The Red Dress

by Hansa Bosbach

I saw her there… waiting at the bar, I knew she would be waiting… She was a good girl.

Her black coat was draped over the back of her chair, her red dress wrapped tight around her. It had a high collar, long sleeves that clung to her shapely arms. My eyes traced form, being drawn magnetically to the cut out down her back showing pale skin down to just above her hips.
I lingered there, admiring the way the shadows give small hints of what may lay beneath. Her hips… crimson clung to them and flowed like blood downward to end abruptly mid-thigh. My eyes followed the supple curve of her thighs downward. Her legs were crossed, letting her feet hang just above the floor. Red heels are shown in the dim light. If I looked closely, I could just see the glint of steel at her ankles. If I did not know they were there I would never have noticed the lock that held them to her feet.

I stood and watched her… a shining jewel amongst the clamor of the bar. She was nervous, fiddling with her napkin…looking at her phone to check the time. She had not noticed I was there. There were men in the bar even on a dreary night like this. They all had eyes on her. I chuckled as one man who was obviously there with a date got kicked under the table for looking. A man approached her at the bar and seemed like he was offering to buy her a drink. She politely declined. Such a good girl she was.

I drew my phone from my pocket and dialed. She jumped slightly as the phone rang on the bar and almost spilled her drink, she fumbled to answer. Slender fingers finally caught hold of the phone. I could hear her ringtone as her hands shook slightly lifting it to her ear. “Hello?” I grinned…as her voice came to me like the soft whisper of wool on skin. “Nice dress…” I said. She glanced around trying to find me, her eyes widening slightly as she attempted to peer out into the darkness. “Where are you? I don’t see you.” I chuckle…”You will see me soon. Listen carefully for I will not repeat myself.” Now my voice deepens and takes on an edge so she would know I was not asking… I was telling her. “Go to the bathroom, take off your panties and sit in the third stall. There is a bag behind the toilet. Inside the bag, there is a rotor toy. You will use this to make yourself cum while in the stall. You are not allowed to hold back or muffle your voice. If someone hears you so much the better. When you’re done you will use the strap in the bag to attach the battery pack to your leg and leave the rotor inside you. Come back, pay your tab and leave. I will be waiting in the parking lot.” With a quick tap I ended the call before she could protest…not that she would, she was a good girl after all. She hesitated as she looked down at the phone in disbelief. I could see the decision wash slowly over her. Her face relaxed… her back straightened… her breathing increased… the pulse on her neck was visible even from where I stood beside the window. The phone went into her bag and she walked toward the bathroom with a slight spring in her step leaving her coat at the bar. Yes… this was going to be fun.

I watched through the car window as she left the bar. The misty rain formed pearls of light on her coat as she hurried through the parking lot. Her heels clicked on the wet pavement in an unsteady rhythm as she moved toward the car. The red of her heels was a beautiful contrast with the black coat and red silk peeking out from beneath. I got out and walked around the car letting the headlights intentionally catch the reflection of my eyes. Blue gray of the oncoming storm caught her attention and she suddenly stopped like a deer caught in the light. One step more and I stood inches from her… leaning down, I whispered in her ear, letting my voice deepen and roll like distant thunder. “Get… in… the… car…”

Her knees buckled. I was already close so with one arm I caught her and with the other opened the door. Her red dress clung to my fingers as I lowered her into the seat. The smell of her hair… The dazed look in her eyes… She was exquisite. I shut the door and hurried to the driver’s side, slipping into the seat. I turned to her…cupping her face in my hand. And kissed her. Her eyes slowly closed, relaxing as my lips left hers… she never even saw the blindfold. She opened her mouth to ask something, but I did not give her the chance… in went the gag. I tied it behind the headrest, binding her head in place to the seat. Now blind and mute, she relaxed as I bound her hands… first one… then the other. With a quick jerk, her hands were pulled behind her and bound tightly behind the seat. I reached over and pulled the lever to lower the backrest, laying her down next to me. Now she was hidden from view… I turned on the radio to drown out any sound. The doors played loud from the stereo and I sang along softly as I slowly unbuttoned her coat and laid it open. “People are strange… when you’re a stranger… ” There it was… the red dress… beautiful… and I was going to ruin it.

Her back was arched with her hands pulled behind her. Her chest pushed upward, she was blind… mute… and could not hear the sound of the scissors. A trail of cold metal slowly worked its way upwards and she shivered at its touch. It was not until I sniped through her bra that she realized what was happening. I chuckled at her muffled protest and finished my cut.

Red fell away… puddling around her hips and chest… exposing the pale skin beneath. Her breathing quickened once again at the feel of cool air upon her flesh. I gazed down at her, taking in her beauty. And there, as I had instructed, was a black band around her thigh with a small wire leading upward between her legs. I reached over and turned it up to its highest setting. She jerked and squeezed her thighs tightly together at the increased sensation. I could see the tension building in her legs and belly as I started the car. We drove for almost an hour with her like this. Occasionally as we stopped at a light, I would reach over and twist her nipple, rolling it between calloused fingers and watch her body dance in the seat as she came. Or trace my fingernails up her thigh and across her belly and ribs making her twist and writhe pressing her body upwards against my hand before falling limply back into the seat.

Finally, we had arrived. I turned off the car and looked down at her, by now she was sweating even in the chill of early night. With the radio off I could hear her muffled moaning. Her cheeks were flushed and glistened with lines of drool descending from the gag down her neck. I was tempted to leave her there, naked and panting… but I had plans. And it was time to put them into motion. I rolled down the windows and got out of the car. Walking slowly around to her side knowing she could hear the crunch of fallen leaves beneath my boots. I opened her door and leaned into the car. Grasping the wire on the rotor I began to slowly pull. She was so wet it slipped right into my hand buzzing against my fingertips. She sighed in relief. I grinned thinking “oh no… you’re not nearly done” and pressed it hard against her clit. Her breath stopped… legs jerked… her body arched up against my hand and warm liquid slicked her thighs. A long-muffled groan escaped her as I pulled away the vibration and she slumped back into the seat. As she lay panting, I undid the band from her thigh and turned off the rotor tossing it into the back seat. Undoing the binding on her hands I turned her on the side. I slipped her arms out of the coat and the ruined dress. Slipping padded leather cuffs around her wrists and clipping them together, I took a moment to admire her. Her body was relaxed in the afterglow, the dome light in the car cast a soft light illuminating the curve of her waist and supple ass. Her face was cast into stark contrast of highlight and shadow. Her high cheekbones beautifully accentuated by the glistening black ball gag held between crimson lips. As I undid the gag and freed her head from its binding to the seat, she gasped… her voice was soft but heavy with lust… “Where are we?” I said nothing. Simply lifting her out of the seat and throwing her naked and blindfolded over my shoulder.

I walked for a bit… just to confuse her a little more. I loved how the cool air contrasted with the warmth of her body over my shoulder as we walked. My free hand roamed her backside and I could feel her breasts pressed hard against my back rubbing against the soft cotton of my shirt. I took us by a back and forth path slowly making a big circle as we walked back close to where I had parked the car. And to where I had set up the pulleys and ropes.

I stood her up and unclipped her hands, quickly clipping the cuffs to the rope. Pale moonlight cast a beautiful mosaic of shadows through the trees and across her skin. A jerk of the rope through the locking pulleys and her arms were pulled away from her body. Not enough to lift her but just enough to make her toes barely touch the ground in her red heels. Dried leaves dampened by the mist crunched under my boots as I casually walked toward her. The smell of damp wood and leaves drifted in the air as I cupped her breast, putting my face close to her neck… her skin smelled of vanilla. She whimpered, the mist starting to collect on her in tiny droplets like rhinestones in the moonlight. I left her there… with the feel of hot breath on her neck and retrieved the cut dress from the car. Carefully making sure she did not hear the door open or close. I waited a bit, leaning on the car and just watching her at a distance. I knew she would start to become nervous… wondering if I had left her tied and exposed. I could see her start to shift her weight from foot to foot, turning her head to try to catch any sound that would tell her I had not abandoned her. I saw her face relax when she again heard my boots on the leaves as I returned. The red silk in my hands looked gray in the silver light as I bent and tied it around her ankle. I let my hand slide up her leg… across her thigh and hip finally coming to rest against her belly… a little push made her lose her balance. A pull and her foot lifted from the ground, dragged upward by crimson silk. She moaned softly as I secured it next to her wrist letting her feel the stretch and tension in her leg… leaving her balancing on one shining heel. Looking at her standing exposed and vulnerable, tied with the very dress she had so carefully chosen… and I had ruined… I couldn’t help but smile. “Are you cold?” I said, finally speaking.

She only nodded, letting her head hang forward. Even in the low light, I could see the blush spreading from her cheeks down to her neck and to her chest. I could only imagine what she must be feeling. Naked… exposed… in an unknown place. Not knowing if others could see her. Knowing… and desiring… whatever unknown torment I had in store for her.

The clink of the belt buckle being undone was an unmistakable sound in the quiet of the misty trees. “Then let me warm you up” I allowed the belt to hang for a moment to let her anticipation build. Then I raised my arm and the holes in the belt sang as it tore through the air. Leather kissed her wet skin with fire. She bit her lip… her body swaying slightly as it took a moment for her brain to register what had just happened. The line on the inside of her thigh was gray in the moonlit darkness. I pressed my body close against her letting her feel the warmth of my skin through the thin fabric of my shirt. I could feel her body shake against mine as the pain registered. Tangling my fingers in her hair I yanked her head back. She gasped softly as the warmth of my tongue traced up her neck… across her jaw… pulling her head forward our lips met. Her cool lips felt like fire… her tongue slid sensuously past my lips. Begging for more I broke our kiss and stepped back. Again, the leather kissed her… slightly higher than the last. She jerked against the sting, her head snapping up as she realized what was to happen. Now she was babbling… “oh no… oh no… not that… please sir… please… please” I moved in front of her, again kissing her frantic lips. A hand delicately touching the wetness and heat between her legs… teasing… caressing…

A sudden step back and again the leather bites… higher… closer… now she jerks… head thrown back, sweat pouring in rivulets across her chest. “Please sir… anything… I will… do… sir… please… not that” CRACK! Fire engulfs her as leather bites deeply on her clit. Over sensitized nerves pored lightning down her spine. She screamed, head thrown back and eyes wide in the misty darkness. Sanity has gone, plunging her deep into subspace. She writhes twisting and jerking in orgasmic bliss and exquisite pain. A mixture of adrenaline and endorphins sang in her blood. Again, the leather howls its mournful song as it slashes the air… I will not let her rest. This time the burn of leather on her most sensitive spot brings only a wash of intoxicating pleasure. Her breath is gone… her mouth hanging open in a silent O. Eyes roll as muscles twitch and clench. Her hands so tightly bound into fists a moment ago are open and relaxed as she sags into the cuffs. Her leg gives out and she hangs from her wrists, her head hanging forward in bliss. I let her have her moment… then as she calms, head hanging limply to one side, mouth agape. Her chest heaving great, lungs full of air making her breasts shudder and dance. I step forward and lower her gently onto the blanket I had placed behind the ropes long before we arrived. Unbinding her feet and arms, gentle kisses fall like rain upon her neck and shoulders wet with perspiration and dew. Her skin is almost feverish hot beneath my lips. The warmth of my breath calms her breathing as the blindfold is pulled away… eyes wet with tears and filled with need meet mine…

“Please sir… fuck me… I need it…” I smirked as I looked down at her. “I know… but I am not done playing with you yet.” She groaned and looked up at me with those half-glazed eyes so filled with fire and lust. I rolled her onto her chest and commanded: “ass up.” Slowly she got her knees beneath her and raised her ass while resting her shoulders on the blanket. Her head was turned to the side… blonde hair fanned out on the blanket in the moonlight. I knew… as much as she wanted me right now… it wasn’t enough. She needed more. And I was going to push her right up to the edge… then whisper softly in her ear… jump.

I flipped the edge of the blanket back to reveal the toys I had prepared. The black leather-wrapped paddle sat like a puddle of darkness upon the blanket. Beside it lay a wide leather collar and several lengths of rope. I picked up the collar and bent over her, brushing the hair away from her neck. It took but a moment to have it buckled into place. Next came the rope, the strands of hemp felt rough between my fingers. No, I thought… I would not be gentle. Pulling her arms behind her I bound her wrists first leaving a length of rope trailing from each. Crossing her arms behind her back with a jerk loop after loop of the hemp wrapped just above her elbow. I let the rope drag slowly over her skin as I tightened the knots. She moaned as the rope dug into her skin. With her arms bound, I retrieved another rope. This one I tied around her waist and knotted in the back close to the base of her spine. The long tails of rope slid between her ass cheeks and beneath her. Grabbing her collar, I lifted her torso causing her to gag slightly at the pressure on her neck. Passing the rope between the glowing orbs of her breasts and up over her shoulders I lowered her head again to the blanket. Pulling a loop of rope beneath her bound arms… I pulled… hard. The rough strands of rope bit like teeth into her shoulders and scraped across the tender flesh between her legs. She groaned and arched her back trying to relieve the pressure of this new torment desperately raising her ass higher. I quickly tied off the rope to her arms locking her into this position. I stood and admired my handiwork. The heat of her skin was enough to condense the mist into a small pool of water in the hollow of her back between her shoulder blades formed by the curve of the position she was tied into. The black lace of tree limbs reflected in the mirror of water as silver light cast her bound form into stark contrast. I almost hated to disturb such a beautiful scene. Almost…

I let her watch… bound as she was as I slid the now damp cotton shirt over my head. I saw her lick her lips and strain against the rope causing it to bite harder. Any time she tried to relax from her arched pose the ropes would grab at her soft skin. Her eyes were half-closed as she wiggled her hips against the friction of the rope. I spoke as I casually kicked off my shoes and peeled off my socks. My tone was low and carried to her as if by a non-existent breeze “Did I say you could pleasure yourself?” Her eyes opened in realization not only in the fact she had not been given permission… but that it was a setup… and she had just taken the bait. Her lip quivered and her eyes narrowed. “You did that on purpose,” she said as I removed my pants letting her gaze at every inch of my body. Mist dampened my warm skin giving it an almost silvery cast in the moonlight. I knelt next to her, my skin slick against hers as I bent and whispered into her ear: “And you just showed disrespect and earned another ten spankings.” Her eyes widened as I straightened and picked up the paddle. “I’m sorry sir… I will be good! I promise!” – she said. I raised the paddle… “I know you will. But right now… ” SMACK. The paddle came down hard on her ass, the leather-wrapped wood making her yelp and strain against the rope causing it to dig further into her crotch. “You’re a bad girl…” Again, the paddle fell, her eyes were squeezed tight and her jaw clenched at the duel sensation of impact and unyielding rope grinding between her legs. Her delicate skin slowly darkened with each strike, her body jerking with each impact. After ten strikes I sat back on my heels and looked at her, her beautiful butt was now a few shades darker and I could see the beginning of wetness in her eyes as she opened them to see why I had stopped. “Are you sorry for how you behaved?” I asked… reaching beneath her to cup one of her soft breasts in my hand. Her voice quavered as she spoke “I’m sooo sorreeeeeeeee.” Her apology was cut off as I twisted her nipple between my fingers. “I don’t think you are… I think you just want to get fucked.”

Before she could answer the paddle smacked hard against her already pink ass. Now her legs began to tremble even as she bit back a sob. I grabbed the rope around her waist like a handle pulling her back into the paddle with each stroke. Her ass reddened under the onslaught. Now she was openly sobbing, tears mixing with the mist on her skin to dampen the blanket even as a different kind of wetness ran in rivulets down the skin of her thighs. At thirty strokes I stopped and again sat back.

“Now are you sorry?” I asked as I ran my hand across her quivering back. “I’m… so… sorry…” she sobbed… “I’m… a… bad girl…” she opened her tear-filled eyes and looked up at me. My naked shaft was inches from her face. She moaned and I could feel her body shaking with need beneath my hand. “Please… punish me…” she choked out between lips swollen with lust. She was perfect. Her mind had let go of self and she stood upon the edge of oblivion. Yes… I thought… time to jump.

I moved behind her letting her feel my hardness between her legs. Leaning over her I again whispered in her ear… just one word… “NO”. That was all she needed to hear to completely let go. She knew without a doubt I was in control and she would receive nothing unless I willed it. I watched the realization wash over her. This was no abstract notion of subservience, no… this was the realization of truth. Her face relaxed… her eyes half-closed as she sagged into the ropes. There it was… the sexiest thing she had done all night… submission. Complete and unrestrained… her will… was MINE. She… was MINE. I held her very soul in my hands… to protect… or to crush. She had given it to me, trusting I would not damage it. It was all I ever wanted… needed. I grabbed the rope between her legs and jerked it to the side as her subspace addled mind slowly came to realize what I was doing. A low moan echoed from somewhere deep within her. Wetness dripped in hot droplets of liquid hunger onto my skin. Now… now she was ready.

I was so hard it was almost painful, each moment a tender bit of agony as I slowly drove into her. She was all heat and sensation, devouring my gift with the longing of a lover untouched for years. Holding the rope around her waist with both hands I pulled her back against me with each thrust. It was bliss… the rhythm building as pleasure coiled like a constricting serpent around my spine.
More… I wanted more. Grabbing her bound arms, I lifted her and leaned back pulling her up into a sitting position atop me. Holding her there for a moment I stopped to take in the beauty of the vision that lay before me. Her moonlit skin shown in the diffused light. Tiny beads of dew sparkled in her hair. The smell of trees, grass, sex, and the subtle hint of her perfume filled the air around us as she sat bound and impaled upon me. “Ride,” I commanded in a dark whisper. Her legs shook as she rose up and plunged down on my invading flesh. A moan of blissful satisfaction escaped her lips as again and again her hips rose and fell. I could feel the spasms deep in her belly as the rush of orgasm shot through her… but she did not stop. I had not given her permission to do so… she was such a good girl. I let her grind against me as I used this position to undo the knotted ropes and free her from the arched position. I no longer needed the rope… she was bound to me by mental chains stronger than iron.

I sat up and turned her, so we were face to face then lowered her ever so gently to lay back on the blanket with her legs spread wide. Her wet heels looked like wet blood as the lock at her ankle shone like a platinum star. I bent over her and laid my head in the gentle curve of her neck and whispered: “You are mine… come… make love to me and let our demons play.” I raised my head rocking my hips in long slow movements as I looked into her eyes. Joy so bright it was almost blinding shown in a brilliant smile. And when she spoke with almost giddy excitement: “Yes… sir.” I was lost. She pulled me down into a kiss and I knew… she had bound my soul to her even as I had her to me. My heart burned incandescent… I loved her… and with every touch and gasping moan… her body spoke…”I love you more.”

Then it is a blur… fingernails rake… gasping, moaning. Flesh slaps… begging… twisting… crying out in the night.

Heat……….. lust………. bite……. the taste of salt……

We lay on the blanket… her head on my chest as we look up at the moon through the clouds and trees. The mist had gone, and the wind had risen causing the clouds to fly like ships across the sea of stars. Our breath is slow and even now… “Sir?” Her voice vibrates against my chest. “Yes? My lady?” My smile is soft now as I look down at her wrapped around my side. The breeze feels like the comfort of an old friend cooling our heat and making it comfortable to lay entwined as she spoke “Will the neighbors be mad?”
I chuckle and hit the button on my keys to turn on the porch light of the house. “Fuck them, they broke my weed eater.”