Naughty Steps

erotica ebooks by Pimenta Citrica

Naughty Steps

erotica ebooks by Pimenta Citrica
erotica ebooks by Pimenta Citrica

Naughty Steps

A night in or a night out? Why not both? Follow your own adventure with or without your girlfriend. Maybe you’ll get lucky.

It’s a nice night. The wind is pleasantly crisp. You have a fresh beer in your hand, and you’re wearing your favorite jeans that fit just right. You lock the door to your apartment; you’re own your way to your girlfriend’s place for a quiet dinner. She’s just left work and is looking forward to a cozy night at home. As you’re about to hop on your commute, your phone vibrates.

It’s a message from your best mate:

Yo bro party at Olivia new place tonight.

Olivia is the girl he’s been seeing for forever, and you never know whether they’re together or broken up. You honestly don’t have any patience for their drama anymore. However, your mate guarantees the party is going to be a ton of fun. He insists you come. He tells you to bring your girl, bring alcohol. You feel a tinge of excitement. It’s been too long since you’ve been to a good house party.

You text your girlfriend the potential change to plans. However, her response bursts the bubble:

Sorry, bb, I had an exhausting day… I think I want to just stay in :/

At this point, you:

a) Ditch the party and go over to her place. This was the initial plan, and you miss spending quality time together.


b) Decide to go to the party alone. You’re sure she’ll understand. You can always hang out another time, she’s your girl after all. You’ve been needing to release some steam.



It takes her around forty minutes to arrive. She’s dolled up, wearing that short checkered skirt you like – the one that makes her look like a slutty schoolgirl. When she sees you, she runs into an embrace, her hands flying around your neck. Her balance fails a little, just the telltale signs she’s probably already shitfaced.

“Are you drunk?”

Her mouth curls into a guilty grin.

“Hey, I had to catch up,” she confesses, showing a clear plastic bottle with something that looks suspiciously like Red Bull.

Her body is warm, her skirt is ridiculously short – you have zero problems with her being drunk. At this point, everyone is wasted. You know maybe half the people in the apartment, maybe even less than that by now, and the crowd has turned the living room space into an improvised dancefloor. It’s been a minute since you’ve seen your mate last, you wonder if him and Olivia just waltzed off to her room for a little act…

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