It All Starts on a Friday

erotica ebooks by Sumo do Caju

It All Starts on a Friday

erotica ebooks by Sumo do Caju
erotica ebooks by Sumo do Caju

It All Starts on a Friday

Want to go on a little adventure? Here is a little book written especially for girls who like to play like adults.

It All Starts on a Friday…

In this erotic gamebook, you can create many different stories according to your choices. Your character is a woman whose boyfriend lives in another city and hasn’t visited you for more than a month. How you feel toward him is up to your imagination. Are you two feeling well together? Or are you distant? Have you just had a recent argument? Or have you two been crazy about seeing each other as soon as possible?

You decide it! Start your own story, make your choices and have fun any way you want!

It all starts on Friday…


Go to number 1.


You’ve been tired for a few weeks now. There are lots of things to do at your job, a load of housework, and you’ve been missing your boyfriend, whom you haven’t seen in more than a month.

You’ve just finished work today, it’s Friday. You send your boyfriend a text, telling him how you miss him. The texting app shows you he didn’t receive the message.

You have some articles to read and you need to develop a research for work, in one-week. At home, you need to clean up everything, something you’ve been postponing for almost a fortnight. Just when you’re about to leave the office, a friend asks if you want to go with other colleagues for a happy hour at a nearby bar, to relax a little.

What do you do?

If you say yes, go to number 25.

If you’d rather go home, go to number 48.


You say you’re sorry a thousand times and cover your boyfriend in kisses. He kisses you back and embraces you with love. How you’ve missed that warm hug!

He pulls you to the couch and you lie there together, facing each other. He gives you one of his exciting kisses on your neck. He looks at you and says he wants to take a shower, asking if you want to go with him.

What do you do?

If you ignore the urgency of going to the library and decide to take a shower with him, go to number 23.

If you explain that you need to go to the library for the research you need to develop for work and you think you should save this shower for later, go to number 4.


He fucks you harder, saying he missed feeling your gorgeous wet pussy. Oh, the dreams he’s been having these last weeks, far away from you… Nothing could make him like you even a bit less. You grab his butt firmly, pulling him deeper and deeper inside you. He fucks you even harder, with his rhythm getting faster. You know he is about to come. He gets faster and faster until he suddenly stops, breathing heavily, his cock deep inside you.

He lies down by your side. You lay your head on his chest and hear, just before you fall asleep:

– I love you.

Go to number 64.


You tell him that you really need to go to the library. He doesn’t complain and says he understands. You say he can stay home and rest, but he doesn’t want to. He’d rather go to the library with you. After all, he also has to do some research.

You go together to the library, stopping to have a snack on the way. When you reach your destination, you take some books and start studying. He reads some history books and takes notes on his phone every once in a while. After being focused for quite some time, you peek at him and realize he’s fallen asleep on top of the books. You smile, pitying him a little, but focus on your studies.

You realize it’s getting dark outside and you still have to clean up the house. Your boyfriend is up again and seems to be focused on a book. You mention that you’re returning the books and getting your things to go home, so you can clean up the apartment. Before leaving, he asks you to look at something in an interesting book he found.

It’s a book on forbidden erotic comic books from 40 years ago. The book contains many illustrations of the funnier and most peculiar stories. Some are even fully disclosed. Your boyfriend points to the one entitled “Fun at the Library” and jokes: “I was inspired by this one and was thinking about playing a game here with you. What do you think?”

What do you do?

It’s an opportunity you can’t miss. – Go to number 13.

You smile and say it’s a great idea for another day. Now, you have to go home and clean up. – Go to number 21.


You touch his face and ask him to stay with you tonight. You say you love him and that what happened with Beto was nothing. You were needy, tired, eager to relax and had no idea he was coming to visit you. And he wasn’t even answering your texts.

He says he understands you and sets his bag on the floor. He opens it and takes out his pyjamas.

You change clothes in silence and lie in bed.

What now?

You sleep. – Go to number 33.

You touch his hand. – Go to number 63.

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