Meet Model Medusa Stoner


There are few people who themselves are a work of art.
Medusa Stoner is such a seldom piece.

Searching for new ways of expressing herself, she always looks for red lines she can cross: Nothing  s too extreme for her to try.

Her insta account is like a manifest of Berlin´s hedonistic movement.
Shooting with her for BERLINABLE in Wintergarten Berlin, together with designers PERLENSÄUE, was like a festival of creativity: Medusa proudly presented her new cuttings, switched from slave to diva and back in seconds and pushed us over all limits.
Hail Medusa, Gorgone, daughter of gods!
Since this shoot was so outstanding, we made a video from it.” 
Words from the photographer
Like Medusa, many artists collaborate with us from all over the world, so we can create phenomenal cover art together. Take a look at some of the covers made for which she posed:


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