Ida J BERLINABLE resident author



She writes from experience; based in Amsterdam, she recollects her adventures with her partner as they navigate romance and lust together. Her stories are empowering for being raw and poignant. It is refreshing to see a woman using her unique writing talent to write about sex so honestly. 

In her own words: “I write erotica to document some amazing and improbable things that have happened to me, some amazing and improbable people I’ve known. I’m looking to convey experience, to share not just what happened, but what it felt like, so the reader can feel it too. To share something strange and beautiful and maybe also to inspire the reader to explore their own desires, to seek out their own such adventures.”

Curious to read more?
We are proud to have Ida as one of our resident authors! You can check her stories out below. 


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We didn’t need any other word, my extremely horny face said everything because one second later I had his hands around my body, he had mine around his neck and our lips met in an intense kiss. Our tongues chased each other in a whirl of pleasure in which my whole body seemed to be involved: so wet was our kiss, so wet became my pussy soon.


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