In Bed with Berlin – Episode 6: The Little Sweet Revenge

Berlinable eBook: In Bed with Berlin Folge 6

Lena has an upset Martha on her cell phone. Anna called Martha to claim that Marian and her would soon get engaged. Along with the disappointment over Bob and his new sexual (gay) orientation, Anna’s call has completely thrown Martha off emotional track.

Lena looks at Marian questioningly and with a hint of mistrust: “Marian? Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No.” He shrugs his shoulders and indeed looks innocent. “I had a long-running affair last year, I mentioned that once, but it was never a steady relationship…”

“So, you don’t have a girlfriend named Anna to get engaged to?”

Marian jumps up, still sweating wet from his training. “Anna? Engaged?” His voice almost somersaulted. “What’s that supposed to mean? For God’s sake, no!”

“God, Martha,” Lena scolds and throws the cell phone on an armchair. “She hung up on me.”

“Shit!” exclaims Marian into the room. “Anna! How did she get Martha’s number? How does she even know about Martha, and that she and I… what is she doing? Is she out of her mind?” Lena is silent. “I’ll call Martha myself,” Marian decides and reaches for Lena’s iPhone.

“Stop Marian! I don’t know if it’s a good idea,” Lena says strictly.

“Why not?” he replies, the iPhone already in his hand.

“Because she probably doesn’t believe a word in the state, she’s in right now. Let me handle this. I’ll text her. She needs time, and if everything you say is right, we have nothing to lose. She’ll calm down soon.”

Lena switches on the voice recorder of her mobile phone and speaks into the device. She doesn’t let Marian out of her sight. “Dear Martha, common, it’s a shame you hung up on me, period. Anna is lying. Period. Marian assured me that she’s not his girlfriend. Period. An absurd idea. Period. Please call me! Exclamation point. I want to embrace you, comma, your Lena”

“Good. Yes, yes, that’s good,” Marian comments on Lena’s text input.

“How does Anna know of Martha’s existence and her telephone number?” Marian repeats in his thoughts. He rubs his hair, wet with sweat, with a towel, but it looks as if he wants to free his skull from all these idiotic and intriguing thoughts.

“I don’t get it. I’m going to take a shower. I’ll try to sort it out in the morning. Although tomorrow is Saturday!” He’s leaving the room.

Anna with Wesemann in his Jaguar, that hasn’t moved a meter out of the parking space in Königsallee yet. She senses – still without being able to be concrete – a chance to put Marian under pressure. She’s gonna put something in Wesemann’s hands. Wesemann with his dark real estate transactions must fear that Marian will not represent him sufficiently in court. She also picked up some medical errors, another case Marian is representing him in. She’ll play the two against each other. The idea isn’t there yet, but it slumbers inside and is just waiting to grow into full bloom.

“You know, I’m gonna tell you something I haven’t told anyone,” Anna says. She takes a break cleverly designed for her purpose.

“Marian sexually coerced me…”

Another break.

“He practically forced me to sleep with him in his office. On his desk.”

Another break.

“Of course, he locked the door first.”


“He made it clear to me that otherwise, it would cost me my job.”

She’s aware, of course, that none of this is true. Marian doesn’t let a chance go, but he’s not one to sexually coerce a woman. And she wanted him, probably more than the other way around – the handsome, successful young lawyer. She was horny and a prospect of the financially secure existence wasn’t bad either. But is he giving away her looks and her sexuality (and she really enjoyed sex with him) so simply?

Wesemann pushes his body further into Anna’s proximity. Her stories seem to turn him on, arouse him. “I believe you,” he notices in a low voice. “I’m sorry for you, you don’t deserve this.”

His hand gently strokes Anna’s face.

“You’re very beautiful and it’s not right to take advantage of you in this way.”

His hand gently grasps Anna’s breasts. At that moment it is not clear to him that his behavior copies exactly what Anna had just told him about Marian. His excitement overlays this rational thought.

He grabs Anna’s left hand and puts it on his crotch.

Anna feels his swollen penis in his pants. Wesemann presses her hand harder on the bulge and pushes her hand back and forth slightly. The attractive Marian forces pretty Anna to have sex, he thinks. It’s hot. He thinks of American presidents who have had fun with their female employees. There were more than one of them – a form of sex intertwined with power, as an encore so to speak.

He lets go of her hand and gently grabs the back of her head and her blond ponytail. The way she presents herself to him now makes him really hot. It feels to Anna like he wants her to suck his dick right now. But it’s just a hint, not a direct physical call. Anna, in any case, continues to feel his erect cock, still under the closed fly, until she finally opens it, reaches into his underpants and takes his rather hard genitals into her hand…Wesemann realizes that he hasn’t had such a firm erection in a long time.

“We can’t,” she says then. An abrupt reactio…

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