The Game

erotica ebooks by Laura Walker

The Game

erotica ebooks by Laura Walker
erotica ebooks by Laura Walker

The Game

Ashley is a strong sexually liberated woman who, nevertheless, secretly wants to tap into her submissive side.

“I don’t want to go, I would rather spend this time at your place.”
After pressing “send”, I ran my hand through my hair and pulled them up into a ponytail. A few seconds later the screen lit up.
“I know, but we promised we will come. It’s going to be fun. Besides, we need to keep our social life going or we will never leave the bedroom.”
“I guess. But I am not sure what would be so bad about us staying in the bedroom all the time though… I would like to be there with you right now.”
“Hahaha, I know. I feel that way too. But as I said, it’s good to socialize a bit.”
I read the message and shrugged. Putting my phone down I was ready to go up to take a shower when I saw the screen lighting up again.
“I might have an idea of how to make this party a bit more interesting, but you will have to do what I say. I promise you will not regret it.”
I felt my heart speeding up and the warm, floating ball inside of my belly growing, the sign of rising anticipation and excitement.
“I am intrigued.”
“Great. This evening wear a dress and no underwear. I will check the moment I enter the car. I forbid you to touch yourself until I say you can.”
My heart skipped a beat and I felt a warmth between my legs.
“I will pick you up at 6:30.”
I replied playing in my head possible scenarios of what Neal has planned. We just started dating, but we quickly discovered our minds are as dirty as they go, and what’s better, we have, what seems like, neverending sources of creativity to utilize our erotic fantasies. Absentmindedly my hand ventured in between my legs and I touched my swollen pussy softly. My subtle moan blended with the ring of my phone. I looked down at the screen and saw a message:
“I said, do not touch yourself. Or the deal is off.”
I exhaled and took my hand away. Even though he could not possibly know what I am doing, and I could easily lie and get it both ways, I knew whatever he planned was worth the wait.


After the shower, I opened my wardrobe and running my hand through soft fabrics, I wondered which dress would make sure Neal cannot take his eyes off of me. I ended up choosing the simple, black dress that I knew he loved.
Sitting on the floor in front of the big mirror I started applying the makeup. The afternoon light was pouring through the window, and golden beams were dancing around the room. I always liked this part of the day. My eyes traced the light up to the wall and stumbled on the old clock I got ages ago from my grandfather, its hands were nearing 6 o’clock and I knew the taxi would be downstairs any minute.
I carefully applied the lipstick, grabbed the purse, and put on my shoes. I stepped out of my flat and closed the door, the suspense of Neal’s plan growing with my every step marked with the sound of my black heels.
Running down the stairs I barely noticed Ms. Moore going up to her flat. A lovely, older lady that always had good advice and a nice word.
“You look so seemly, my dear! Are you meeting Mr. Neal today? He is a handsome young man! And so well behaved!”
Soft draft coming out from the small window opened in the hallway penetrated my dress reminding me, I am wearing no underwear. Well behaved. I smiled. I bet Ms. Moore’s hair would stand on ends if she knew the side of Neal I had a pleasure to discover.
“Good afternoon Ms. Moore! You look dashing yourself! Yes, we are going to our friend’s birthday party.”
“Well have a good one, my dear! Make sure you say hello to Mr. Neal from me!”
“I sure will. Have a great evening Ms. Moore!” I sprinted down the stairs to make sure I am on time when the taxi arrives. I noticed it a few meters from the entrance parked sideways, waiting for me.
Walking down the street to the car I could feel the warm wind blowing lightly in between my legs bringing the thoughts of Neal and his plan. I felt a gentle drip running down my thigh and wondered if anyone can notice my fast-beating heart and shortened breath.
The taxi driver seemed very bored and did not even look up when I entered.
“Lexington Street 47, please.”
Neal’s place was on the way to the party, so it only made sense to pick him up and split the costs. The 10-minute drive felt much longer than it should have, I was aching to see Neal and to feel his warmth close to me.
Arriving at the narrow street, I noticed him waiting downstairs, in front of the brick building he lived in, wearing jeans and elegant, yet casual shirt, in his hand he was carrying the gift bag with the present we got a week before and a small backpack. He sat down by my side and supplied the taxi driver with the address of the party.
Turning my way he kissed me gently and placed his backpack on my lap to block the view of his hand going up my thigh.
“I hope you obeyed…”

I felt his warm breath on the skin of my neck and the soft tips of his fingers tracing the way up to my vulva. Gently nibbling my ear, he touched my labia with his finger slowly moving it up, spreading the accumulated moisture around. He smiled feeling my excitement and moved closer, his arm wrapped around me, pulling our bodies close together. Then he thrust two fingers inside of me, my moan muffled with the kiss he just placed on my gently opened lips. He moved back and looked at me, his fingers moving fast inside of me.
“Did you touch yourself after I wrote to you to stop?” he whispered looking me in the eyes.
“No. I stopped the moment you wrote to me to stop.” I said truthfully, through my uneven breath.
Taking his fingers away without any warning, he sat back and took his backpack off my lap. Then he started a casual conversation as if nothing happened.
“I suppose there is no point in me asking about what you have planned for tonight?” I int…

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