Locked Down and Loaded

love in times of quarantine erotica contest

Locked Down and Loaded

by Daisy Dawn

I mean, listen… I have tried everything. I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.
Watching pornography videos (on mute) during a Zoom call: checked.
Making a loaf of bread from scratch: checked.
Masturbating to my neighbors having loud sex? Not my proudest moment, but, yes.
Flashing strangers who catcalled me on the way to the supermarket: checked.
Ordering dildos (yes, you read that right – plural) off Amazon: checked.
Did they mention that the delivery will take longer because of the spike in orders? Uh, yes. Did I get impatient and end up fucking myself with a cucumber instead? Also yes.
Did I – at the very low point of this isolation – text my exes? Absolutely.

I just want to feel something, alright? It’s been weeks since I have touched and been touched. Oh, at this point, I’m more than thirsty. I am dehydrated.
I have sent and received more nudes that ever. I have logged in and out of live cam services. So help me God, I just need a human touch.

A knock on my door.
“Yeees?” I hesitantly responded.
“Hey, you wanna get pizza for lunch?” my flatmate J emerged behind the door.
I look at him and shake my head.
He makes himself comfortable and proceeds to sit on my couch.
Damn. Is this the isolation playing games with my brain or does J get even hotter these days?
Curse this. Grey sweatpants are my kryptonite.
His eyes meet mine. He can tell I’ve been checking out his junk.
Caught in the act, my cheeks are flustered.
He smiles and lowers his gaze down my shirt.
Yes, it is I – Daisy, the braless wonder. My hard nipples poking through see-through white shirt.
“Are you sure you’re not excited about pizza?” staring intently at my nips, “… Or are you just excited to see me?”
“Oh, shut up!” I get up and run to the kitchen to escape from J and my dirty thoughts.
Just because we made out at a party once doesn’t mean that it will happen again.
I open the fridge door in search of something to quench my thirst.
Oh no! We’re all out of cucumbers.

I must have been asleep for a while when I heard soft rustling under my blanket. It must be around 2 or 3 AM.
Turning right and laying on my back now I’m trying to ignore the noise and fall back to sleep.
A few minutes passed when I suddenly felt a warm hand grazing my thigh.
I’m half-asleep at this point. Forcing myself to open my eyes, I can only see darkness and decided that the sensation is probably just my body signaling withdrawal from human touch.
Or… Could this be that I’m having one of those sexy dreams?
Again I brushed it off and fall back to sleep.
Oh, God!
I can feel it again.
It moves at a glacial pace from my thigh up to my chest.
Fondled and teased, my nipples instantly get rock hard.
I always feel kind of hazy when I wake up in the middle of the night.
Am I dreaming?
I can feel the hand continues to alternate between massaging my breast and twisting my nipples.
Oh my God, this feels so real.
A sensation I have so missed.
My whole body tingles with warm pleasure.
Then something happened that made me almost jump out of my bed.
I can feel my right nipple being licked and sucked.
I can feel the warmth and the wetness grazing my skin.
My heart now races fast but still, I keep my eyes closed. Dealing with the shock and sensation, my body shuts down. It’s like I’m pinned down to my bed and I can’t move. I’m too afraid to move. My head is filled with all the questions and speculations. On the other hand, my body is loving this.
I tried to calm myself and focus on enjoying the pleasure. Maybe I tried too hard cause I accidentally slipped out a little moan.
The mouth and hands stopped playing with my nipples.
A brief pause then they wander down and under, reaching my other sensitive parts.
The hand separated my thighs and runs up and down my underwear line.
Two fingers slip under my frilly undergarment, they wander and stroke the hairy layer before entering my hole.
Another hand joined in. It locates my clit.
Oh my God, this feels so good.
As a collective effort, the hands grabbed each side of my hips and slide down my panties.
I don’t think it was possible for my heart to beat any faster, but boy was I wrong.
Turns out, it is extremely hard to act like you are asleep when you are over the roof aroused. Which makes this even hotter – the fact that I can’t see anything, it’s heightening my other senses.
Every touch and lick lingers.
This feels so so good.
My nipple is pinched and my pussy is being tongue-fucked.
With every thrust, I let out a gentle moan.
With every moan, the harder my nipple is being squeezed.
The wetter and hornier I get.
I don’t even care who or what is. I just want them to never stop caressing me, devouring me.
But they did stop.
My heart sunk.
Then I hear a crinkling sound. A familiar sound.
Oh my God.
He’s going to put on a rubber.
He’s going to fuck me.
What am I doing?
But I so desperately need it.
I want it.
Despite not being able to see anything, I can sense that he is getting closer to me. So close that a waft of musk and oud is now filling up my nose and lung. A familiar scent. I know only one person with this distinctive fragrance.
My heart’s beating faster and faster.
He lets out a moan.
He’s inside me.
His part fits snug inside my pussy.
He pulls it out ever so slowly.
A pause.
I can feel the tension in this dark room. I can feel that he is calculating his next move.
Could it be that he’s also unsure about this?
Before my thoughts could wander any further, his cock is now jammed back into my hole.
Slow thrusts as if he wants to savor every single second of this experience.
I’m laying on my back trying to act a blow-up doll, regulating my breathing, not moving or letting a single sound escape from my mouth.
The whole thing just makes me even wetter.
His cock slides in and out with ease and precision.
He picks up his pace, continues to fuck me faster, harder.
Without slowing down, his hand now circling my clit.
I can’t help but let out a moan from the excitement.
There’s no more hesitation from me or him. We both know we want this so bad. So he fucks me like he means it.
With the combination of my nipples being sucked and bit, my clitoris being rubbed, and my hole penetration, I am getting closer and closer to climax town.
Every thrust is mildly painful. I can feel my hole is being stretched. After weeks of no sex, it is now filled with all the thickness and meatiness that I so craved.
I can hear the clock ticking, my heart palpitating, my breath fluctuating, my nipples tingling, and my clit throbbing.
He does his magic.
Alternating between sucking and licking me.
Entering in and out my hole in a beautiful rhythmic.
Touching, stimulating my sweet spot.
Putting a heaving pressure and a rapid movement, he sent me to the big O.
The pleasure sends me to jolt uncontrollably as if an evil spirit is being exorcised out of my body.
Without a pause or any mercy, he grabs my arms, pins me down and fucks me even harder. It doesn’t take long for him to finally release his cum and for me to join him for my second orgasm.
Both panting and gasping for air, the cloud seems to clear both of our heads. In the air, I can smell the oud perfume mixed with sweat and awkwardness. He pulls out, gets up, leaves my room and heads to his room, the one next to the kitchen.