Serpentine Seduction

erotica ebooks by saro david

Chapter One


Under soft halogen lights, Sewesi swivelled her hips into the swange snake dance which she danced from her heart, perhaps possessed by her village deity, an ancient Leviathan which her tribe, the Tiv people of Nigeria, believed saved them from being massacred during an intertribal war before the arrival of Europeans on the continent. Since then, her forefathers have served this ancient serpent who crossed itself over the River Benue to allow their ancestors passage to safety, running away from another savage tribe, from the North of the Benue.
Sewesi snaked her body in sexual coils, her black charcoal skin adorned in olive oil shimmering with ebony lustre under soft halogen lights. Only a small vagina patch made from kente covered what many men and women in the audience secretly craved, the burning fire calling from between her legs, every time she bent to snake her way up in her swange dance, a little of the fire flashed itself, to a gasping audience of men, and women too who also came out in search for something fresh outside their marriage. Sewesi’s dance lured them all, her body, evilly curvy, full breast, and threatening big butts, called them all, like the voice of the serpent in her Tiv village, where when her people worshipped the ancient Leviathan, a voice called from the River Benue, so that, a whole tribe, by a huge burning night fire, most of them in a trance, would constrict their bodies to move like serpents in a dance, the appearance of the ritual performance sexual, and provocative. The Tiv tribe was known to be the most sexually liberal of all Nigerian tribes. Sewesi was making a wage and a big show from her ancestral worldview, but beyond performance and art she was a deadly seductress, a strategic dater and dick baiter.
Watching the snake girl dance, Kolade Badmus, known for his social gallantry at killing Lagos City super girls; sexually that is, never sleeping with one woman twice, but willing to spend a fortune on any woman who was fingered as “unattainable,” sat inside Korofo Parlor, a performance bar run by a Cameroonian woman named Kame whose hips was itself an attraction to the bar. Kola eyes burned with lust, the snake girl dancing on the small stage had him entrapped, he was even more eager because when he asked Kame who was sitting next him in the darkest corner of the parlour, about wanting the girl dancing on stage, the broad bodied Cameroonian woman tapped on her hips and whispered in his ears,
“She is too proud. It will take more than a few drinks, a nice time, and holiday in Dubai to get this one. She is vicious, you would have to break your bank”.
Kolade laughed an evil laugh, rubbing on her fat butt, which underneath her skirt was huge curvy soft mass. Though Kame never slept with her customers, Kolade had lured her easily, squarely fucking her on the floor of her upstairs office. Three times he had his go on the big woman while the music outside drained their loud moaning. He bought her a special gift for that, a gold wristwatch and a bracelet, and they remained friends, and she helped him arrange meetings with girls he fingered out to her at her parlour. She never did this without a huge tip.

Kolade’s fingers searched her thighs, holding her with his stare.
“If you ask me as a friend, I would say stay away from her, and find something safe. She is strange, and many things have been whispered about her and her fetish practices. She never denies or agree.”
“I want to meet her,” Kolade asserted with defined interest.
Kame was quiet, before she said standing up, “I hope you come back from this one.”
Kame moved, drawing glances as she walked, her big hips swaying and her large ass wiggling under her skirt as she made her way backstage to meet Sewesi who just took a bow on stage after her erotic serpentine dance of seduction.


The moan that escaped Kolade’s throat might have sounded outright unmanly. He squirmed as the teasing wet tongue of his escort flashed over his, as he would like think of it, his royal penis. The teasing enjoyment of the sensual madness she was working on his erection forced Kolade to, in the middle…

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