Pimenta Cítrica meets Kat Abad

I had the pleasure to speak with the lovely Pimenta Cítrica for our Inner Circle project via Skype. It was a fun and lively conversation that gave me a more in-depth perspective of the inspiration, vision, and story behind our mysterious Editor-in-Chief and fellow resident author. 


Pimenta Cítrica is a unique writer who blends quirky comedy with heart thumping sex scenes. She’s very adventurous and outgoing. Honest and open about life in riveting substantial detail. She also displays a soft-hearted humble demeanor. A dynamic in every sense. 

I put much care and planning into what questions I was to ask. I wanted to know where it all began. The series of events that led her through the door of the BERLINABLE headquarters and into the lives of its resident authors. 

Read and enjoy the interview below: 

Kat Abad: How old were you when you first started writing erotica and what was it about?

Pimenta Cítrica: I was 12 years old when I first started writing. A friend and I would play this RPG style dialogue game, where we talk back and forth about sexual things. Once, I also wrote a fantasy I had about being a man and having sex with myself. I also did a fan-fiction piece for Harry Potter. I wrote about what his first time was like with Ginny Weasley by the lake.

Kat Abad: That’s very interesting. I would definitely read that. I always wondered what would happen between them. It wasn’t elaborated enough in the movie. That’s a good one! How did you get involved with BERLINABLE?

Pimenta Cítrica: I found out about it from Pornceptual. It’s a huge celebration that embraces sexual freedom here in Berlin. I met Giada at one of the parties… She and I built rapport instantly and she chose me to be her Editor-in-Chief. The rest is history. Although my German isn’t very good, we managed to communicate avidly about our plans of building the company and the writing community.

Kat Abad: That’s wonderful! I imagine it would be difficult with the language barrier, but you two seem to understand each other quite well. I know many people who speak perfectly in the same language and don’t understand each other at all. Where does your inspiration come from?

Pimenta Cítrica: From life experiences. My personal sexual encounters and relationships. Some are fantasies with events that I wished would’ve happened. Like encounters with people with whom I thought would have gone further with me and how it should have gone.

Kat Abad: I wondered that myself. One of my favorite things to do is figure out what parts are fact and fantasy in erotic stories. I read your book, “Birthday Present.” The one with the sexy picture of you with a cake on your lap. Tell me… did that really happen?

Pimenta Cítrica: Yes, it did! That book was based on a true story. My previous boyfriend surprised me with a mutual guy friend of ours in a sexy threesome.

Kat Abad: I love that! I’m always in support of new exciting endeavors. I also loved the fact that it was so realistic. Like in the beginning, the events and dialogue were so raw and imperfect. 

Pimenta Cítrica: I prefer that type of dialog because that’s how people talk normally. We’re not in a perfect world where everything goes smoothly and I implement those imperfections to add depth to my characters. 

Kat Abad: That’s so interesting. I’m the exact opposite. I write about things going perfectly smooth all the time. I’m also a bit selfish when it comes to my characters. It’s always about me, one way or another.

Pimenta Cítrica: Well, in a way, your characters are you. Mine definitely are. It makes things more interesting to have different viewpoints.

Kat Abad:  You certainly have a keen eye when it comes to that. We’re so lucky to have you as our Editor. I’m curious. What is your goal as Editor and what do you see as the future of BERLINABLE?

Pimenta Cítrica: One day, I would love to have all the authors fly to Berlin and meet in one big party to talk to each other about their experiences and inspirations. I think that would be awesome! And as far as the future of BERLINABLE… I’ve spoken to Giada about this and we want BERLINABLE to be the largest erotica publication in the world! 

Kat Abad: I would love that as well! It’s definitely growing and I love that everyone is so different. Now that we’ve covered the professional questions, I’m going to ask you something more intimate. What is your sexual preference? Are you married, single, seeing anyone?

Pimenta Cítrica: No, I’m not seeing anyone. I’m single. Wow, no one’s ever asked me about my status before. That’s funny. And as far as my sexual preference… I’ve looked into polyamory. I find both sexes attractive but I’ve never been with a non-binary person to see if I like it. So, I’m sticking with bisexual.

Kat Abad: What is your favorite position with either men or women?

Pimenta Cítrica: With women, it’s 69. With men…it’s pegging.

Kat Abad: That sounds hot! Pegging is when you have a strap on, right? And you fuck a guy from behind?

Pimenta Cítrica: Yes, that’s right!

Kat Abad: I’ve never done that before, but that’s something I want to try, too. I feel I may be at a disadvantage though. It’s mostly straight men where I live.

Pimenta Cítrica: You’d be surprised. It’s something many straight men fantasize about but may be too shy to ask.

Kat Abad: I will definitely keep that in mind. What about women? Have you ever been with one exclusively or just in a threesome?

Pimenta Cítrica: No, I have. I was in a relationship with a woman for two years. It was super nice.

Kat Abad: Wow, very nice indeed. I prefer women myself. Yet, lately, I’ve been solo thanks to this quarantine. What about you? How have you been coping with it and how have you been spending  your time?

Pimenta Cítrica: I’ve been keeping busy with work and various projects like the I Am The Clitoris project. Keeping up with my Blog and YouTube videos. I also write comedies and screenplays. When I’m not doing that, I like taking walks in the park and reading alone.

Kat Abad: That sounds very peaceful. They’ve unfortunately closed the parks in my city. But I try to get fresh air as much as I can. What do you plan to do once quarantine lifts?

Pimenta Cítrica: I am definitely partying. I want to have a Freedom Rave in the middle of the forest!

Kat Abad: That sounds amazing! You have such adventurous ideas. I am definitely taking notes. I wish we were able to travel now. I hate being cooped up like this. I was very sad to hear that this outbreak locked us all in, right on my birthday. I didn’t get to celebrate it like I wanted.

Pimenta Cítrica: That’s terrible! Well, hopefully next year you will. I was very lucky to be able to celebrate mine before quarantine started.  

Kat Abad: That is good to hear and I hope so. When was your birthday and how did you celebrate?

Pimenta Cítrica: My birthday was last December. I was visiting family and friends in my hometown and got to party in a motel. Do you want to know a secret? 

Kat Abad: Yes, of course!

Pimenta Cítrica: A motel in Brazil is not like a motel in the States. They are specifically rented for the night or by the hour for sex. Not for sleeping.

Kat Abad: Oh wow! I didn’t know that. Sounds like fun! I will definitely remember that if I get to visit there. So, did you get any action on your birthday?

Pimenta Cítrica: No, I didn’t. I just celebrated with my friends. We drank a lot and hung out in the hot tub. It was a beautiful venue. Lots of laughing and joking. I preferred that. It was  really nice to have them around.

Kat Abad: Your friends sound amazing! I think that’s so important to have, especially in a time like that. I’m glad to hear you were not alone. My last question for you is more hypothetical. Since we deal with both love and money in our line of work, I’m curious. If you had to choose between the two, which would you rather have?

Pimenta Cítrica: What an interesting question. I have to think. Well, I’m kind of a hopeless romantic and somewhat of a starving artist already so… I would have to choose love. It’s the only thing that matters in the end.

Kat Abad: Truly! I agree. Well, thank you again for your time. It was so great to speak with you today! I must say, I’ve worked for a few publications before and you stick out so much to me. Many people in your position are very bossy, even arrogant. But you’re not like that. You’re so humble and down to earth. I feel it would be nice to spotlight you today. That’s the true reason I wanted to do this interview in the first place. We have been working together for months and I didn’t know anything about you. I figured this would be a great way to get to know you beyond our usual cordial emails. I’m so glad you took the time to speak with me.

Pimenta Cítrica: Thank you! That’s so sweet. I feel that it’s the writers who should be in the spotlight. Without them, there would be no publication. We choose the very best who portray their own unique quality and I learn so much from them. I’m honored to work with them through their journey as literary artists.

Kat Abad: I am truly grateful for the opportunity as well. It’s heartwarming to be a part of such a special group of people. 

Pimenta Cítrica: I love that there’s so many of us in such a genre that seems so small. Not many have the courage to do what we do.

Kat Abad: I have always liked that about writing erotica. It’s such a brave and sacred form of art to me. I have so much to note down. I will let you go now and get started. I should do this as soon as possible so I don’t forget anything.

Pimenta Cítrica: This was fun! Thanks for interviewing me today. I’m curious to see what you come up with.


After hanging up with the lovely Pimenta Cítrica, I had a moment of clarity about our position in the publishing world and in life in general. Erotica has a foundation in so many genres. Not just romance but also history, comedy, poetry, and even war. It’s always the best part of a story. The true climax of all main events (no pun intended).  Yet, it’s so common that the juiciest parts of their stories were the stories the writers of the past were too afraid to write. We had to imagine them. Feel them through the dialogue and be careful not to miss the hidden messages. 

This is where erotica writing differs from any other kind. Our goal is to bring out that scene that most readers have to imagine and drag it in the spotlight. Let it be exposed and examined. Turn it upside down and inside out. Explain what happens when your character is teased to the point of tears so the same emotions flow through the reader. At the same time, your reader receives a very intimate side of you as the writer. Because every writer stamps their own sexual style into their characters. It’s a constant ebb and flow of energy that can’t be found in any other kind of story.

Humanity has revolved around sex since the dawn of time. Sex is the sole reason for our very existence. Yet, it’s the one topic that still remains taboo in literature and also society. Because of erotica authors like Pimenta Cítrica and everyone at BERLINABLE, the most natural act of love is no longer impossible to describe. Every story we produce opens the minds of our readers by letting them into ours. That’s one more step over the obstacle of censorship. One more door that opens to true freedom. The freedom of choice. Our exercise of free will. Our right to free love. 

Without erotica, the world of literature would have no depth. No explanation of how passion is forged, or the difference between love and lust. No way to see the beauty and harrowing in both. No chance to read exactly what you felt when you climaxed.

It’s these remnants that keep me reading, writing, and studying erotica. It’s our significant piece in history that still embraces humanity in raw form. Our true form. The only one we have at birth and death.