Revenge in Leather

erotica ebooks by Michalina Mayerhoff

Revenge in Leather

erotica ebooks by Michalina Mayerhoff
erotica ebooks by Michalina Mayerhoff

Revenge in Leather

He liked her right away. She was really pretty even without make-up. But he was married.

He only knew her in a high-necked blouse, mostly plain – and preferably white or dark blue, often combined with black pencil-shaped or pleated skirt, the latter naturally cut a little wider. These rather buttoned up clothes also corresponded to her inner attitude:
“You’d better not touch me.”
“Or maybe later, if I trust you more.”
“I’m not the kind of person you just go for.”

Victoria was in her mid-twenties, she worked in an insurance company. An office job, nothing adventurous. It was in that same office that he met her about a year ago. Her job was the exact opposite of his: he was a pilot. This was not as exciting today as it was thirty years ago, but certainly more varied than an office job.

He liked her right away. That she was really pretty could be seen without make-up – she wore almost none when he saw her for the first time. Great body – he noticed this immediately when she got up from her desk to get him a cup of coffee. Her tight skirt – the only part of her that could be called “sexy” and as such did not seem to have been consciously chosen by her as a “sexy” piece of clothing – highlighted her flawless legs perfectly. She generally did not seem to consider herself to be erotically attractive in any way.

He was married. Still is. Loyalty is one of those things … in his profession he gets around a lot and works in a team with, among others, very attractive stewardesses. When they stay as a group in one of the countless international hotels, there are one or two combinations that they try out sexually in the mostly luxurious bedrooms. Everyone knows that, including his wife. She does not ask. She is only interested to a limited extent – only as long as his short affairs do not pose a real threat to their marriage. They rarely do, and even then, he keeps it to himself.

So, he invited Victoria to dinner and then seduced her – in her apartment, whose furnishings he found almost touching. The style reminded him of a young girl’s room in the nineties, only that there were no posters of any stars on the walls. Her small apartment radiated a certain naivety that one hardly encounters anymore in the present time of the 21st century.

Victoria was also one of those women who blush when they are aroused, hide out in a certain situation or even feel ashamed – something you don’t see that often anymore either, but he liked that. Yes, it amused him somehow that she could not pretend and could not fool him.

In the months that followed, they met frequently in her apartment. And had good sex – without question (in a true sense of the words). Soon he knew the areas of her attractive body where stimulation could excite her. Once he had begun to caress, kiss, lick or even pinch or nip her there, her excitement was unstoppable. Often, she then began to move almost uncontrollably, her whole body, which sometimes began to tremble before she came. And she came loudly and powerfully, not at all as her high-necked clothing would suggest. Behind this façade, something else was slumbering: passion, unexpected eroticism, sexual needs that he could satisfy together with her. She also knew how to treat his body with surprising affection. She stroked, licked, loved exactly those areas that he favoured for this purpose. This concerned of course especially the lower part of his handsome, muscular body. Most of the time he only penetrated her when she had already come and he effortlessly succeeded in arousing her again beyond all limits, which ad…

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