We had just started our mission, when the global crisis hit Berlin.

Back then, in early 2020, we were proud of our first 50 BERLINABLE eBooks.

We didn’t expect that this would be the spark changing the whole fucked system.



We Live in a World That in 2020 Nobody Would Have Anticipated.

Today, when we look out the windows of our office at Bahnhof Zoo, we see people having sex. Down there, on the stairs of Gedächtniskirche, next to the DJ platform, there’s a group of five Chinese delegates doing it with the two press attachés from the UN Berlin-office. We know them from the elevator rides every morning; they work on the 6th floor. A couple, often enjoying their lunch break with some of their international guests in the KitKat-recreation-lounges here at Breitscheidplatz.


The smell from former Zoologischer Garten creeps over to our office terrace, often distracting us from work: The Berlin Zoo is Europe’s largest experimental weed farm, since the new world coordination council had decided to globally set all zoo animals free into the Syrian International Peace Park.

The Zoo’s only part reminding of the former animal inmates is the Bonobo reserve. There, we created the PORNCEPTUAL Art Park with the funds from our Nobel Peace Prize.

We just left the whole area with all its climbing trees and cages, today being used as performance areas and playgrounds. 


Yes, it’s a good life we are living.


But it started rough.



COVID Vandalized the Structures of Our Civilization.

After the first wave, people thought it was over. Business reopened, governments flooded us with money. Well, not all of us – it was as always: The rich getting richer…. It’s true that in crises fortunes are made. 

Wall Street was one big party.

But many weren’t invited.


The tipping point was when the millions on the end of the food chain had an epiphany: The fortune in the penthouses would never reach the social housing. The trillions of Dollars and Euros pumped into the markets led to a hyperinflation, destroying the last hopes of social recovery, leaving masses with empty hands and fridges.


The era of Strong Men

The president of the USA did a masterpiece in channelling public anger towards China, and gathered a vast majority behind him. At his second term election party, he announced to punish the “responsible for the crisis” and started a new trade war. 

Things escalated.

In the search for allies, every party supported leaders yearning for radicalism is all the wrong ways. Politics became the Wild West, the soundtrack a cacophony of Us Against Them and Don’t Trust Nobody 


Everywhere people turned to the strong leaders. Erdogan had his great comeback, Putin was elected Czar, Orbán named himself Dux, Bolsonaro established a junta reign. The English established an absolute monarchy after the separation from Scotland and Northern Ireland. In Germany, a socialist experiment degenerated into a one-party dictatorship. And Italy crumbled away into a civil war area, the south being occupied by Libyan warlords.


Then, the second wave hit.

Infections rose again. Only exponentially this time. The virus struck societies that had forgotten how to cooperate.

The populist leaders tried their usual recipes; blaming others, isolating minorities, spreading lies, censoring everything.

But the medicine worked like poison. 

Everyone against everybody led to incredible casualties, millions dying, without medical treatment. And all the strong men in power proved to be too weak.

People turned to religion, thousands of new sects grew, one more radical than the other. In some parts of Europe, lynch mobs started burning women as witches. 


BERLINABLE Changed Everything

Through the years of separation and aggression, a small network continuously grew in the shades. 

Soon after our start, BERLINABLE had gathered 150 writers, photographers, and other artists. 

Together, we published dozens of new erotica eBooks every month.

This was a completely diverse group; from workers in Texas, to academics in Amsterdam, to dancers in Berlin. But, other than to our passion for erotica, we had a few other things in common: Openness, empathy, and trust in fellow humans.

And the certainty that it’s not about what divides us – but about what unites us. 

Having the same values. 

Knowing that we are one, if we just want to.

And that only as one, we can overcome the gigantic challenges of our modern world.


The stories we published were about sex.

But behind the stories were messages of tolerance, freedom, and trust.

And this, in the end, was the way out of the crisis.



The chaos triggered other unexpected consequences; in their despair, more and more people turned to the most basic pleasures: Sex. In all different thinkable varieties.

And BERLINABLE exploded. 

The world starved for fun. And we fed it our Erotica.

Like a good virus, our eBooks spread all over the world.

And we infected millions of people with the values behind the stories.


The Metamorphosis Started in China.

One day, in a factory in Wuhan, workers didn’t return from their lunch break. They decided rather to have a party in the canteen. The party lasted three days and nights, expanding to the courtyard and attracting thousands of other workers from surrounding facilities. It was no strike or demonstration, just a long, huge party. The officials didn’t know how to handle this and waited for orders from Beijing. But the videos from the spontaneous festival were already viral. And the pictures of cheering people, dancing naked and constantly hugging each other for no reason, inspired others in hundreds of cities all over the world. In a matter of days, nearly all countries turned into gigantic fiestas.


The governments decided to first send police, then military, to force people back to work and obedience. But the forces threw away their uniforms and joined the crowds.

When the US president, in his last press conference, declared his will to fight against this strange revolt with all measures necessary, one of the journalists got up, started music on his mobile, stripped naked and began to dance. The press meeting resulted in an orgy, the guys from secret service twerking naked.


Trust in a New Start

After the first three weeks of celebrations, people started to organize. They reached out, exchanged ideas, promised to support each other and agreed on one basic principle: Trust.


We were all astonished, how fast a network of young students in 15 countries found a vaccine against the virus. And how well the new system worked for everybody. We never had believed that there really is enough for everybody – if we all are willing to share and only take what you need.


Today, we don’t need to blame others for our decaying lifestyles.

Because we all live good. And free. And equal, though different. 


This is how a small group from Berlin unTrumped this world.

We are all able to be Berlin.

Because Berlin is not a city. It is a mindset.