Under the Stairs

by Raul Premio

When you are in a rush and desperate to get home, you know that something is going to slow you down. Something is gonna work against you. Had I known that the tube ride from work was going to take me so long, I would have used the restroom before I left drinks with the office. The announcement of the imminent lockdown was unexpected and it made me forget about rush hour, or perhaps it was the amount of beers I drank. The train moving slowly, full to the brim felt like the longest commute ever. Exiting the station and seeing my apartment block unconsciously relaxed my bladder, and seeing somebody just leaving the building, consciously made me run. That idiot must have been one of those too preoccupied with stockpiling food and cleaning supplies from the nearby supermarket to remember basic manners. Maybe she was too paranoid about Covid-19, because she moved so swiftly out of the way, that the door shut on my face, before I had a chance to grab it.
“Thanks!” I muttered under my breath, now really concerned about holding my piss in whilst trying to find my keys. Sadly the rude woman had already turned the corner and was too far away to hear my comment. As I felt inside my briefcase, I remembered that I used the time stuck inside the train to move the keys to my flat from my case to the pocket inside of my blazer to save me some time looking for them later. With a tremendous sense of relief, I put my right hand inside the left side of my blazer, wrapped my index finger around the keychain and I pulled them out, feeling like a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat. As I looked up, now smiling, I saw somebody’s reflection on the glass door.

He was standing right behind me and before I had a chance to turn around a deep voice, calmly said,“Let me get that for you, sir.”
Those hairy knuckles holding a single key, slotting inside the keyhole made my dick twitch and my brain forget about my bladder.
“Oh, thank you, that’s very kind!” I exclaimed a bit too eagerly. Not even thinking for a second about how much I needed to take a leak, I continued smiling and played the “after you, no you first” game, and started giggling like an idiot. Tall, bearded men always made me giddy. When it was about to become too awkward, the strikingly handsome stranger placed one hand on my lower back and gestured with the other inviting me to come in first. He had nice, big hands. My cock twitched again, this time rock hard, ready to start oozing precum and almost bursting with all the pints I drank earlier. He followed me into the brightly lit elevator and I asked him what floor he was going to.
“Fifth floor, please,” smiling and looking directly at my now visible hard on.

The way he said please, the way he smiled , the way he looked at my bulge made me so aroused. Then it dawned on me.
“ Oh, I am also on the fifth floor”.
“I’m Robert, by the way, well, Rob.” I added excitedly as the doors were closing.
“Nice to meet you Rob, my name is Mario.” responded the stud. Oh my god, is he Italian? – I asked myself, as I was sure there was an accent there, definitely Italian.
After many years procrastinating I was finally improving my language skills and started practising online with a friend from Milan. Mario sounded like my friend. So I asked him. “Italiano?”
And he smiled saying, “Argentinian but with Italian blood.”
That’ll do just fine, I said to myself. Damn, he was so hot I couldn’t care if he was from a different planet. He wore stone washed jeans, a very smart watch, and a green plaid shirt with rolled sleeves exposing his bronzed, hairy arms. Ding! The elevator bell alerted me we arrived at our floor and I began to plan my next line. Not wanting to sound too creepy or keen, yet ensuring he understood my hole was already his, I hesitated what to say next. Luckily he proceeded to explain that he was coming over to look after his sister’s flat. She needed someone to take care of her beloved plants while being quarantined near the hospital she worked in.
“5c!” I said, “That’s the nurse that just moved across from me,” – I added.
“Yes. She hasn’t had time to get all her furniture in yet. So you are in…5b then?” I nodded and thought, how great that we are gonna be next door neighbours.
“I guess we are going to be neighbours, well for a forthright at least.” said Mario as if reading my mind and visibly pleased. We exited the elevator when he realised he didn’t bring the key for her sister’s apartment, just the one for the main door downstairs.
“I can’t believe I left the other key at home”. He said, sounding annoyed.
“The tube is gonna be packed at this hour,” he added.
“Why don’t you come to mine and wait it out?” I offered, immediately cringing at my forwardness but hoping he would accept.
“We can practise Italian,” Mario responded eagerly.
As we entered my flat I apologised, “Sorry, I’m bursting for a wee, make yourself comfortable.”
I rushed to the toilet waving my hand towards the lounge, leaving Mario looking around and heading towards the sofa. I left the loo door opened, so I could keep an eye on the hottie, you never know these days. I made a loud sigh as I pulled my cock out and looked up to the ceiling feeling relieved. As I looked back down to aim my piss stream, I noticed Mario on the bathroom mirror walking towards me, biting his lower lip and piercing me with his green eyes. I motioned him in tilting my head right whilst still peeing. Mario stepped in pushing the door open and grabbed his package. He was licking the side of his mouth. He looked at my dick and knelt on the floor besides me.
“Piss in my mouth, Rob.” he demanded. Without hesitation I grabbed his brown curly hair, pulling his head back and said, “Open up!” sounding like an order.
“Fuck yes!” Mario complied. My warm piss mixed with precum hit the bull’s eye in his mouth. Some of it dribbled down his stubble and hairy chest. He tried to scoop it up with one hand while he popped out his cock with the other.
“Drink it!”- I ordered again. As the last bit of warm urine was coming out, he drank every last drop. My erection was now indicating I loved what we just did and made me want more. Much more. Mario stood up and unbuttoned his shirt much faster than I was opening mine. He then grabbed my wrists and push them out of the way, ripping the last two buttons out of their buttonholes. I removed my trousers and he kissed me. His lips were soft and salty. The familiar taste made me leak into his left thigh. With his arms around me and his hands clutching my buttocks I felt his hard, fat penis burning on my stomach. Lifting me up without much effort I instinctively put my arms around his neck and wrapped my legs around his waist. His prick pushing up on my ass, our tongues dancing together.
Carrying me this way he looked around wondering where the bedroom was. I looked at the staircase that leads to the second floor and the big leather ottoman that sits under the stairs. With his knob caressing my hole and my back now resting on the cool leather, I felt electricity running through my veins lying there. I know he must have felt it too. We were one. Our entire bodies melted together only separated by the soles of our feet. His toes propping him up from the wooden floor, mine up in the air with my ankles touching his ears. His phallus entered my hole. With him inside me and his balls bouncing on my crack we started the rhythmic dance. Our hips moving in unison. Mario fucking me. Mario inside me. His mouth eating mine. His dick ploughing me, right there under the stairs. In a pool of sweat, I jerk off and aim at his mouth. “Come in my mouth, Rob!” he moaned. “Fuck me harder,” I replied. We pant, we howl and then we climax together. I’m inside his mouth and he is inside my ass. We remained in this position for a little while in silence. I already knew then, this was going to be a fun ride.

Years later we discussed the best sex we ever had during the lockdown.
“On that leather ottoman,” I said to my husband.
“What about you?” I asked him with a big smile on my face. “Under the stairs,” said Mario pulling me towards him and kissing me. That’s now our secret code for – let’s fuck.