A hedonistic alliance from Berlin


Berlin’s kinky ebook publisher and Europe’s most proactive art collective.

In Berlin, we have the freedom to be who we are.

With BERLINABLE, we’ll spread this freedom.

PHOTO BY Giada Armani

Giada Armani founder of BERLINABLE

Giada Armani

The artist that became publisher. Giada Armani is an entrepreneur and passionate photographer. Her art ranges from architecture to erotic works. In 2011, she started with publishing the first eBooks as collaborations with erotica writers.

Her publishing house, Giada.Berlin, soon became Berlin´s most active publisher of erotic literature. Together with her 20 authors, she published over 100 eBooks.

In the last years, she had to discover that more and more of her pictures and books were censored. As a Berliner with 100% Italian blood, she decided not to step back, but to attack: She found partners, started BERLINABLE and will now spread her message worldwide: Sex is not the problem, sex is the solution.

Raquel & Chris

The hedonistic underground collective.
Raquel Fedato and Chris Phillips came from Brazil to enrich Berlin´ s club and art culture. Meanwhile, they have built the global collective of artists, DJ´s and clubs – PORNCEPTUAL, organising parties in cities like Sao Paulo, London, New York, Stockholm or Istanbul.

They are also behind the legendary WHOLE United Queer Festival.. Raquel and Chris fight for more acceptance of all kinds of life concepts, representing all the ones who can´t express themselves due to cultural restrictions, conservative laws or general ignorance.


To change the world with passionate erotica.
To change the way how people read and think
about sexual behavior, culture & education.



Read BERLINABLE erotica short stories everyday.

Your life will change. You´ll meet the person you really are. Accept your desires as an essential part of yourself.

And you´ll be free.
You´ll spread the spirit of freedom in your vicinity.
Book by book, we´ll make our world a nicer place.