erotica ebooks by Lucas Limerence

My hole had been such an enigma in my sex life. Sure, I’ve played occasionally with a finger or two in those days when stroking my cock doesn’t seem to produce the desired effect and my ass throbs and feels more wet and sweaty than usual. But I’ve never had a large man spreading the walls of my anus like they are opening the portal to Nirvana.

Though I had found numerous ways of pursuing pleasure with other men throughout the years, I had started as a top who never bottomed, and by the time I started seeing my last boyfriend, it was clear that I had been put into that role. There was never a materialisation of reversing the roles and dipping my toes in the waters of being used thoroughly. And so, I kept pushing those feelings, and that desire deeper and deeper, and not in a pleasurable way. Needless to say, not only did the relationship not last long, but I found that the subversion of my natural instincts to accommodate someone else’s point of view, intrinsically changed the way I viewed them, and cared for them.

It must have been around eleven when I left my friend’s house and was walking home. I had been single for a couple of months by then. I was alone that night and feeling even more lonely, so instead of taking the path home I took a slight detour and ended up in this gay bar for one drink to check the hot bartender who’s always flirting with my then-boyfriend and me. I walked in, and it was quieter than usual, but then again, it was quite early in the evening, so I entered and got a beer. Across the bar, surrounded by shadows was a tall, broad guy, probably in his forties, sporting some tight shorts and a tight shirt that accentuated his magnificent pecs. I couldn’t see very well, but I kept peeking over my drink, pretending I was choking the environment but feeling my cock swollen and the fleeting thought of desire. By the time I finished my beer, I had a hard erection and was sensing the tip of my cock leaking. I suddenly remembered I hadn’t had sex or simply jerked off since my boyfriend had gone on a business trip almost a week ago. I stood up and walked to the bathroom, slightly covering my bulge and trying to avoid eye contact with the bull across the dance floor.

I got into one of the stalls and took my swollen meat out and vigorously jerked off. I heard someone come in, and I immediately stopped.

Pretended I was done by flushing the toilet and packing my leaked warm cock back in my tight red brief. I walked out and immediately noticed the same guy from before pissing. How I wanted that piss on my face. I washed my hands in the sink and tried to peak at his cock. Not surprisingly he was sporting a dick that looked so swollen that I immediately felt my legs melting away. I couldn’t resist a couple more seconds of peaking in between the scrubbing of soap and water, wishing I was scrubbing him instead. I must have taken too much time looking since I noticed the stream of piss had subsided, and he was gently stroking himself. He had seen me looking.

I looked him in the eyes, and he was looking back. I felt a mixture of arousal and fear suddenly, but excitement and that reminiscing twitching on my butt. He signalled me to come close, and like under hypnosis, my legs just walked toward him. I was afraid someone would walk in, so I just stood next to him, took my wet dick out and jerked off next to him. I felt his han…

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