The First Adventure of Julian and James

erotica ebooks by Desmond Blume

The First Adventure of Julian and James

erotica ebooks by Desmond Blume
erotica ebooks by Desmond Blume

The First Adventure of Julian and James

Julian and James are good buddies. They like to hang out, have beers, and have sex with beautiful women together.

Julian and I had been friends for years before we discovered what we truly liked to do together: fuck the shit out of women. It was fairly easy to find women who had a MMF fantasy. It had been harder before; but online dating apps opened up an unfiltered approach to flirtations (not necessarily in a good way for women), meaning you could be more risky and daring with what you were looking for. Julian and I were suddenly inundated with beautiful women wanting to explore sex with us. We were, after all, two young, hot males in our prime. However much online dating apps opened up a new way of discovering and approaching kinks and fetishes, Julian and I had found that it was still difficult to find women interested in the BDSM and Shibari scene. They were out there, there was just less of them that we encountered. Mostly, women just wanted to be thrown around and fucked from both ends. They wanted a cock in their mouth and a cock in their pussy. This was enough to fulfill most of the women’s desires that we had met. They came and came and came. And we fucked them over and again, taking turns, taking breaks, and fucking more. But then, we met Lucia. And our BDSM experience fucking exploded.

Julian and I had met in college. We couldn’t have been more different. He was two years older than me. He was wired for science and technology. I was wired for art and music. Every time we were trying to decide where to eat for dinner, Julian would pull out a pen and paper and start listing places. He would make an organized chart and weigh the positives and negatives. I would sit there indulging him, finely tuned to my inner guidance system, feeling the urges and sensations that led me to make a choice. Sushi. We always ate sushi together. We would discuss everything while we dipped our rolls into a perfectly blended mix of soy sauce and wasabi. We would reflect on our last encounter together or discuss the possibilities for an upcoming one.

“It was so fucking hot when her legs started shaking,” Julian reflected.

“Yeah,” I said excitedly. “It was. It felt so visceral. Like the orgasm was just pulsating through her body. She couldn’t help it.”

“I love that feeling. Sliding my cock inside a woman until her legs start shaking. It’s the basest pleasure in the world.”

“Can you imagine what it felt like for her? Two guys fucking her brains out? God damn.”

“I bet she calls us back in pretty quick. I’ll give her two days of recovery before she shoots us a message.”

Most of our encounters were one night stands. They were women who were either fresh out of a relationship, never in one, or just looking for fun. It was pretty rare for us to find a woman who wanted an ongoing relationship with both of us at the same time.

Julian and I weren’t lovers. We barely even touched each other. Unfortunately, we were both straight as an arrow. But we didn’t let our heterosexuality get in the way of our fantasies. Or, rather, I should say, our fantasies weren’t really connected to our heterosexuality. I liked watching Julian fucking women. Actually, I just liked watching people fucking. In particular, I found it incredibly sexy to watch a woman being fucked by a masculine dude like Julian. I got off on the power dynamic and the show. The woman submitting to her own internal fantasies and desire…

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