In Bed with Berlin – Episode 9: And Suddenly Love Strikes

Berlinable eBook: In Bed with Berlin Folge 09

Lena feels arousal in her whole body, but especially in the stomach area. Hundreds of virtual bees buzz in it, work their way noticeably through to the brain and mess everything up. After she and Chris got off his heavy motorcycle and kissed each other for the first time today, he simply took her by the hand, as if it were the most natural thing in the world and they both had long been a couple, and led her through the entrance gate of the Motor Yacht Club of Germany. This amazingly simple process of being taken by the hand and led somewhere is what makes Lena so scary. It’s between her thighs, but it also makes her insecure. She feels small compared to Chris. Not in terms of body size. No, usually she’s the one who decides where to go. But she registers a feeling of security that rises in her. And she remembers that otherwise, she doesn’t like that. When she registers something like that with herself, she immediately tries to stop it. She attaches so much importance to her independence, to her freedom.

Again and again on the way to the footbridge, that they stroll down almost running, Chris smiles at her from the side with a certain casualness, as if he is very sure of his business. She’s struggling to smile back just as casually. She’s feeling awkward, and frightened, she finds out. His smile seems to say, “You know exactly what’s about to happen. And you’re gonna love it.” Lena can’t deny it: she feels that Chris wants her. At this very moment, that could possibly become an hour or two. She doesn’t care how long it takes, this desire. The “now” counts, she says to herself. To savor the moment intensively is what life is all about. In the few days she’s here in Berlin, she’s already learned that. Not just in theory, but in practice. Life is happening in the moment!

They enter the jetty and head for the motor yacht “Edmond Dantès”. Chris jumps on the deck first, turns to Lena on the jetty, surrounds her waist, lifts her into the ship in a high semicircle and lets her down gently so that she lands softly on the planks. Her skirt continues to bulge and her well-formed thighs flash for a moment. As soon as she stands there, Chris is even closer to her. Still putting his hands around her waist, he pulls her very close to him. He excites her immensely with his decisive nature. She doesn’t have to do anything, just feel his warm breath. The view from his bright blue eyes and the contact with his body cause an almost painful pull in Lena, especially around her vagina. Her heart beats faster, she feels it very strongly. Her knees seem to want to give up, the floor below her swings from a very light swell of the lake. She feels tingles and buzzing between her thighs. Oh God, she desperately wants to have this man in her; to fuck, to be touched by him in all places that give her pleasure. Something like this has never happened to her before: so quickly, so clearly, so unambiguously.

Chris starts kissing her. Heaven, that feels good just the way he touches her lips. And then, as if someone had pressed “Start”, their tongues greedily intertwine. She wraps her arms around Chris’s neck, presses her body against his and returns his kiss tenfold. Already here on the deck, through this kiss, she basically gives herself completely to him.

And it totally turns Chris on. He felt that she wanted him too but didn’t expect everything to be so quick and easy. He feels her soft, round breasts on his body. This indescribably beautiful feeling drives directly into his penis, that has already been in a tense position of “watch out” for quite some time in his surfer shorts. His hands move up and down her back and then press her almost bare shoulders closer to his body. He can’t stop kissing her. He’ll love that woman down there in the cabin fervently, he knows that. And he’s sure she won’t forget him so easily.

Lena clings tightly to Chris as if they are merging into each other. She feels his strong erection on her lower body, and he enjoys squeezing himself against Lena’s flat stomach and rubbing it lightly.

She releases her tongue and lips from his as if she were struggling for air and holds her face with her eyes closed for a moment toward the sun. She consciously enjoys the gentle breeze, the smell of the water, Chris’s hands on her body.

Silence. Her dark brown hair moves in the gentle breeze. Lena says, “Hey Chris, what are you doing to me?” She opens her eyes and looks at him.

Chris smiles. “I’m just looking forward to what’s about to happen. It’s amazing to enjoy the moment when you know you’re going to be hitting each other.”

And you can’t do that on deck after all. Chris is here so to speak as an “official person”, the representative of his father, even if he doesn’t think much about his father and likes to distance himself from him, if necessary, by all means. Although it would be totally awesome to make love outdoors in broad daylight, directly on the shiny polished wooden planks, he has to …

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