We got to the place early in the evening. Leila got lost on the way, of course, but to be fair, it was really in the middle of nowhere. And I don’t even drive either, so I wouldn’t have gotten there without her ride.

Well, that’s it. It doesn’t feel like it, but it’s been five years since graduation. The reunion was being discussed months before, in a group created especially for that on WhatsApp. Honestly, I wasn’t buying it. It seemed like one of those things, where everyone is like “I’m in!”, but in the end, no one actually goes. I was wrong.

Out of thirty people in the class, it seemed that eighteen would go, which was a lot, considering many of us had married/had children/moved abroad (sometimes all three things at once). We negotiated a country house in the middle of Bumfuck, Nowhere, with all the comforts; rooms for (almost) everyone, a swimming pool, balcony, even a wood-burning stove.

I couldn’t have been more excited. If it had been my school class, I would have been horrified at the prospect of having to stand in front of my teenage tormentors again. But with the college folks, it was different. I always got along very well with them – in fact, I felt at home for the first time among people who had the same passions as me and was very excited to see everyone again. I had some close friends from the class who I often met, and others that I always saw here and there, in a little carnival block party that everyone happened to be in, or when a post on Instagram would lead from one thing to another and we would get together at Pride. But seeing all of them together, like in the old days, was for the first time.

And I was really excited to know what everyone was up to. Of course, I knew a lot thanks to social media, but I hadn’t had the chance to really talk to anyone to find out – how the preparations for the wedding were going, how the dream job was going, and that trip to Morocco in 2014 – all the details.

After a lot of controversy in this WhatsApp group we decided to “banish” everyone’s SOs. The argument was simple; first, it would be much more difficult to find a place big enough for almost twice as many people. Besides, people spent enough time with their other halves already, the idea was to have only people from college together, like in the old times. There were protests. A lot of people wanted to introduce their special someone, but it was settled that it would happen in a bar the following weekend.

Having seen the heated discussions, I wouldn’t be surprised if the reunion really did happen.

But anyway, I digress. The point is that I was happy to spend three days with my classmates. And I also had been single for a while, and wouldn’t mind a revival with any of my ex flings.


The first night was chill. We organized some snacks (Ludmilla brought several vegan options: “Thalita and I have been 100% vegans for two years now”), got around 10 bottles of wine on the table and started to catch up. João Paulo had moved to Serbia; it was a lucky coincidence he was in Brazil. He went out with his gringa girlfriend and was working in animation. He took a packet and tobacco and rolled a fancy cigarette. Fê had become an actress. She was playing a minor role in the Netflix series, and had several projects lined up. Laura had dyed her hair blue and was running a department of forty people. Carol was traveling around the country with her movie and had…

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