When Desperation Calls

love in times of quarantine erotica contest


by Matilda swinney

Yesterday, I finally got what I wished for. I’d been begging my partner for sex for the past few days. But, it just wasn’t possible. We had a full house and of course, a lockdown situation. Finally, a lucky coincidence meant we had the house to ourselves. I took a shower and waited in bed, naked and hopeful. My partner would be coming back soon. We would be alone.
As I waited, I traced my hand over my big tits and pinched my nipples hard. I liked pain during sex. I wanted to be fucked roughly. I wanted to feel used and abused by my partner. My moment had arrived.
He slipped into bed and I felt his cold hands on my warm, just showered body. He bit down on my nipple. I moaned, enjoying the delicious mix of pain and pleasure. Taking my tits roughly in his cold hands, he bit and pulled my nipples.I was hopelessly turned on already and he hadn’t even touched my pussy. I could feel myself pulsating, desperate for his thick fingers inside me.
I wanted to feel stretched open, and used. The best thing about it was he could cum inside me safely. I was pregnant, so we didn’t have to think about protection. He’d already filled me up with his hot cum and I’d taken it hungrily like the dirty whore I was.
He pushed my legs over and opened me up, so he could see my exposed pussy. I imagined him looking at my pink, wet lips. He traced his thick finger over my opening before rubbing his big cock over it. He pushed against my slit without entering me. He was teasing me. I knew what he wanted. He wanted me to beg for his cock. My head was pushed down into the mattress as I begged. I was desperate to feel his cock inside me. I felt no shame in begging.
Mid-beg, he forced himself inside me. I gasped. He fucked me hard, making my body limp as I submitted to him. I could hear how wet my pussy was as he thrust his big cock in and out. I was stretched open and fucked raw. As he increased his speed, I felt like he was about to cum. But, without warning, he stopped. He pulled out. He opened up my pussy lips and tutted at my dripping wetness. He pushed three fingers inside me, making me gasp. His fingers were thick.
He forced another inside and I whimpered in pain. Four was too many. But, he kept going. As he slowly pushed my pussy open, I called out in pain again. This was too much. I could feel myself stretching. The fullness of four thick fingers inside me was more than I could cope with. But, as he pulled his fingers out, I squirted uncontrollably all over his hand. The feeling of being so roughly abused had made me helplessly horny.
He pulled me up to sitting. I opened my legs wide to show him what a dirty slut I was. He played with my tits and made me look into his eyes as I came violently to another deep orgasm. It rocked through my body and made me dizzy with pleasure. As he entered me again, I wrapped my legs around his strong back and imagined him fucking me in front of his friends. Fantasies about being his whore and slutty girlfriend, always sent me wild.
I focused on the image of my big tits bouncing as he fucked me from behind while his friends called me a slut and a whore and told him to use me. As his big cock throbbed inside me, he gripped my back and I came one final time breathlessly. I felt him shudder as his hot cum filled my pussy. I laid back and opened my legs.
“You’re such a slut. I can see my cum dribbling out of you,” He smirked.
I put my finger inside my cunt and licked it clean. I was hungry for more but I knew I had serviced my partner. I was no longer needed. He was my Sir and I, his Baby Girl. He would choose when he wanted to fuck me again. I closed my eyes to sleep. I had been a good submissive. I felt satisfied cum was finally dripping out of my used pussy. I had been fucked the way I had begged for. I felt stretched and raw. I was at peace. I felt my Sir’s strong arms wrap around me, as I sank into a deep sleep.