Saved by a Fireman: An Adam and Evelyn Story

Erotica eBooks Saved by a Fireman by Elle Beau

Things were crazy! Work had been busier than usual and Adam was traveling a lot. He and Evelyn had just moved into a new house and it seemed like nothing was coming together smoothly. Evelyn felt completely frazzled and overwhelmed and when she had to go into full-on in-control of the world mode like that for too long at a time, she really needed to have a way to blow off some steam. It’s not that Adam’s travel schedule was easy, but at least it took him away from the thick of things for a while and Evelyn was just about at the end of her rope.

“I miss you so much,” Evelyn said with a sigh one night when they were Facetiming. “I feel like I’m holding up the center tent pole of the Barnum and Bailey circus, and I’m not sure how much longer I can take it. If I could just have you in my arms it would make everything better… A good fuck is really in order too,” she added with a laugh.

A sly smile crept across Adam’s handsome face. “I miss you too,” he said, “but I think I have an idea.”

“Not phone sex,” Evelyn said, a bit disappointed. “That’s just never really appealed to me.”

“Oh, no,” he said, with a smile, “it would be very much in-real-life.”

Evelyn had no idea what Adam was getting at since he was out of the country and not expected home for two more weeks, but Adam said he’d call her back very soon. When the phone rang a bit later Adam told Evelyn that he had some good news. He’d arranged for her to have a playdate with a friend of a friend, who just happened to be a firefighter.

“What?” she almost yelled into the phone, in disbelief and excitement. “Are you 100% sure this is a good idea? Is he really a firefighter?”

Evelyn wasn’t one of those women who’d always had a fireman fetish, but she had to admit that there was something appealing about it just the same. She and Adam had always played with other people together, or at least at the same party, so this would be a new experience for them both. Evelyn was a bit nervous, she was also very excited at the prospect. Fucking a strange man in her own house without Adam even being there…. or maybe she would go to the fireman’s place? What was he like, she wondered? What would he think of her? What if they didn’t hit it off? But what if they really hit it off? What then? She could feel herself begin to flush a bit just thinking about it all.

Adam answered as many of her questions as he could and assured her that he had no problem with it. Because Tony came so highly recommended, Adam didn’t have any concerns about them being alone together. Besides, Tony was one of the few guys who could get together in the middle of the day, while their daughter was still at school; and best of all, he had some experience with dominance play.

When Evelyn was truly stressed, she liked to have the chance to give up control for a while with someone she could trust. Typically, that someone was Adam, but the friend who had put them in touch with Tony was someone who knew Evelyn well and he also knew Tony well. They’d played together before and he was sure that they were a good fit for each other. Plus, he guaranteed Tony was someone to be trusted.

The whole thing was getting very intriguing as Evelyn played through the possibilities in her head. Talk about a hall pass! They hung up and Evelyn shook her head in amazement… but then didn’t waste any time texting Tony.

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