Legend of the Viking

erotica ebooks by Jasika

“Tell me what you want.”
He demanded, as I lay there, hoping the desperation in my faint breaths would give away my inner most desire.
He lifted my head and looked deep into my eyes and pulled me close holding me tightly with his free hand and said it again, even more sternly than the first time,
“Tell me…… what you want”
I looked at him and smiled….
“Fuck me… I want you to fuck me… hard.”
He smiled back and kissed me, deeper than he has ever kissed me any of the times before, desperately pouring all his desire into that contact between our lips, his body betraying his desperate need for our flesh to touch; I could tell by the growing girth of his dick against the fabric of his pants.
He spread my legs and trailed his fingers to my inner thighs and brushed his thumb against the now drenched lace of my panties, rubbing my now swollen and throbbing clitoris; making me moan in his mouth and my fingernails digging into his skin…
My desperation was beyond anything I could control or fathom, my shortened breaths were quickening and my body aching for his penetration
I did not care at this point if it was fingers or his dick, I wanted a part of him inside me
He looked at me and asked me to get up from the bed, holding my hand and directing me off the bed toward the desk
“Bend over,” he said firmly and I enthusiastically obliged
Turning around, arching my back to signal my preparedness
I hadn’t seen how hard his endowment was yet, except my mere imagination of what it looked like without the sheath of his briefs
I only felt how hard his was and wondered how it would feel once he filled every inch of my walls with his thickness
He slowly peeled my panties off my ass and let them slide down
Caressed my full ass before spanking me hard making me quiver
He let out a breath, almost like an excited anticipation of what we were about to do
He reached out to the condom pack nicely placed on the desk
His breath quickened as he tore the foil wrapper open and slipped it on
He took his time, prolonging my desperate longing
But I waited patiently, knowing that he was worth the wait

He grabbed my pony tailed braids and tugged, pulling my head back and whispered in my ear
“Say it again… tell me what you want me to do.”
Clawing my fingers on the desk, I whispered…
“Fuck me… please…”

He groaned and slowly entered my slippery pussy still tugging my braids
Torturing me with his slow pace, slipping in and out of me, stretching my walls and filling every bit of me
Steadying his stance, he pulled out and let go of my braids leaving me wanting
“I’m going to fuck you now” He said gruntingly, his breath very sharp
He grabbed my hips firmly and slammed into me, making me scream in desperate pleasure
He held his firm hold on my hips and began moving fast
Torturing with delicious long and hard strokes shattering every feeling I had ever associated with fucking
“I own this pussy.” He said in between sharp breaths
I could tell he was as close as I was when he leaned on my back and took hold of my arms and pulled them back forcing me to arch my back and thrust out my breast
The collective feeling of my overly stimulated nerve endings was too much for my being to handle and I let go
Screaming my orgasm out to be absorbed by the neat arrangement in my room,…

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