The Pleasure House

Ebook by Kat Abad: Pleasure House

I wash my hands thoroughly under a gold spout. Fresh water running through my fingers. I don’t ever intend to touch you unclean. You are my dearest one, my favorite girl. We’ve waited a long time to be on these terms and I don’t intend to make any mistakes. Not with my hands, lips, or mind. Your experience with me will be nothing short of a fantasy come alive.

I’ve created an intimate playground for you. My home is no ordinary residence. Each room is designed per mood, and anywhere, a moment of wonder and magic may unveil. A fantasy awaits to be fulfilled. Any fetish you can dream of lays before you. There are no masks here but the ones you choose to wear. There are no rules except the choices you make. You are always welcome to come and go as you please, but I have a feeling you won’t want to leave. Come inside. I’d like to give you a personal tour.

“Welcome to my home,” I say with pride.

I step aside after opening mahogany double doors, then tip my hat with a courteous bow. My crisp black suit hugging tight to my voluptuous frame. Breasts exuberant and flaunting through my bustier. A mouth of crimson and tongue of silver, ready to lure you with my charms. I rise again with my back straight and graceful, awaiting to entertain you.

You smile sweetly, lips curved in a polite but curious fashion. Blooming eyes and cocoa lips. The scent of seduction oozing through your pores. I see you are wearing the outfit I sent. You look ravishing. Like the first bright leaves on an Autumn morning. A different you. A different season. A different time.

I sense your warmth blooming through your skin as you walk past. Like your thoughts are seeping through, filled with questions, and bleeding innocence. Your bright eyes course all around, marveling a place of which you’ve never seen the like. I slide my hands into my pockets, stepping behind you, letting you take in the view of the grand hall.

Every beam, every spot of paint, I designed elaborately to court to your visual desire. Walls soft and embedded with gold. Mirrors on both sides intricately placed to see reflection of self and each break for spectacular anticipation.

“Kick off your shoes and hand them to me.”

You lick your lips and slowly slide them off. I lean down and kiss the tops of your feet, softly caress your ankles. Sparks of lust shoot up your spine, feeling my hands run up your calves.
I’ve had my eyes on your thighs since you’ve entered the door and I believe they need to be kissed properly before we continue. I run my nails up the backs of your legs and press my lips softly to your knees. Each one pleasantly kissed until I see my gloss print them like a stamp.

Spread out a little wider for me and let me see you. Yes, what a beauty you are. I can already see your delightful curves under that skirt. Wetness spotting through your white cotton panties. I inhale your scent and lick my lips, savoring what’s to co…

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