Cirque Sexuel

erotica ebooks by MyMay

Cirque Sexuel

erotica ebooks by MyMay
erotica ebooks by MyMay

Cirque Sexuel

Girl meets another girl, on the bank of the river. What follows is an exciting adventure in the middle of Grünwald forest.

Chapter 1: Spree River

In one of the most magical sunset spots on the Spree River, where a grove of trees, the flow of water and the flaming sky glow together in perfect harmony. I watched her, she was beautiful, ‘Elle’ at least that is how I named her in my mind.
A redheaded girl was staring at the sunset with a dreamy, hazy glance as the sun beamed through her brown eyes. Her red, wavy hair wafted in the cool breeze of late October. Luscious round lips held a Marlboro red cigarette, and while she inhaled, her red lipstick left a sexy mark on her cigarette shaped like her lips. A part of her was staring at me too, her aroused nipples pointed through her white, crop-top t-shirt, emphasizing her perfectly teardrop-shaped breasts. I quickly took my phone out and snapped a picture.

Elle dropped her cigarette to the floor. Then she got up slowly and bent down to pick it up. I was sitting at a table behind her, the perfect spot to watch. Her red shiny heels, the smooth white skin of her calves and muscular thighs stretched slowly. As she stretched, her silky mini-skirt revealed round, meaty ass-cheeks, and her black lace g-string was holding her pussy lips and created a perfect camel toe. The moment froze, I was staring at her from behind and drooling from my inside. She was already seated, and now I noticed her sucking her purple straw, pulling her vanilla milkshake to her mouth. As she licked her upper lip, I couldn’t hold myself anymore.

I ran to the bathroom, accidentally went to the men’s room at first. While I ran left to the women’s room, holding my strapless dress, I heard another pair of heels clicking behind me. I chose the left one out of 2 small stalls.

I pulled down my panties, sat on the toilet bowl, and spread my legs sliding my right hand to my clitoris, rubbing it in circles, as my left constantly going from the inside of my thighs to my c-cup boobs while I imagined Elle sucking my brown nipples just as she was sucking the purple straw a moment before, kissing me and going down from my neck to my belly. Her hair was tickling my chest,

as she was sliding her tongue towards my groin, massaging the inside of my thick thighs and grabbing my buns.
As I started to get close, I shouted out her name “Yes Elle!”, moaning as I imagined her with me in the small toilet booth kissing and gently licking my vulva, pinching my left nipple with her fingers as I pulled her hair towards me, grabbing her breasts and scratching her back with my long black fingernails.

She pushed her fingers deep inside of me as she played with her tongue up and down my clit. Elle moved her head back, pulled her fingers out, and started sucking them. When she pressed my clit I noticed her dark pink nail polish. It had the same color as my inner lips. I felt as if her fingers belonged there and she painted them especially for me.

I moaned her name loudly when my fingers reached the deepest place possible. I massaged my clit as fast as I could. In my imagination, her tongue was going up and down all over my slit, making me wet. I screamed “Elle!” when I reached the peak, my…

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