Who we Are

A Hedonistic Alliance From Berlin

Raquel & Chris
from Pornceptual

Europ’s most proactive art collective 
and Berlin’s kinky ebook publisher.

In Berlin, we have the freedom to be who we are.
With BERLINABLE, we’ll spread this freedom.

Our Mission: 
To change the world with passionate erotica.
To change the way how people read and think
about sexual behavior, culture & education.

Our manifest


Who we are:
We are a publishing house from Berlin, with erotic literature as eBooks.


Erotica eBooks from Berlin: 
We spread the spirit of Berlin as the capital of the free.


We want to change how people read and think about sexual behavior, culture and education.
We want to talk about the things that we all crave but few dare to admit.


Personal Growth:
The more you think and talk about your desires, the more you´ll inspire others and yourself.
You´ll find like-minded souls, satisfying your desires.


Happiness & Freedom: 
A fully satisfied person is a happy person.
A happy person does not start wars, doesn´t suppress others nor follow bad leaders.


Just eBooks:
They are the future. eBooks are sustainable and contemporary. And the advantage: you can read anytime and everywhere – discretely.