In Bed with Berlin – Episode 7: The Sex Trap

Berlinable eBook: In Bed with Berlin Folge 7

It’s about 11:00. Marian and Veronika are on their way to Neukölln in an open Porsche. They are both quite happy.  The sex with each other was great: playful, carefree, and there were moments of security especially for Marian when he could bury his face between her wonderful breasts. Veronika and he like each other. But there’s no such thing as love. It’s the sex that connects them. Nevertheless, who knows what is still to come and how things will turn out.

Marian thinks very briefly of Martha. Maybe that will never work out with her and his heart cramps, although he is actually doing just fine. He doesn’t want that now, that feeling of melancholy. He quickly pushes it aside. It helps him when he looks at Veronika from the side, at her magnificent red curly mane and the pretty freckle face. It’s all right, the way it is now, he thinks.

Veronika directs him along winding paths and bumpy Neukölln cobblestones into a street with the Swiss name Rütliweg – if you come from the city center, to the left of Sonnenallee. This is where she lives, Veronika. The house is in beige-grey color, similar to the color of almost all apartment buildings in the area. Even at this late hour of the evening, teenagers on the street, foreigners, and Germans play together. There’s still something going on here at this time of day. It’s different in the middle-class, more expensive neighborhoods, and not only in Berlin. There’s a grave silence there during the day. Marian likes the liveliness he can feel here.

At the same time, Bob and Dino are in Bob’s bed. Dino turns frustrated away from Bob. He’s horny. He starts stroking his cock and out of sheer defiance prefers to do it himself because Bob reacted totally listless when he kissed him and wanted to caress him – in his own way.

And Anna, the secretary in the office and Marian’s ex-lover? She sits in the bathroom of her comparatively small, modest apartment above the toilet bowl and chokes from time to time without anything coming out. She’s been getting sick lately. She had a nervous stomach as a child, but she never felt as weird as she does now. What is that, she wonders. If this keeps up, she’s gonna have to see a doctor. She is very clearly aware of the fact that Marian is most probably no longer with her at the moment. Neither physically nor with his heart. He cheats on her, although she never asked him, nor did he himself say anything about it. Maybe he doesn’t want her at all anymore. What then? As soon as this thought comes up in her mind, her stomach rebels once again.

Later: The dawn has come after Lena has said goodbye to Tom in his hotel room. The sun rises before the hotel de Rome while she gets out of the taxi. The car drives away, through the morning Berlin city center; the horizon is bright red, above it the sky shines in a clear medium blue. A few stars sparkle. You can’t really see them in the city, the stars. The streets of the inner city, now so empty, have something very special this morning, something rare; like a melancholy that fades away in the background. Lena feels satisfied fully. She knows Tom’s limits about being together; better now than ever after this night.

Dino lies sleepless next to Bob. He also sees the sunrise through the semi-open blinds of the windows. He had fallen asleep in the meantime, but now he is awake again and feels a strong, urgent erection. He will now lay hands on himself for good. If Bob doesn’t want to, then don’t. He turns completely to his side again so that his back is turned to Bob, who seems to be deep asleep. He tries to move his body as little as possible. Shit, he thinks. I could have gone somewhere in Schöneberg last night. To Tom’s Bar or to another establishment, more posh perhaps, where you can easily get to know someone. Or once again to his favorite sauna. He closes his eyes and imagines the erect genitals of another man, including bulging testicles and behind them a crunchy ass that he could knead. His right hand rubs his cock firmly and slowly, first only the tip. Otherwise, he moves his body very little, and he doesn’t make a sound. He doesn’t want to wake Bob up; this is his thing now. He should go straight to the bathroom and get on with it.

He doesn’t know that Bob has now opened his eyes behind him and looks at him in the twilight of the dawn: his crisp, extremely round buttocks, his muscular back, the slight movements of his arm that reveal what he’s busy with right now. It turns Bob on to watch him in the semi-darkness. Right, he didn’t feel like it today, but this is what’s getting him horny.

But suddenly Dino rises and gets out of bed. He takes a quick look at Bob, who closes his eyes in a flash and pretends to be asleep. As Dino sneaks out of the room, Bob can only just see Dino’s high penis emerging seductively against the twilight that falls through the light curtains. Damn, that makes him hard right now.

Dino quietly closes the bedroom door. Bob lies on his back, frustrated, alone. That’s not the solution, goes through his head. He lies there for a few seconds, with a bad feeling in his stomach and a half-erect penis. Then he breaks away from his stiffness and stands up resolutely.

He opens the door to the bathroom where he suspects Dino is. And, of course, he was right to assume that Dino kneels in front of the tub on the soft bathmat made of fluffy terry cloth and supports his upper body with only one hand. With the other he now vigorously massages and visibly excites his penis. When he notices Bob in the door, he reacts only briefly and massages determinedly, almost defiantly. Bob approaches Dino and steps behind him. His dick has also risen. He kneels behind Dino, upper body in an upright position, and begins to rub him (his cock) at the crevice between Dino’s bulging buttocks. Immediately afterward, with his right hand, he surrounds Dino’s firm, small scrotum. Dino moans and move…

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