Love in the Time of COVID-19

love in times of quarantine erotica contest



We saw each other in February this year. Robert was for six days in Berlin mainly to see me but also two other friends. In these six days, we had four dates, dinner, coffee, sex. Sex all the time. Great sex, fantastic sex, long hours of sexual arousal. Hours of being very close to each other, not only physically but emotionally as well. Robert is a person I can trust completely, therefore I had no problems with getting orgasms every time. I trust him more than my ”official partner” – Robert is my secret lover. Since years. In fact, we’ve known each other for 20 years (we already had great sex at that time), then there were long periods of ”no contact at all”, now we’ve reunited. In fact, for three years, it has felt like an erotic romance that might go on forever, until we die.

In February, we agreed to meet again in May, the first possible time for both of us. The plan was to be together in the UK where he owns a large typical English property with a huge garden that feels and looks like a piece of paradise. I had been there a couple of times already, never longer than three or four days. And each time we had a wonderful, erotic time with many hours of gorgeous sex.

And then – around mid March – the world changed. Nothing was the same anymore: Corona. Pandemic. Very fast it affected the entire world. At first, travelling was not recommended, then borders were closed. Within a short time we had thousands of dead people in the entire world. Isolation, quarantine. Also. England had become strict after being too careless at the beginning of it all.
Now it became very clear that Robert and I would not be able to meet again in the next weeks and months. Maybe in the late fall again?

But I was horny for him and vice versa.
He is a man who mostly takes care of the woman during all these great hours of being together in bed, as a man of rare talent, equipped with a rare sensuality. He says ”Male orgasms are boring. Female orgasms are great. Much more interesting and much more joy.” For him too. He takes care that the woman he sleeps with gets what she wants, what she needs. Even when he is in me he moves his body the way that – in this case me – has the fullest sexual satisfaction. And he does everything to make it easy for – in that case me again – to come. He loves my body, I know that.

Now we have the virus. Does that mean no sex?
No. It doesn’t.

Recently one night I took a bath and called him via my iPad on Facetime, with no ulterior motives regarding sex. I just had in mind to chat a bit about this and that and the Corona thing. Robert, lying in his bed in England, could only see my face, my body was fully covered by water and foam. But the way he looked at me I could tell that he became aroused. The expression on his face changed in a way that in return arouse me as well. I suggested that I would leave the bathtub and go over to my bedroom to lie down on my bed. I got up from the bath, covered with foam, and dried my wet body. Part of this Robert could watch which obviously increased his arousal. So I took my iPad with me and we watched each other, each of us in bed. I started to caress myself, to touch the parts of my body that otherwise he would indulge in. So far I could only see his face, with the clear expression of high sexual excitement. Same with my face I guess. I sensed that he was touching his penis, his balls, caressing himself. I asked him, half whispering half moaning already, to show it to me, I wanted to see his dick and what he does with it. At first he just fondled with it, softly and carefully, but then stronger, his penis and his testicles. I became extremely hot and aroused, so we were bringing each other to higher levels of sexual excitement. And then he actually started to masturbate, looking at me like being in a fever, hot hot hot, until we both came almost at the same time.
It was extremely sexy.
Well, the Corona virus has brought only a few but at least some positive aspects in our lives. There are more, of course, like having time to help each other, a new feeling of getting together differently, less consuming of needless stuff as all shops are closed. Times of contemplation.

At the end of this beautiful encounter Robert told me that he has never done something like that before – sex on the screen so to speak.
Thank you internet, thank you tablets and computers.