by Coward Huntington

‘Are you thinking about it? Fucking me?‘ Ephyra asked, sinking her teeth into the grapefruits bitter skin. Luca anchored himself to the centre of the room, clutching a roll of toilet paper, every muscle in his body had frozen – but for one. 

‘Excuse me?’ ‘When you’re in there, in your room, rubbing your cock, do you ever think about me? Even just for a moment or something?’ 

She stuck a long fingernail deep beneath the skin, fine citrus sprayed into the air, juice dribbled along the edge of her thigh. She pressed her finger along it, tracking it down along her soft skin all the way beneath her skirt. 

Luca had still not answered, he stood by the window, his eyes fluttered, his red face emphasised by the clouds behind him. Ephyra readjusted on the bench top, she turned, stretching her leg and popping the heel of her foot against the table by the opposing wall, the exit blocked. 

‘When-‘ He stuttered, ‘When I’m what?!’ He turned to the window, pretending he wanted to open it. As he did Ephyra glanced at his waist band, for a mere second, watching as the profile of his cock came into view. Luca quickly dove his hand into his tracksuit pants, Ephyra felt a rush of blood up her thigh, seeing the tip of his cock as he lowered his T-shirt. He still hadn’t answered, she didn’t mind, he didn’t need to. 

He grabbed a cigarette from the windowsill, ‘You know I can hear you in there’ She popped the fruit into segments, arranging them in a pile in the dip of her skirt, the juice pooled underneath, she could hear it dripping onto the floor. 

‘You’ve been listening?’ He responded. Her neck hairs ignited. Her eyes shot up, meeting his, she smiled, Was that flirting? Or just genuine curiosity? Either way she was surprised. 

‘I don’t mind it’ She said, ‘The walls are thin’ He lit the cigarette, his eyes soft and brown, he inhaled neck muscles rippling beneath his thick black stubble. She wouldn’t call him strong, he had the accidental muscle tone of the typical bedroom DJ. He had a charm, an awkward energy, that could be interesting to spill. She had noticed him, the way he looked at her as he awkwardly passed through the kitchen for another cup of instant coffee. Yet Ephyra had never really considered him, Berlin was so vast, her apartment was only fifty square meters. 

She tasted his smoke on her breath. She wondered what his chest looked like. How would it feel? to run her fingers along his skin. She decided she would slip his hands under his pillow, run her lips along him, down-down further and further, she imagined his cock, bobbing under his underwear. Hmm. Maybe. 

‘I want to ask you something, a request’ She began, ‘I don’t want you to take it the wrong way, so I might be blunt… Is that okay?’ 

‘Okay’ He said hoarsely through a mouthful of smoke, Ephyra studied the chips in her finger nails. ‘I’m losing it… I can’t tell what’s going on, If I’m happy, if I’m sad’ She continued, ‘I kept a quarantine diary for the first week, that helped – then all the days melted into one’ 

She lifted her leg from the chair, pivoting it and stretching her foot straight, like a ballerina, ‘I understand’ He said, ‘Sometimes I feel like I’m totally lost, I can’t figure out why-‘ ‘Oh I know why‘ She gathered the Grapefruit slices and lifted her skirt, bundling it up as she dropped to the floor. She walked two steps closer towards him. 

She saw something, pulsing beneath his shirt, ash welled on his cigarette, long and unsmoked. He glanced down at her perfect brown legs, pubic hair spilled out the sides of her panties. He swirled his hips, automatically, taking a deep breath in. 

I tried it all’ She continued, ‘At first I used my toy, it was nice to begin with, taking care of myself, I came so fast and so hard I wondered why I ever left the house to begin with…’ 

She stepped further, a few meters away, sound had left the room, sucked in a vacuum, all but for the ticking of the clock in Ephyra’s room. 

‘Then… All of a sudden, it didn’t work for me anymore, I used my hands after that… I even 

stopped watching porn, stopped sexting, stopped relying on memories’ 

Ephyra was now close, close enough she could feel his breath, ‘All the people I have fucked, all the ways I fucked them, all the places, they all felt used up after a while…’ 

Luca had started to run his fingers along his hips, he blinked. Ephyra pursed her lips, he leaned over, slipping the end of his cigarette between them, she inhaled, widening her eyes. 

‘I was bone dry… So then I just lay there, quietly… I listened to the sound of you rushing in and out from your room, clicking your keyboard, making your lunch… Then, every now and then, I would hear nothing… Nothing, and you know how thin these walls are… So I started to listen, even more carefully’ 

She wiggled her toes between his. ‘So…’ He said, ‘What do you want to ask me?’ ‘I want you to do it, I want you to fuck me… I don’t want you to think about what it means, it won’t mean anything. I’ll set a timer for half an hour, that’s it, you can fuck me however you want, as long as I cum, that’s the most important thing, that’s numero uno… Really, I mean anything‘ 

Luca’s pupils had dilated, the outline of his cock protruded through his T-shirt, energy danced between them, her clit had begun to pulse, 

‘Well Luca, I said I would be blunt, that’s my deal’ He pursed his lips, a breeze through the window pushed her dark curls. ‘Okay’ His voice was distant, ‘Can… Can I have some time to decide?’ Ephyra realised she had stood on her lip toes, she lowered herself back down. ‘Hmmm’ She paused for a moment, ‘Fine… I understand, how about this? It’s 5:34 now, at 6pm I’ll be here, waiting, come or don’t’ 

He nodded automatically. ‘Great’ She winked ‘Safe word is Sisyphus’ 

When she entered her room the ticking of her clock was louder than ever, Ephyra smiled shaking her head, leaning forward letting the Grapefruit slices fall into her waste paper bin. It was too easy. She stopped for a moment, trying to hear his awkward steps around the room… She heard nothing, his room was quiet. 

She slipped off her clothes, feeling the bed sheet under the back of her legs. Why was he so quiet? She wondered. She had assumed he would come, It had never occurred to her that he may not… Why was he being so quiet? She bit her lip. 

She felt something beneath her thighs, a wet puddle. She rubbed her clit. 

Her clock was a gift from her sister, she had made it specially for Ephyra, the face in the centre of a bronze sculpture. Around it she had depicted Sisyphus as strong and feminine, pushing the boulder up the clock face in a series of increments. 

Ephyra had spent a lot of time staring at it since she had been in quarantine, it had become like her anchor, the only thing she could trust. When she wasn’t sure what day was what, when everything felt unreal like another time had bent around, grazing its fingers over her memory, she would look at the ticking of the hands, unwavered, moving around and around, completely unaware. 

She wondered, How did she push that boulder up the mountain like that? Again and again… Beyond the physical stress it would become boring after so many days, she would have to try something new eventually. 

A knock at the door. It was 5:45. Ephyra didn’t care, she was already too wet, she closed her eyes, opened her legs, feeling warm spasms of pleasure rising into her stomach. 

‘Come inShe moaned. For a moment there was only silence, she started pulsing her fingers in a circular motion, slipping them between the lips, opening herself. 

When she opened her eyes he was different. His eyes were sharp. He stood perfectly still, his face stone serious. Ephyra sucked in air, listening to her voice bend. His cock was long and thick, swollen, he must have been waiting in the hallway, pulling his cock, feeling it throb in his hand, he couldn’t wait another second. 

‘Lift your legs over your head’ He ordered. 

Ephyra did so automatically, she felt her asshole pucker. He walked closer, with each step his cock bent higher and higher, pointing back towards his face. 

‘Fuck me’ She found her self screaming, pushing her hands behind the tangle of her dark curls. He moved closer, his stomach muscles rolling as he leaned over her, so close she could feel the heat of his breath. She felt warm static rising inside her, she felt heat in her finger tips, her nails digging into the back of her scalp. 

‘Do it, do it now’ The wet tip of his penis circled around her pussy, he pushed it carefully, edging into the wet folds of skin, skimming against her clitoris and slowly back down. Ephyra lost her breath, she felt her stomach seize, desperately rolling her body forward, he sunk deep, deep into her, just once and she felt some thunderbolt shoot up her, wrapping its hands around her throat. 

The clock struck. 6pm

Ephyra opened her eyes.