Tease and Twist

Love in times of quarantine erotica contest



I propped the phone up on a carefully folded cloth, ensuring its screen was well out of the splash zone. After adjusting the makeshift dock, I stand with a smile, just as a soft buzz announces his call. With a flick of a finger, his face appears on the screen as I step backwards into full view. His eyes light up, a smile already tugging at his lips, until I reach behind me and turn on the shower.
The initial jolt of cold water makes me shiver, regretting my decision to surprise him, but if anything, it boosts the effect my bare body seems to have on him. I see his jaw slacken as the ice-cold droplets flow down my breasts, the temperature causing my nipples to stiffen as I arch my back to reduce the contact, inadvertently pushing them towards the camera and his hungry gaze.
Every glance I take at the screen is hidden; I want him to feel as though he’s watching me without my knowledge, just peering into the most intimate point of my day, a fantasy we both have that my showers are always like this. I turn languidly, swaying my hips to the slow beat of imaginary music as I bend to pick up a bottle of shampoo.
I hear him hiss, and part my legs slightly to give him a better view as I smirk to myself. Pausing a moment before straightening up, I strain my ears to listen for the familiar clink of a belt buckle being hastily undone, and smile wider when I hear it.
My movements are slow and deliberate, though with every second that passes I need to bite my lip harder to distract myself. I can feel myself grow wetter, and not just from the water.
Reaching up, I begin to gently lather my hair, allowing some of the suds to catch the spray, moving in rivulets along my curves. I turn again to face him, eyes half-closed, but my well-bitten lips are flushed and screaming my arousal. I reach for shower gel, absent-mindedly smelling it before squeezing some into my hands. The rich scent of mango fills my nostrils, allowing me a moment to ground myself before the toughest test of my self-control.
I rub my hands together briefly before placing my hands on my body. I begin with my stomach, creating lines of bubbles as I swirl the gel over my soft, shower-slicked skin. Moving upwards, I allow my fingers to graze the underside of my breasts, tracing the patterns of my sternum tattoo idly as I wait, feeling his desire build as I sneak a peek at his face. He’s watching with rapt attention, though the longer I delay, the darker his eyes grow. He utters a low growl that makes my stomach flip, and I promptly cup both breasts, fondling them as I swipe my soapy thumbs over my nipples, my legs shaking with every flick.
I keep one hand teasing my left breast, pinching and squeezing it as my head lolls with pleasure, baring my neck to his intense stare. I wish he was here with me, his hands all over me, his teeth buried in my smooth skin as I gasp and yelp at the heady mixture of pleasure and pain. My other hand dips lower, my finger darting over my clit quickly enough that I hope he doesn’t notice me touching without permission, a flush rising over my chest and cheeks as my desire overcomes me, the sudden jolt of pleasure causing my breath to hitch in my throat.
“Stop!” His voice is warm but stern, echoing in the little shower nook, “Enough teasing, Princess. You’ve had your fun, now kneel so I can see the next part better.”
With a quick nod, I drop to my knees, legs spread wide so that he can see my pussy clearly. I lean back until I’m sitting on my heels, one hand propping me up as the water flows over my face and body. I spread my pussy with two fingers, deftly rubbing my clit with a third as I try to conceal my moans and shudders. The water hitting my face causes me to pant, the change in breathing heightening the sensations as the flow of warmth sparks pleasure across my skin. I gasp as my nail gently scratches my clit, eyes opening wide at the twisted pleasure that causes my pussy to flood, making it even harder to rub myself.
I can no longer hide the arousal on my face as I stare at Sir, enjoyment evident on his face as I see his arm moving off-screen. Images fill my mind as I remember sucking his cock, tongue out and throat as open as possible to allow him to fuck my face thoroughly, spit streaming down my chest before he pulled back, grabbing his slick cock and pumping it in his hand, holding my head back with the other as he finished with a loud moan, streams of cum spouting from his cock and coating my face, as warm as the shower water that covers me.
I tense to free my supporting hand, needing to feel something push into me as I remember being so passionately marked as his. I rub my fingers quickly at the entrance to my vagina, trying to wet them more thoroughly, before plunging two fingers inside. The angle makes it awkward to achieve the fullness I need, but that desire is instead fulfilled by seeing him stand, showing the full length of his rock-hard cock.
The movement of his hand along the shaft makes me moan, opening my mouth as my mind whirls, recalling the taste of his cum, and feeling of submission to his needs. My fingers pumping into my wet pussy are bringing me so close, as I begin to mouth a desperate plea for permission. Sir watches with amusement, an eyebrow arched as he waits to hear me speak.
“Pl…please Sir,” I gasp, slowing my fingers as I walk the knife’s edge of obedience, “please may I…”
“May you what, Princess?” I can hear the smile in his voice, my eyes rolling in my head, the pleasure becoming too much to bear.
“Please Sir…may I cum?” I finally moan, my legs shaking underneath me. I know that he can see every twitch of my body, bared before him. There’s an excruciating pause as he weighs up the options, before leaning down to look straight at the camera. He opens his mouth, hesitating slightly as he revels in his view.
“Yes, baby. Cum for me,” he breathes, his eyes glinting as I crest the wave of a mind-shattering orgasm. My body arches like a freshly landed fish, gasping between moans as I cry out his name, phantom memories of his hands caressing me through the highest peaks I can reach. I lean back, my head breaching the wall of water, leaving it pouring down my chest.
I come down slowly, my breath heaving, his voice soothing my racing heart. Reaching up with a shaky hand, I twist the tap, shutting off the stream as I collapse with a sigh.
I look up at him shyly, in my softest moment. He smiles at me, sitting down once again as he murmurs praise for my performance. A pang shoots through my chest as the memories of his touch recede again, and I reach fruitlessly for the screen. He understands, reaching for me too, as though this time we could break through and hold each other.
“Soon, sweetheart,” he says simply, “it’ll be over soon, and then I’ll fuck you mercilessly.”
His words make me grin, a cheeky look crossing my face once again as this time it’s my turn to arch an eyebrow.
“Is that a threat or a promise, Sir?”