In Bed with Berlin – Episode 8: Sex, Lies and a Video

Folge 8: In Bed with Berlin

While Anna Busch leaves the pharmacy at Bahnhof Zoo with a recently acquired pregnancy test, the motor yacht of the Wesemanns crosses Wannsee and heads for the Motor Yacht Club of Germany; in the stern Lena, Marian and Elena, Wesemann in the cockpit behind the steering wheel. His son Chris, however, leans casually against the back of the co-captain’s seat and keeps looking at Lena with a smiling, somehow knowing look, as if he were sure that the two of them have something in common. And Lena answers his gaze but keeps it cool. That’s what it looks like on the surface. In reality, however, she finds it difficult to keep eye contact with him. She is still unable to assess this attractive person, who has already shown considerable ingenuity in the field of eroticism and sex. (What man caresses a woman’s clitoris by diving underwater and holding his breath with his tongue?) And if she is honest with herself, she has to admit that he is unsettling her to some extent. But she already knows she’d like to see him again. She has Tom and Sebastian and everything that is going on between her and these two men but she won’t leave Chris out in the rain. That much is for sure. Provided, of course, that he also feels like seeing her again.

Elena, on the other hand, has her eyes fixed quite rigidly on the front. Nothing in her posture indicates that she had sex with Marian less than half an hour ago. Nothing to show that the sex was hot and Elena enjoyed it. And that’s why Marian somehow seems to be taken for a ride as the male sex object of Elena’s apparently boundless but soulless desires and exploited by Wesemann’s voyeuristic ambitions. She hardly talked to him at all. And now she’s completely ignoring him. What a strange woman, goes through Marian’s head. Yeah, it was a hot number he put out there in the front part of the cabin. Yet he now feels unsatisfied – and empty. He thinks of Martha, Veronika too. How different love felt with these two women. And how beautiful it was afterward, at least with Veronika: cheerful and calm. They were also connected in an inexplicable way, although a serious relationship is out of the question. The fact that one does not marry immediately does not mean that after sex the interpersonal relationship must sink to the inside temperature of a freezer. Now he longs for the moment when he can leave the ship and both Elena and Wesemann behind. He sees Wesemann now as a perverse voyeur rather than a professionally competent surgeon at this moment. Wesemann obviously has sexual problems – or at least preferences that Marian can relate to on the one hand, but on the other hand finds strange, to put it mildly. A husband gets horny watching another man fuck his wife? In this case, one could say: watching his wife fucking another man! In Marian’s brain a picture flashes up very briefly: what would it feel to watch another guy sleeping with Veronika, for example, on a really posh, excessive tour. Without Marian being able to physically participate himself. At the moment, he just can’t imagine that he would like it, let alone that it would make him feel better. Sex with two women, that yes, but to squat next to a horny couple and jerk off when another guy fucks his own girlfriend or wife. Or could that turn him on as well? He pushes the thought aside; he doesn’t want to imagine it any further now.

They reach the jetty of the Motor Yacht Club. The Wesemann family, if you can put it that way, including Elena, is busy with the docking manoeuvre. The three of them look like a well-rehearsed team. Strange team. Marian observes Chris and how he deals with Elena. Wordless and somehow familiar, but still distant (the freezer sends its greetings). I wonder if they’re having an affair. Or maybe Elena fulfilled her desires with Chris? Or he fulfilled his with her?

As Chris climbs backward from the deck, he reaches for his cell phone, which he had left next to the steering wheel. He walks towards Lena, who is still sitting on the bench in the stern to avoid getting in the way of the docking manoeuvre. He asks her for her number. He doesn’t mind at all that everyone here notices.

When he gets the number and saves it, he asked Lena openly: “Do you want to save mine too?” Lena nods.

“If you give me your phone, I’ll type in the number there. And I’ll call you when I know when and where I’m playing the DJ again, okay?” Chris adds and it’s obvious that he really likes the idea.

“Okay,” Lena lights up.

Marian can’t help but watch them silently, because he’s sitting right next to them. The guy is a DJ? Aha, the many tattoos on his admittedly well-built body fit this profession perfectly. Marian’s face continues to darken: apart from th…

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