Romeo, Romeo!

erotica ebooks by Jack Crutchfield

Romeo, Romeo!

erotica ebooks by Jack Crutchfield
erotica ebooks by Jack Crutchfield

Romeo, Romeo!

An obsessive love must face the challenge of long-distance. The path that follows is dark, in a masterpiece erotic thriller.

Heads-up: This is a work of fiction that depicts violence and self-harm – which can be disturbing for some readers! Please continue at your own discretion.


Part One

The collections of Shakespeare, Wordsworth, and Coleridge vigorously shook on the nightstand as Kyle completed his final thrust into Olivia. His muscles relaxed as he ejaculated a part of his soul into Olivia’s body while she wildly convulsed beneath him. The two lovers both released a long and deep sigh as Kyle rolled off of Olivia and stared at the ceiling. Both of them believed their immediate sexual chemistry was a sure sign that they were meant for each other, and that it would always be this way. Even when their sex—and love—was relatively new, exciting, and unfamiliar, Olivia was captivated by the length and girth of Kyle’s penis and how quickly they got in synch with the rhythm of their bodies.

The setting sun dipped into the bay window next to the bed. A ray of soft, orange light cascaded into the room and danced across their bodies, refracting their sweat and bodily fluids, making them gleam and shine like a fresh coat of polish. Once they regained control over their breathing and heartrates, Olivia rolled over and rested her head on Kyle’s chest. Her hand slid over his body and clenched him tight as she threw her left leg over his groin. Kyle briefly lifted Olivia’s head and moved his left arm out from underneath her and placed it around her shoulder to hold her close.

She pecked his cheek and smiled, “Oh Kyle, I’ve never loved anyone this much.”

“Me too, and I’ve ever been with anyone as beautiful as you.”

Olivia blushed, “I bet you say that to all the girls.”

He laughed and kissed her forehead, “No my darling, only you. You’re mine.”

Olivia looked around and the lubricated cogs of her imagination transformed the modernized ranch house into a castle. The sleek, contemporary style room morphed into stone and mortar. The whole bed was replaced by a large straw-stuffed mattress surrounded by an ornate wooden bedframe with posts and a silk canvas suspended over them. Kyle became a gallant knight, or prince and Olivia saw herself as a noble blood woman: a forbidden pleasure aligned with a rival family or kingdom to Kyle’s native land. Yes, they were a romance that was never meant to be but had transcended the Shakespearian tragedy and blossomed into a love that was pure and true and good despite the insurmountable odds of their own tragic backstories.
When Kyle looked down at her. He imagined himself as a great poet. She was his muse, his Grecian Urn: the inspiration who connected himself and his readers with the sublime force in the divine, ethereal realm. With Olivia’s help, he would bring back the sonnet, the ode, the grandiose awe and wonder of nature, intense feelings, and emotions about love and revolution. Yes, he thought to himself, I will be the face of the new romanticism, and our love will get me there.

They laid in silence for a while until Kyle asked, “Hey, baby?”

“What is it?”

“I have something for you, do you mind waiting while I get it?”

Olivia briefly clenched him and replied, “Okay, but hurry back.”
He kissed her again, then got out of bed and tiptoed out of the room. Despite Kyle’s stealthy steps, Olivia could still sense his location in the house. She turned on her side, softly stroked the warm spot on the bed where Kyle was, closed her eyes, and smiled. After a few minutes, Kyle reappeared in the room, holding a giant box with no lid. He struggled to hold the box and tilted it towards himself, so Olivia couldn’t see what was inside of it.

“Close your eyes,” he said with a loving smile.

She closed them and replied, “You know I don’t like surprises.”

“You’re going to like this one.” Olivia could hear him grunt as he set the box down on the ground and grunted again as he stood back up, “Okay, open them.”

She opened her eyes and gasped. Kyle cradled a giant puppy that was a mix of an indeterminate number of breeds. He gently bumped it up and down in his arms and kissed the side of its face. The dog stared at Olivia with a sense of confusion and aloofness. Olivia and Kyle both believed the dog was perfect, despite having a gnarled paw, two different colored eyes, a nub tail, and a chaotically colored fur coat.

“Oh. My. God,” she gasped.

“Isn’t he cute? I got him at a rescue near King City. Poor guy got his paw run over by a car. But the rescue said he’s extremely well-behaved.”

Olivia moved to the edge of the bed and sat on her knees as Kyle brought the dog close enough for her to handle. She touched his fur and shivered at how it slipped in and out of her fingers like fine silk. The dog extended his nose and sniffed Olivia’s face and gave her a nervous lick, then retracted back into Kyle’s arms.

“Can I hold him?” Olivia asked.

Kyle was silent for a moment then eventually agreed to let her handle him. She took the dog in her arms and rested his hindquarters on her lap and smothered him with kisses. The dog still seemed apprehensive of her but eventually came around and gave her a few more licks. After giving the dog a lengthy amount of endearment, Olivia asked, “Does he have a name?”

He scratched his head and said, “No, I wanted to leave that to you.”

Olivia held the dog out in front of her and stared into his eyes, “Caliban! Or Cali for short.”

Kyle nodded, “That’s a great name, baby. I’ll have a collar made for him tomorrow.”

“Cali,” she peppered it with kisses and continued, “Cali, Cali, Cali.”

“So, you like him?”

“I love him.”

Olivia tilted Caliban on his back—causing his paws to fold onto his chest—and admired him with an overwhelming amount of maternal love. It wasn’t long before her arms got tired of his weight, “He’s heavy.”

“Yeah, he’s going to be a big dog. Here, let me take him.”

He took Caliban and set him down on the floor. They crawled back underneath the covers and made love again. At the same time, Caliban moseyed around the room and eventually settled down at the foot of the bed.

After they finished making love, they took Caliban for a short walk around the property. The sun had already set, so Kyle decided it was best to stay close to the house. There would be plenty of time to show him the vast and infinite network of trails that coated the rolling hills just outside the ranch house’s gates. Olivia and Kyle held hands as they walked and admired their new family…

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