Misadventures with the Ex

erotica ebooks by Jasika

Misadventures with the Ex

erotica ebooks by Jasika
erotica ebooks by Jasika

Misadventures with the Ex

A glimpse into a happy relationship that ended abruptly, yet the remnants of passion keep the two lovers interested in each other.

Today marks four years since me and Ade ended our relationship. We had been exclusively together for 3 years, but I can honestly say the best years of our relationship was when we had not labelled what we were, perhaps making our companionship exclusive is what slowly led to our losing interest in making it work, it was too much pressure.

Before we decided to label what we were to each other, there was excitement in all of our interactions, whether virtually or physically, there was a fire there. He was quite the confident man in everything he did.

I met Ade right after he graduated with his Post graduate degree in Marketing Economics. He was a young ambitious man on his way to becoming Vice president at K and K Marketing, very impressive for a 27-year-old.

I remember the first day we met, I was interviewing his colleague, Dominic, for the cover interview for Perception magazine, where I was assistant editor at the time, an interview that I had spent months preparing for. It was my big interview, that one leap of faith in between shattering my little career then and the moment that would make my entire career.

I was so nervous when I walked into the large conference room. I sat down and started reciting all my questions over and over reminding myself to remain calm and poised. They walked in together, him and his colleague, laughing heartily and sat on the opposite end of the pristine long wooden table, coffees in hand and greeted me ever so politely.

After fumbling through my words and taking multiple breaths, I regained my composure and completed the interview, gave my votes of gratitude and my goodbyes.

I remember it was around 9pm, right after I had finished writing my article and emailed to my editor when my I got a message on my phone from Dominic saying;

‘Hey, Dominic here. I hope you got home safe after her interview. I apologize if me and my friend were in any way intimidating earlier. I would like the opportunity to make up for it, perhaps one of the evenings this week, if you are available.’

My instant thought was that this was way too many words when he could have simply said he’d like to take me out for a drink but I brushed it off. Dominic was not such a snooze, and he was right, I would not say intimidating but he was quite condescending during the interview but something about his confident full on white smile sent chills down my back.

I figured why not, it had been a while since the last time I took myself out and had a mind-blowing fuck, and with work piling up, I needed a distraction.

I texted him the next morning, agreeing to meet up with him that Friday night, at a bar of his choosing for a drink or two. I dived into my pile of panties and picked my go-to-get-laid red lace thong and its matching bra for a pick me up in my confidence. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and thinking, damn! I looked very hot; I’d want to fuck me too.

We met at 6:30pm at the Peermont Hotel bar. I wouldn’t say that I was nervous to be around him, more anxious to get the drinks done and over with so I could see him naked.

Nothing about him seemed different from the energy he had in the office and who he was outside the office.

Our conversation lingered around the changing political sphere and the young rising stars making strides in their fields, which he took complete advantage of by complimenting my accomplishments then, every chance he got.

I was flattered to say the least, and very appreciative of his calm and humorous demeanor throughout our time there. He became restless as the clock ti…

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