button onto your legs
Erotic laundry
Eroticism as purification
This sharpen needles who are squeezing my lemons juices upper your head into my heart

And the rest the never the less
It wasn’t forbidden in that pleasurable nest of eroticism

Charming your eyes because they are Fem
Inside my mouth the texture of your lips is soft
As my palm of the hand breath deep inside
My value is pure myth
Pure dream
Pure like a deep breathing dream
Utopia makes me cry

‘Till my arms ’till my army of roses
For your smile, I can freeze
Part of us

Pissing on the road
Side to moon over the strange flames
There is no earthquake

Let me float too
I’m building another war machine
Compulsive is my heart
The world collapses with us

Do you know that when you will enter my sex, my mouth will be wide open?
My hands will scratch your butt to enter deeply into me
Do you know that when I touch your skin I will absorb your smell?
That my tears will roll down my dandy’s face
That my saliva will melt with the water you will exhale through your skin

That our extreme sensations of feeling each other’s bodies and sex will increase for hours…
Would you like to travel with water my water onto your tongue inside your mouth and holes?
I am exhaling water you are exhaling water we are going to increase our heartbeats

In the afternoon
In that park
In the dark
Where I can feel the air onto your skin
And in our minds, we will create a bubble gum pink full of ourselves
A pink bubble gum that will smell our sex
Dry or wet
Within an object within another friend or others skin to skin
My gaze is excited once more
My palms of the hands evaporated to the sky levels
I press my cunt onto your knee
You press your cunt onto my lips
We got lipsticks everywhere
‘Till deep inside your cunt
Your hands rub my clitoris and then the cheek and then your mouth
Like I’m fitting inside yourself

And I don’t know your name

Flirting amplifying skin to skin
‘Till my heart beats
Yelling, crying
‘Till my saliva goes on your sex wet
And we’ll be far away
I dreamed about you
‘Till your hardness comes up into my mouth wide open
‘Till your licks made me scream louder
‘Till my hand attached to the tree in the woods

Coming out from the death people
They said a word that was belonging to one:
The love the not the fear
The love the one who gather
The love embracing your souls of ecstasy
The ones naked without fears travelling to say it
With union and joy and dematerialisation
No more money to get there
No more interest to get there
Breathing and murmurers of the heart

The turtle left the wings and the wings left the turtle a wing
The wings of nakedness
The wings of gathering us into the waves
An evasive construction out of door

There are many levels of fears
But only one can redeem you:
The love chapter
The romantic seed of union by multiple bodies onto them
My heart shakes the snake
My heart your murmurings at my hear
Your mouth
Sticky lips onto my tongue wet

Sucking ass and saliva
On this boat
Our boat pink and blowing our bubble gum.

Pissing on the streets
Being topless
Precious values of small things
Cleaning my mouth
Going against a wall of fears

The shelves of books were so full to create and to be

Thinking doing or making out

Will our consciousness put us into graves?
Because only rebels end up in graves.

We try to scream into this devastated tunnel of crimes

Those crimes…

Coming out from the death people
It happens once more
You really make me feel wild in heart

Intoxicated by my love against their war their capital, their crimes
When I cry, I am hopeless
Blurry is the future and I am afraid of it.

Values of true love
Valuable for me
Valuable for us
Values of fucking
Fuck me only if you share my values
Fuck me and let’s reverse the values

We are forbidden, our values are valuable
But we are forbidden
So forbid my love and do not censor yourself

Reverse your type of girls into a boy
A Boy a Fagg-Dyke you are
A Fagg and a Dyke or a Bitch of a Bitch
A skinny-bitch
A tip or a top

Or are you what your soul wants to be?

Do you know that when you enter my sex, my mouth will be wide open
My hands will scratch your butt to enter deeply into me
Do you know that when I will touch your skin I will absorb your smell
That my tears will roll down my dandy’s face
That my saliva will melt with the water you will exhale through your skin

Would you like to travel with water my water onto your tongue inside your mouth and holes?
I am exhaling water you are exhaling water we are going to increase our heartbeats

In the afternoon
In that park
In the dark
Where I can feel the air onto your skin
My belly button onto your legs

Coming out from the death people
They said a word that was belonging to one :
The love the not the fear
The love the one who gather
The love embracing your souls of ecstasy
The ones naked without fears travelling to say it
With union and joy and dematerialisation

The wings of nakedness


When Desperation Calls
by Matilda Swinney

Yesterday, I finally got what I wished for. I’d been begging my partner for sex for the past few days. But, it just wasn’t possible. We had a full house and of course, a lockdown situation. Finally, a lucky coincidence meant we had the house to ourselves. I took a shower and waited in bed, naked and hopeful. My partner would be coming back soon. We would be alone.
As I waited, I traced my hand over my big tits and pinched my nipples hard. I liked pain during sex. I wanted to be fucked roughly. I wanted to feel used and abused by my partner. My moment had arrived.
He slipped into bed and I felt his cold hands on my warm, just showered body. He bit down on my nipple. I moaned, enjoying the delicious mix of pain and pleasure. Taking my tits roughly in his cold hands, he bit and pulled my nipples. I was hopelessly turned on already and he hadn’t even touched my pussy. I could feel myself pulsating, desperate for his thick fingers inside me.
I wanted to feel stretched open, and used. The best thing about it was he could cum inside me safely. I was pregnant, so we didn’t have to think about protection. He’d already filled me up with his hot cum and I’d taken it hungrily like the dirty whore I was.
He pushed my legs over and opened me up, so he could see my exposed pussy. I imagined him looking at my pink, wet lips. He traced his thick finger over my opening before rubbing his big cock over it. He pushed against my slit without entering me. He was teasing me. I knew what he wanted. He wanted me to beg for his cock. My head was pushed down into the mattress as I begged. I was desperate to feel his cock inside me. I felt no shame in begging.
Mid-beg, he forced himself inside me. I gasped. He fucked me hard, making my body limp as I submitted to him. I could hear how wet my pussy was as he thrust his big cock in and out. I was stretched open and fucked raw. As he increased his speed, I felt like he was about to cum. But, without warning, he stopped. He pulled out. He opened up my pussy lips and tutted at my dripping wetness. He pushed three fingers inside me, making me gasp. His fingers were thick.
He forced another inside and I whimpered in pain. Four was too many. But, he kept going. As he slowly pushed my pussy open, I called out in pain again. This was too much. I could feel myself stretching. The fullness of four thick fingers inside me was more than I could cope with. But, as he pulled his fingers out, I squirted uncontrollably all over his hand. The feeling of being so roughly abused had made me helplessly horny.
He pulled me up to sitting. I opened my legs wide to show him what a dirty slut I was. He played with my tits and made me look into his eyes as I came violently to another deep orgasm. It rocked through my body and made me dizzy with pleasure. As he entered me again, I wrapped my legs around his strong back and imagined him fucking me in front of his friends. Fantasies about being his whore and slutty girlfriend, always sent me wild.
I focused on the image of my big tits bouncing as he fucked me from behind while his friends called me a slut and a whore and told him to use me. As his big cock throbbed inside me, he gripped my back and I came one final time breathlessly. I felt him shudder as his hot cum filled my pussy. I laid back and opened my legs.
“You’re such a slut. I can see my cum dribbling out of you,” he smirked.
I put my finger inside my cunt and licked it clean. I was hungry for more but I knew I had serviced my partner. I was no longer needed. He was my Sir and I, his Baby Girl. He would choose when he wanted to fuck me again. I closed my eyes to sleep. I had been a good submissive. I felt satisfied cum was finally dripping out of my used pussy. I had been fucked the way I had begged for. I felt stretched and raw. I was at peace. I felt my Sir’s strong arms wrap around me, as I sank into a deep sleep.


Omar Sfeir
Omar Sfeir

From “Four Walls”
Photographer: Omar Sfeir (ig: @omarsfeir)


David Mesa
David Mesa

From “Wish You Were Here”
Photographers: David Mesa (ig: @leadventure__) and Tosh Tanamachi (ig: tosh_tanamachi)
Model: Brian Fontana (ig: @briannfontana) from Güerxs agency (ig: @guerxs)


Zero Feet Away
by Daniel Castro

I walked to my door, and there he was. He was looking directly at me, meeting my eyes with his, surveying and mirroring my every move. His eyes were a deep, dark brown, and you could see the low skyline of the Brooklyn horizon in them. His black hair was unkempt, a side effect of the quarantine, and struck by rays of sunlight, hinting at red and auburn streaks throughout. I smiled at him, and he smiled back immediately– there was something in him I already loved. I had seen him before. I knew him. I moved to the edge of my bed and he followed without a word. I jumped onto my bed and started combing through my memory as I started feeling up his body.

I felt my way down his torso, happy trail untrodden, and came across his thick, dark bush before landing on the smoothness of his cock– he was the guy I met at the urinal in my office building, partaking in risky exhibitionism as coworkers popped in and out while I pretended to take a piss. But as I continued down his cock, I felt a softness to his skin– a foreskin. He was definitely the guy that I came home with three years ago, ready to release my quarter-century stresses, so I stroked his cock more enthusiastically, foreskin covering the head, uncovering it, then covering it again, an endless loop. I was ecstatic and could remember every moment we spent together.

I wanted to remind myself of the feeling of a cock in my hole– I’m not a bottom, but what did it feel like when I opened up to a throbbing Adonis? Without letting go of his stiffening cock, I slid my fingers over my balls until I reached my furry hole, recalling the addictive pleasure of a man inside me without the pain of additional girth, feeling my sphincter tightening at my touch, blocking entry. I pulled back the foreskin to reveal glistening precum and wiped some off on my finger, returned it to my hole, which tightened once more, but this time my finger slid right in. I gripped his cock even tighter and paused my stroking for a moment– I could feel the pulsing in his veins as blood pumped without missing a beat, coursing through like ecstasy. The rhythm was familiar as if it had been playing quietly in the back of my head for who knows however long.

I remembered I had been with him in the steam room at the gym, endorphins permeating post-workout. A guy had entered after showering and sat down a few feet away as the steam reactivated, creating a cover under which we slowly scooted closer, and our hands made their way under our towels, jerking our cocks off, my head inching towards his lap, my tongue paving his cock’s path to my throat, until the heat of the steam became insignificant, sweat confused with water droplets, our satisfaction and sexual desires prioritized. Actually, I knew him from before. Eyes closed, I saw flashes of us being in a car in Ecuador, cock out, slowly driving through a private neighborhood with a local resident, wary of guards on the lookout for any suspicious behavior while I filmed this scene on my phone, his cock gushing over his sweat shorts, intent on preserving a memory of international misdeeds. We had met in a hotel basement bathroom once– maybe twice, and fed our appetites for raw sex, my cock sliding in and out of his juicy hole, as the slats on the door hinted to those curious enough that we were engaged in an act of bacchanalia. We had driven to Slammer in LA and observed sun-kissed bodies in the darkness, the strong smell of piss, latex, and lube overtaking the senses, moans abound and eyes wandering alongside the occasional hands running over us.

He was with me when the hotel employee walked into my room on a work trip after a short chat on Grindr, sporting his work uniform, bulging trousers ready to be taken off, opening up a hole to be pummeled and filled with my ejaculate. It was only the morning before that he was with me at breakfast when I swapped phone numbers with the waiter who came over to our hotel that night, the taste of kush in his mouth and sweat in his hole as I tongued it fervently, the intoxicating musk of his ass clinging to my mustache for the rest of the night. He was the guy I found in France, a partner in uncertainty in the baths of Paris, when the couple beckoned me to join them, and where the grip of their lips upon my cock prompted a plea of “arrêt” before I unloaded on their faces, tongues out. I could envision him at 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, nervous to see the guys stroking their large cocks out of the corner of his eyes at the dividerless urinals, inviting exploration and cruising vibes. But then I remembered I actually met him for the first time in college, after I posted on Craigslist and found in him a confirmation of all the desires stockpiled over time. He was involved in my first, my second, the third, the fourth, but I’ve lost count and faces have blurred. He was there when I bottomed for the first time, when the grad student fucked me gently and gave me some hope in my versatility.

He was the boy that played in the woods of Florida, exploring what it was like to expose himself to nature. The backyard was his playground, where he felt safe and could escape and truly be his own. I could feel him about to cum, I could hear myself moaning on his behalf, remembering the euphoria I had always managed to experience with him and which was about to manifest. I was close and he was closer, he was inside me, and he was suddenly me. I was one and only, a stream of memories igniting smells of sweat, stale breath, musk, pits, uncut cocks, saliva, sounds of moans and fapping, of whispers in my ears, brushed by stubble and soft lips, feelings of risk and adrenaline pumping through my head, inciting drunken horniness. It was me in the warmth of my own cum gushing out of my uncut cock, spraying my unshaven bush, and leaving a milky trail up my torso– and my hole relaxed, because the guy I saw in my balcony door window’s reflection has never failed at my pleasure. He was me, and I was alone, but in isolation, I reflected and kept loneliness at bay.


Encounter at Devil’s Lake
by Dave Invain

I got sick just at the beginning of the quarantine time and when I eventually managed to get a test I knew I had Coronavirus. It took me just a few days to recover but I isolated myself at home for three weeks more, in order to be entirely sure that I couldn’t contaminate anybody. But it wasn’t only a matter of civil responsibility: somehow having the virus made me feel extremely unsexy and almost disgusting to somebody else. That was stupid and unjustified, but I couldn’t do anything about it. Even though my reason knew I would have been immune and safe for me and for others in a few days, that unconscious and persistent feeling was a real turn off for all my fantasies. When I wanted to touch myself, I couldn’t focus on any kinky thought, all the sensations were pale, and mostly I got bored soon. That was very weird for me, it wasn’t me at all. I needed to face all this and get back to my normality.

It was an amazing sunny day and I decided to take an afternoon off from work and go to Teufelsee, in order to stay naked in the sun and enjoy my freedom on that naturist beach, with other people doing the same around me. I’d been there already; I was sure it would have helped me. Not too many people were there and the atmosphere was incredibly peaceful. I laid on a towel on the grass and took off all my clothes: all I wore was a pair of sunglasses and my earphones. There were two guys playing cards not too far from me: at first, I thought they were a couple, but I noticed soon that one of them was looking in my direction sometimes. His handsome shaved face made him look younger than what he probably was, and his gentle eyes made me feel comfortable and not scared at all by his glances. His body was perfectly cured and tan, with lots of very toned muscles: extremely sexy. He was fully naked as well as me: his skinny legs were perfectly shaped and I couldn’t help but fantasize about what I couldn’t see.

It was such a pleasure to think that such an attractive guy might have liked me: I had forgotten that sensation for weeks. Suddenly I found some self-confidence again and I started to play with him: I tried to meet his eyes every time I expected him to look in my direction. But my eyes were covered by my sunglasses, and he couldn’t see my expression: so, at a point, he stopped to look at me. I believe he probably misunderstood the game and thought he was annoying me. I appreciated his way of being respectful, but that made me feel actually pretty unhappy.

When at a point, his friend left, I felt like that was the moment to try to catch his attention again. So, I stared at him and soon his eyes turned toward mine; at that point I just smiled. I couldn’t say if he was smiling as well but there was definitely a lot of sexual energy in that match. Then he looked away and I felt extremely worried. Lots of questions floated to the surface of my mind; what may I do to go ahead now, what might he do? Giving this much attention to a stranger was also very weird for me, especially after so many days of reclusion with that weird contempt of myself. I pulled off my earphones and looked at the lake for a while: its stillness was now so far away from my restlessness. But aside from all the preoccupations, I could feel clearly that I wanted him. It seemed like the devil of this lake had got hold of my soul and my only desire at that moment was that beautiful man’s body wound around mine. And when I eventually turned again to him, he was walking towards me. My surprise was enormous; I didn’t expect it. He didn’t cover himself with clothes, he just had a towel in his hand which partially hid his pelvis. In a few steps, he was in front of me and smiled gently at me.

“Hi!” He said.

“Hi,” I could barely pronounce that because of my excitement.

“I’d love to chat a bit with you. But if you just want to stay alone, I go back to my place.”

“No please, stay. I’ve been alone for a while now. Was that your boyfriend?”

“No, he was just a dear friend.” He laid down his towel on the grass at a safety distance from me and sat on top of it.

His name’s Daniel, he’s an Architect. We talked for minutes, but I couldn’t focus so much on words, I was completely absorbed by his charm and his beautiful presence. He was so calm and confident while staying naked in front of me that made me feel perfectly comfortable as well. He was looking deep into my eyes, but sometimes also glancing at the rest of my body: my tits, my belly, my legs. That turned me on as much as looking at his perfect body. His cock was just there under my eyes and it seemed to be ready to become fully big and hard from one moment to the next. But there was that physical distance between us, he didn’t know I was now immune to the virus. I needed to tell him, but I needed also more privacy to do it.

“Would you mind if we walk a bit?” I asked.


We needed to dress up since we were leaving the nudist area. This was so unpleasant since I was horny as hell, so I wore only my bikini and my pants, not the t-shirt: he didn’t wear it as well, which was such a relief for my uncontrollable desire. We took the street which leads into the Grunewald forest, then I chose a narrow path going deep among the trees. Suddenly we were so far from the rest of the world: there was only silence and plants around us. I stopped and looked into his eyes, and before I could talk he said:

“If I only had already had Corona, I would have kissed you right now”.

“I’ve already had it,” I said.


“I took a long period of isolation after the recovery, I am now completely clean.”

We didn’t need any other word, my extremely horny face said everything because one second later I had his hands around my body, he had mine around his neck and our lips met in an intense kiss. Our tongues chased each other in a whirl of pleasure in which my whole body seemed to be involved: so wet was our kiss, so wet became my pussy right away. He squeezed my body tight and I felt how hard was his cock. I needed to feel better that hardness so I released his fly and finally I had it in my hand. I knelt down and took his big dick deep into my mouth, which gave me a huge pleasure spreading from my throat and my lips all over my body. But soon he whispered, “sweetie, I need to make this pleasure complete, fill my mouth with your pussy now.”

He pulled me up and undressed, then he pulled me down and I crushed on him on the grass: his dick was there in front of my eyes and I started to suck it while I felt his tongue sliding on my clit. It was like an explosion all around my body, and as an instinct, I started to drive very fast my lips up and down his glans, and he followed my rhythm while licking me, going left and right with his tongue precisely as a very experienced licker. I had to stop sucking soon: the sensations he was giving me made me moan and breathe extremely loud. I literally wasn’t able to move my mouth properly to pleasure him, but I was also hungry for his cock, so I drove it again as deep in my throat as I could. I really would have liked to make him cum in that moment and swallow all his sperm, but it was too early for him. And at that, point he started to suck my clit hard as fuck with his lips: I had to scream, and suddenly I came.

I couldn’t help but breathe deeply while he moved me gently down from his body. I laid face down on the soft grass and he laid on my back and kissed it. His lips and his chin were completely wet with saliva and my pussy juice mixed, and that was an amazing sensation on my skin. And, more importantly, his dick was there, still hard as a stone against my ass: I could have played with it as much as I wanted. And oh, I did want it.


by Coward Huntington

“Are you thinking about it? Fucking me?” Ephyra asked, sinking her teeth into the grapefruits bitter skin. Luca anchored himself to the centre of the room, clutching a roll of toilet paper, every muscle in his body had frozen – but for one.
“Excuse me?”
“When you’re in there, in your room, rubbing your cock, do you ever think about me? Even just for a moment or something?”
She stuck a long fingernail deep beneath the skin, fine citrus sprayed into the air, juice dribbled along the edge of her thigh. She pressed her finger along it, tracking it down along her soft skin all the way beneath her skirt.
Luca had still not answered, he stood by the window, his eyes fluttered, his red face emphasised by the clouds behind him. Ephyra readjusted on the bench top, she turned, stretching her leg and popping the heel of her foot against the table by the opposing wall, the exit blocked.
“When—” he stuttered, “when I’m what?!’ He turned to the window, pretending he wanted to open it. As he did, Ephyra glanced at his waist band, for a mere second, watching as the profile of his cock came into view. Luca quickly dove his hand into his tracksuit pants, Ephyra felt a rush of blood up her thigh, seeing the tip of his cock as he lowered his T-shirt. He still hadn’t answered, she didn’t mind, he didn’t need to.
He grabbed a cigarette from the windowsill, “you know I can hear you in there.” She popped the fruit into segments, arranging them in a pile in the dip of her skirt, the juice pooled underneath, she could hear it dripping onto the floor.
“You’ve been listening?” Was his answer. Her neck hairs ignited. Her eyes shot up, meeting his, she smiled. Was that flirting? Or just genuine curiosity? Either way, she was surprised.
“I don’t mind it,” she said. “The walls are thin.” He lit the cigarette, his eyes soft and brown, he inhaled neck muscles rippling beneath his thick black stubble. She wouldn’t call him strong, he had the accidental muscle tone of the typical bedroom DJ. He had a charm, an awkward energy, that could be interesting to spill. She had noticed him, the way he looked at her as he awkwardly passed through the kitchen for another cup of instant coffee. Yet Ephyra had never really considered him, Berlin was so vast, her apartment was only fifty square meters.
She tasted his smoke on her breath. She wondered what his chest looked like. How would it feel? to run her fingers along his skin. She decided she would slip his hands under his pillow, run her lips along him, down-down further and further, she imagined his cock, bobbing under his underwear. Hmm. Maybe.
“I want to ask you something, a request.” She began, “I don’t want you to take it the wrong way, so I might be blunt… Is that okay?”
“Okay,” he said hoarsely through a mouthful of smoke, Ephyra studied the chips in her finger nails.
“I’m losing it… I can’t tell what’s going on, If I’m happy, if I’m sad.” She continued, “I kept a quarantine diary for the first week, that helped – then all the days melted into one.”
She lifted her leg from the chair, pivoting it and stretching her foot straight, like a ballerina, “I understand,” he said. “Sometimes I feel like I’m totally lost, I can’t figure out why-”
“Oh, I know why,” she gathered the grapefruit slices and lifted her skirt, bundling it up as she dropped to the floor. She walked two steps closer towards him. She saw something, pulsing beneath his shirt, ash welled on his cigarette, long and unsmoked. He glanced down at her perfect brown legs, pubic hair spilled out the sides of her panties. He swirled his hips, automatically, taking a deep breath in. “I tried it all,” she continued, “at first I used my toy, it was nice to begin with, taking care of myself, I came so fast and so hard I wondered why I ever left the house to begin with…” She stepped further, a few meters away, sound had left the room, sucked in a vacuum, all but for the ticking of the clock in Ephyra’s room. “Then… All of a sudden, it didn’t work for me anymore, I used my hands after that… I even stopped watching porn, stopped sexting, stopped relying on memories…” Ephyra was now close, close enough she could feel his breath. “All the people I have fucked, all the ways I fucked them, all the places, they all felt used up after a while…”
Luca had started to run his fingers along his hips, he blinked. Ephyra pursed her lips, he leaned over, slipping the end of his cigarette between them, she inhaled, widening her eyes.
“I was bone dry… So then I just lay there, quietly… I listened to the sound of you rushing in and out from your room, clicking your keyboard, making your lunch… Then, every now and then, I would hear nothing… Nothing, and you know how thin these walls are… So, I started to listen, even more carefully.” She wiggled her toes between his.
“So…” he said. “What do you want to ask me?”
“I want you to do it, I want you to fuck me… I don’t want you to think about what it means; it won’t mean anything. I’ll set a timer for half an hour, that’s it, you can fuck me however you want, as long as I cum, that’s the most important thing, that’s numero uno… Really, I mean anything.”
Luca’s pupils had dilated, the outline of his cock protruded through his T-shirt, energy danced between them, her clit had begun to pulse.
“Well Luca, I said I would be blunt, that’s my deal.” He pursed his lips, a breeze through the window pushed her dark curls.
“Okay,” his voice was distant. “Can… Can I have some time to decide?” Ephyra realised she had stood on her lip toes, she lowered herself back down.
“Hmmm.” She paused for a moment, “fine… I understand, how about this? It’s 5:34 now, at 6pm I’ll be here, waiting, come or don’t.” He nodded automatically. “Great,” she winked. “Safe word is Sisyphus.”
When she entered her room the ticking of her clock was louder than ever, Ephyra smiled shaking her head, leaning forward letting the grapefruit slices fall into her waste paper bin. It was too easy. She stopped for a moment, trying to hear his awkward steps around the room… She heard nothing, his room was quiet.
She slipped off her clothes, feeling the bed sheet under the back of her legs. Why was he so quiet? She wondered. She had assumed he would come, it had never occurred to her that he may not… Why was he being so quiet? She bit her lip.
She felt something beneath her thighs, a wet puddle. She rubbed her clit.
Her clock was a gift from her sister, she had made it specially for Ephyra, the face in the centre of a bronze sculpture. Around it she had depicted Sisyphus as strong and feminine, pushing the boulder up the clock face in a series of increments.
Ephyra had spent a lot of time staring at it since she had been in quarantine, it had become like her anchor, the only thing she could trust. When she wasn’t sure what day was what, when everything felt unreal like another time had bent around, grazing its fingers over her memory, she would look at the ticking of the hands, unaverred, moving around and around, completely unaware.
She wondered, how did she push that boulder up the mountain like that? Again and again… Beyond the physical stress it would become boring after so many days, she would have to try something new eventually.
A knock at the door. It was 5:45. Ephyra didn’t care, she was already too wet, she closed her eyes, opened her legs, feeling warm spasms of pleasure rising into her stomach. “Come in,” she moaned. For a moment, there was only silence, she started pulsing her fingers in a circular motion, slipping them between the lips, opening herself.
When she opened her eyes, he was different. His eyes were sharp. He stood perfectly still, his face stone serious. Ephyra sucked in air, listening to her voice bend. His cock was long and thick, swollen, he must have been waiting in the hallway, pulling his cock, feeling it throb in his hand, he couldn’t wait another second.
“Lift your legs over your head,” he ordered.
Ephyra did so automatically, she felt her asshole pucker. He walked closer, with each step his cock bent higher and higher, pointing back towards his face.
“Fuck me!” She found herself screaming, pushing her hands behind the tangle of her dark curls. He moved closer, his stomach muscles rolling as he leaned over her, so close she could feel the heat of his breath. She felt warm static rising inside her, she felt heat in her finger tips, her nails digging into the back of her scalp. “Do it, do it now.” The wet tip of his penis circled around her pussy, he pushed it carefully, edging into the wet folds of skin, skimming against her clitoris and slowly back down. Ephyra lost her breath, she felt her stomach seize, desperately rolling her body forward, he sunk deep, deep into her, just once and she felt some thunderbolt shoot up her, wrapping its hands around her throat.
The clock struck. 6pm.
Ephyra opened her eyes.



From “Nicolas In Isolation”
Photographer: Yoann (ig: @bleusapin)
Model: Nicolas (ig: @tettedeuf)


Fucking Quarantine!
by Cris Reyes

Day 1: March 17, 2020

You would think that being stuck at the luxurious and famed “The Guild Hotel” in Austin during a world defying pandemic would ease one’s mind a bit; but instead, my anxiety was amplified to a voltage of over 10,000 watts, and the aching surrounding my cunt could not be detained. The mayor, and about every government official, had proclaimed a mandatory lockdown-which brings me to my self-isolation journey here in Texas. Except, my goal for this trip was to seek top-tiered therapy to aid my salacious and prurient thought focus, yet this pandemic only eased me further into an array of sexual revelations.

Day 2 of Quarantine: Lover on the 2nd Floor:

Long flowy chocolate-brown hair cascaded down her midsection, and her voluptuous body filled that two-piece bikini in all the right places. We had come in proximity with one another days before this worldwide tragedy struck. Her pussy tasted like peaches, and she swore on a “vegan” diet which made her even sweeter to consume. I cupped her breasts, and finger fucked her until she passed out from all the pleasure she had obtained. The next morning, we woke up hungover from too much wine from the previous night. Her hairless pussy filled my mouth as she rode me back and forth; My tongue fucking her deep within. She had a late check-out. I never saw her again.

Day 6 of Quarantine: Lover on the 27th Floor:

A much older man-around half my age I would predict; We exchanged glances in the elevator, when I managed to be out roaming for my second bucket of ice cubes.

“Would you like to see my suite? If you fancy a drink?!” He invited me ever so kindly.

“So, I would assume that you are stuck here too?!” As he poured the fancy bottle of Chardonnay, and handed me the glass.

I nodded as he stared at me cautiously. My black satin mid-dress was falling at the strap, exposing my pierced nipple.

He leaned in and kissed me passionately. I must admit, I was surprised he could still sustain an erection. When he entered my pussy, he grunted as if it had been forever since he engaged in a sexual experience. He came immediately. I returned to my hotel room and fucked myself with my rainbow-colored dildo continuously.

Day 12: Old Flame through Facetime

The entire US was under quarantine; so, it was quite normal to feel alienated from everyone. This free premium from Pornhub was not aiding my sex life. Instead, it had fueled me in pursuing anything sex related. My single acts of repetitive masturbation sessions made me yearn for wholehearted connections. I used this little all-around “shutdown” to my advantage. I called up “daddy,” an old flame from my early college years.

“Daddy, I am so fucking horny and I want to eat up all your cum…” I whispered slowly.

Daddy redirected the call into a FaceTime call. I rampaged through my lingerie and found a matching set of black velvet undies and bra.

I answered the call. Daddy was flogging his dick at the camera.

“Cum for me babygirl. Spread those legs and show me how wet I make you!” he demanded.

He always had this immediate effect on me. I could still feel the arching of his dick and how it magically lit my G-spot on fire. The thought of it made me cum spontaneously. My thighs quivered as I managed to hold myself at an angle for him to see.

“Good girl. Now, taste it for daddy and pretend it’s our favorite little mixture!” I stared at him directly into the camera and obeyed.

He came after a few more hard strokes of his dick. His creamy jizz scattered all over his structured abs.

Day 18: Lovers across the Balcony

Time became a figment of my imagination… more than a ticking clock… it was obsolete. So, as I made my way to the balcony window to smoke what seemed like my 20th cigarette of that day. The sun was setting, and the deep red-orange hue hugged me all around. I glanced at the apartment complex across from the hotel establishment I was residing in. Miniature streaks of shady nude filled my eyesight, and I ran for my pair of binoculars.

The couple was immersed in sex play, and the man was fixated on eating his partner from behind. As she daintily hung from the opaque terrace, I could see her gripping the bars tightly; her climax was close.

Watching them made my body twitch and ache for pleasure. I rapidly jumped over my bed to look for my vibrator; The Aurora Vida, even the name sounds orgasmic. It was one of my top favorite toys, its curvature shape hit my G-spot enough for me to cum over and over. I relaxed on the patio couch as I slipped my thong down to my ankles and pursued to fuck myself. The full-bosomed woman mounted her partner who was lounging on the outside recliner, and he preceded by swirling her extended ponytail around his wrist. YANK! Each hair-pull made her jump ecstatically as pleasure consumed her face, and she leaped off to a face full facial. My pussy exploded while I was living vicariously through their passionate satisfaction.

Day 24: Lover at my Door

The scent of homemade Italian sauce filled my room as the pizza guy made his way to the entrance of my hotel door.

“Good afternoon! You had the vegetarian pizza and an order of garlic knots with extra sauce on the side?”

I stood there in pure astonishment at how cute he was with his shaggy black hair and deep blue eyes. Staring at him made me feel like I was swimming in the ocean that circled Cancun.

“Ma’am? That’s going to be a total of $21.78,” he said softly.

“Oh! Yes! Let me find my wallet! You can go ahead and step in, clearly, I have some digging to do in this mountain of mess. I apologize!” I replied to him with a sigh.

He closed the door and set the pizza on the desk table. He tugged on the gloves nervously-they encompassed his slender fingers perfectly. I had him just where I wanted.

“How about I just pay you with a little favor?!”

My gaze lured him in as I pulled him closely. He obliged and kissed me tenderly. My hands traced his broad-shoulders, and I gently grazed around his ribcage. He tried pushing away from me slightly, but I dominantly threw him on the bed. We stared at one another as I reached over pulling his shirt off. I gently trickled over the light pink scar tissue beneath his chest. It looked as if he was contemplating his next move…I made it for him.

Navy blue pants dropped down to the floor, and “A Do Not Disturb” sign hangs on the door.

I noticed his hip bones became visible over his boxers. The outline of the black strap-on made me gulp in anticipation. He tucked himself into me as I laid on all fours, and he continued to thrust into my movements. A cascade of small nibbles that magnified to bites filled my spine and collarbone area. I urged him to move forward as my legs began to vibrate from the uncontrolled pleasure…he plunged harder. An overwhelming intensity washed over me, as this hurricane rapidly rotated underneath me releasing a build-up of lingering emotions.
We drew one another in, and our smiles beamed from ear to ear.

A Month into Quarantine Lockdown:

As I lay half nude beneath my blanched sheets; I began reminiscing.

This time was needed to heal…

This time was needed to deal with issues not revolving around the outside world…

This escape was essential for the evolution engulfed within the environment…

These moments were necessary for my sexual liberation through these ultimate sensations…


Sophie Lazari
Sophie Lazari

Photographer and Model: Sophie Lazari (ig: @hippydusche)


Eliza Lupu
Eliza Lupu

From “Fasting”
Photographer and Model: Eliza Lupu (ig: @elizalupu_0)


The Nakedness Calls for a Change
by Hanna Schaich

1, 2, 3, 123, 1., 2., 3.,
Wake, drink, eat, ejaculate

Where are you girl? Lost in wonderland? Wondering for wonders?
Are you scared? Are you hopeful? Are you in need?
Isolated? A mirror of the time we build?!
Over-stuffed, over-eaten, over-worked, over-consumed.
Eating up – bodies and souls
Gasping for air.
Your head nervous
Your mind restless
Your body that falls, falls apart
The gaze you desire
The words that you miss
The touch you are lacking
The insecurity you own

1, 2, 3, 123, 1., 2., 3.,
Nap, wake, ejaculate

How are you, my love? How fast and deep do you fall? What do you need to rise?
How to fight, even when it’s difficult, when values are robbed? What do you long for?
How to act when you get there? Run and hide or stay and strip naked?


Waves washing the traces away
Drowning into deep blue water
She takes the needle
We have to cut, cut it open
I am scared
You’ll be fine, just hold still
One, two – fail.
Two, three – fail.
Three four – Falling into a tunnel.
Trying to get up the stairs
Faces without bodies
Headless beasts
I fly. Am I dead?

I become water, am made out of water, I hear myself scream and…
Bodies merge with red lights, shadows collapse into feelings
Small, medium, large? Everything and…
I dive into, everything melts, towards and away from me
Dicks fidgeting full of lust
Your clit over mine
And then we dance, packed with lust
Reflections of Orgasms
Wolves, foxes, coyotes, when the night comes we are off the leash, looking for retribution

Water over my face.
1, 2, 3, 123, 1., 2., 3.,

I got you, Babe. I know what you want, know what you need
Your lips against mine My pussy so wet Bitch top femme dyke bottom butch babe, fuck me
no bind, no labels attached.
Please fuck me, fuck me in the ass, you take the harness and the double strap-on, gently push my shoulders down, choke me, lick me, hold me, deeper, faster, fuck me hard, harder, soft, softer
I turn you around, your pussy so wet, I bite and choke you, fuck you from behind your clit seems endless your breasts are restless.
We merge, my fist inside your body you lick the hairs of my pit. I grab your neck, our closeness makes me weightless, we merge into one, one rhythm, I wait, grab your hips, and then together we cum.

Wolves and coyotes
An abrupt U-Turn
A makeover
Unimposing tracks
Expecting a shift into clarity
A silver bullet slays my demon

I let go of whatever I am grasping, whatever kept me from rising or falling so far
Caught between terror and joy
The wound open (again) the blood flows like an endless river
A gaping wound of shredded flesh and shattered bone
Feeling (everything)
The salt of the tears, the laughter over fears
Caught between order and chaos
The fire reaches out, I swallow, try to swim out of it and dive into complete darkness.
Forever lost?!

I hold you tighter you fall back, fall back asleep
I stay awake don’t can’t want to fall asleep, want to be in every second, feel every heartbeat
I observe our shadows feel your skin on my skin, your skin so soft, I know you like it when I touch your neck, go down your back I close my eyes and see your smile you moan I hold you tighter you turn towards me your nose so close to mine, I hold my breath, try not to sneeze your hand holds on, holds on to my shoulder bone that’s what you do, even when you sleep, my bone becomes a mountain a stone, your strength shows my strength and my strength shows yours, I grin, gently brush your strand of hair off your face, you are killing my skin everything in between smashed.

Is it getting worse or just uncovered?
The nakedness calls for a new desire.
Releasing and understanding that we can choose what we desire.
The chaos and power of deepest feelings
Overcoming distrust and the confused.

Let’s smash the system defined by profit rather than need.
Let’s leave male versions of power behind.
I stay and explore, feel in doing, a power for change
Chaos and Fire
A conscious Decision
A need for sharing
A wish for bridges based on honesty
A longing for togetherness
A coexistence of diversity and acceptance of the “other”
Accepting my deepest cravings
The nakedness calls for change, calls for connection
A future that is based on longing and needs
A place where we act as our true selves
Where there is no shame
Where we are not too much
Where the love we need is not too much
Where we share our deepest cravings, hopes and fears
Where we choose Intimacy, Integrity and Love

1, 2, 3, 123, 1., 2., 3., – I got you Babe
(and fall asleep on your breasts)


by Alex Eros

COVID-19 really swept in and fucked everything up. I’m a senior in college, and prior to being evacuated from my dorm, I was beginning an exciting research project with my professor on faking orgasms. This teacher was the first person I disclosed to about my interest in a career of sexual research. The investigation into faking orgasms was my idea, simply because the amount of research on many of these topics are scarce. He raved about my idea, and has been supportive since the beginning. We began meeting in his office on a weekly basis. Our discussions were professional, yet passionate, as we discussed all kinds of variables that could influence one faking an orgasm. I maintained appropriate boundaries because the thought of doing anything else never crossed my mind. But, after I was sent home from school due to the coronavirus outbreak, my professor and I began to have video conferences. Since this started, the nastiest thoughts have invaded my mind.

One thing you must know about Dr. T is that he comes off as a real hard-ass if you never talk to him one-on-one. He slicks his hair back and wears a variation of the same outfit every day. He is always drinking black coffee. He’s the kind of teacher that talks to the entire class, and never really takes the time to look his students in the eye. It is that kind of objectivity that made me wet for his attention.

During our first video conference, the first thing I noticed was that Dr. T hadn’t shaved his face. He had brown scruff around his cheeks and chin that I had never seen before. It was the kind of scruff that made me think about how it would feel scratching against my thigh while he’d lap at my pussy. For each conference, he would sit in a black leather chair in an isolated room and sip at his coffee. After each call ended, I was left wet and tingly, in a fetal position, fantasizing about so many different things.

I like to think about kneeling down before Dr. T sitting in his chair. I’d look at him with the biggest eyes just so he knows how soaked my pussy is. My professor is tall, and I can picture the way his cock would fall between his legs, with no place to go but inside me. I would take his cock out of his pants and lick from base to tip, base to tip, base to tip. I would suck on the head of his penis, and then slowly move it into the back of my throat, lips puckering around his thick and veiny member. I would look up at him and giggle at the idea of our conversations ever being innocent. We spent hours discussing the female orgasm. Insertion, clitoral, anal, and nipple stimulation. Proper lubrication, different positions. How did these words ever come out of my mouth innocently? Did they ever come out innocently, or was that just an illusion we created?

When I talk about hard nipples, I want to know if he thinks about my nipples getting hard beneath my shirt, and what his tongue and teeth would feel like, nagging at them.

When I say things like, “people underestimate how essential lubrication is during sex,” what I’m really saying is “I’ve never had to use lube during sex, because my pussy always feels like fucking Niagara Falls.”

When I go on long tangents about the failure of American sex education, I wonder if he thinks about putting his fingers in my mouth to shut me up.

When he goes on tangents about the stereotypes of being a clinical psychologist, I sometimes think about sitting on his face to keep him quiet for a little.

If these fantasies about my professor sound bad, just wait until you hear the ones I have about his wife. I remember first seeing a picture of her and their young son on Dr. T’s desk during our initial meetings. Coming from someone who doesn’t know the first thing about monogamy or children, I found the photo to be absolutely charming. She has blonde hair that barely goes past her shoulders, wears thick, black-rimmed glasses, and was dressed in a vibrantly patterned shirt. She is beautiful, and my fantasies usually go one of two ways.

The first way I like to imagine Dr. T’s wife is as being painfully innocent. I like to think about Dr. T bending me over the desk he sits in front of, while his wife is being a mother to their child in the room next door. Dr. T would spread my cheeks, spit on my ass and watch it drip down to my pussy. Then he’d force himself all the way inside of me. Maybe she walks in, but he keeps fucking me, no matter what. Maybe she needs a deep throat training class, or to hit some kind of sexual breaking point. Dr. T and I want to bring her there. So, he asks her to lick my juices while he fucks me in my ass, or I tighten my hands around her throat while he fucks her in her ass. Maybe she squirts for the first time. Maybe Dr. T thanks me for showing her the way his cock deserves to be treated.

The other way I imagine Dr. T’s wife is as a total dominant. Maybe she catches on to the way I have to cross my legs around her husband, or the redness that blushes my cheeks when he’s around. I imagine her dragging me to Dr. T by my hair. How can they use me to their advantage? How can they teach a lesson to the student slut that won’t stop coming around? And then they both would fuck me. I want his wife to hold my mouth open while he puts his dick in the back of my throat. I want his wife to hold my legs open, even after I come, so I can come again. I want the wife to fuck me with a strap on and slap me across the face forever thinking I could get to her husband without dealing with her first. Maybe Dr. T is putting his penis in my mouth, while she plays with the rest of my body. I’d leave them happier, and hope nothing but the best for their marriage. I would know my place, and never bother them again, unless summoned.

Oh, coronavirus. I am so thankful now, that Dr. T and I are separated. He’s a clinical psychologist. The issue of countertransference already came up once between us. I can’t hide my fantasies, and I feel as though he would see right through me.



Artist: (ig: @voraciousslut)


Love in the Time of COVID-19
by Michalina Mayerhoff

We saw each other in February this year. Robert was for six days in Berlin mainly to see me but also two other friends. In these six days, we had four dates, dinner, coffee, sex. Sex all the time. Great sex, fantastic sex, long hours of sexual arousal. Hours of being very close to each other, not only physically but emotionally as well. Robert is a person I can trust completely, therefore I had no problems with getting orgasms every time. I trust him more than my “official partner” – Robert is my secret lover. Has been for years. In fact, we’ve known each other for 20 years (we already had great sex at that time), then there were long periods of “no contact at all,” now we’ve reunited. In fact, for three years, it has felt like an erotic romance that might go on forever, until we die.

In February, we agreed to meet again in May, the first possible time for both of us. The plan was to be together in the UK – where he owns a large typical English property with a huge garden that feels and looks like a piece of paradise. I had been there a couple of times already, never longer than three or four days. And each time we had a wonderful, erotic time with many hours of gorgeous sex.

And then – around mid-March – the world changed. Nothing was the same anymore: Corona. Pandemic. Very fast it affected the entire world. At first, travelling was not recommended, then borders were closed. Within a short time, we had thousands of dead people in the entire world. Isolation, quarantine. Also. England had become strict after being too careless at the beginning of it all.

Now it became very clear that Robert and I would not be able to meet again in the next weeks and months. Maybe in the late fall again?

But I was horny for him and vice versa.
He is a man who mostly takes care of the woman during all these great hours of being together in bed, as a man of rare talent, equipped with a rare sensuality. He says, “male orgasms are boring. Female orgasms are great. Much more interesting and much more joy.” For him too. He takes care that the woman he sleeps with gets what she wants, what she needs. Even when he is in me he moves his body the way that – in this case me – has the fullest sexual satisfaction. And he does everything to make it easy for – in that case me again – to come. He loves my body, I know that.

Now we have the virus. Does that mean no sex?
No. It doesn’t.

Recently one night I took a bath and called him via my iPad on Facetime, with no ulterior motives regarding sex. I just had in mind to chat a bit about this and that and the Corona thing. Robert, lying in his bed in England, could only see my face, my body was fully covered by water and foam. But the way he looked at me I could tell that he became aroused. The expression on his face changed in a way that in return arouse me as well. I suggested that I would leave the bathtub and go over to my bedroom to lie down on my bed. I got up from the bath, covered with foam, and dried my wet body. Part of this Robert could watch which obviously increased his arousal. So, I took my iPad with me and we watched each other, each of us in bed. I started to caress myself, to touch the parts of my body that otherwise he would indulge in. So far I could only see his face, with the clear expression of high sexual excitement. Same with my face I guess. I sensed that he was touching his penis, his balls, caressing himself. I asked him, half whispering half moaning already, to show it to me, I wanted to see his dick and what he does with it. At first he just fondled with it, softly and carefully, but then stronger, his penis and his testicles. I became extremely hot and aroused, so we were bringing each other to higher levels of sexual excitement. And then he actually started to masturbate, looking at me like being in a fever, hot hot hot, until we both came almost at the same time.
It was extremely sexy.
Well, the Corona virus has brought only a few but at least some positive aspects in our lives. There are more, of course, like having time to help each other, a new feeling of getting together differently, less consuming of needless stuff as all shops are closed. Times of contemplation.

At the end of this beautiful encounter Robert told me that he has never done something like that before – sex on the screen so to speak.
Thank you, Internet, thank you tablets and computers.


Monika Cyprian
Monika Cyprian

From “Wish You Were Here”
Photographers: David Mesa (ig: @leadventure__) and Tosh Tanamachi (ig: tosh_tanamachi)
Model: Brian Fontana (ig: @briannfontana) from Güerxs agency (ig: @guerxs)

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