In Bed with Berlin – Episode 5: New Situation

Berlinable eBook: In Bed with Berlin Folge 5

“Hello Martha?!…Yes, of course, for you always… (Lena pauses for longer) … Aha”, she then puts down the phone and looks at Marian from the side. They sit in his Porsche and drive from Nikolassee to the highway exit and toward the city centre.

At the other end of the telephone line, Martha reports agitated about her shocking experience in Peter’s and Dino’s apartment: Bob made out with Dino; they snogged and played with their genitals. Her boyfriend and partner, until a few hours ago her boyfriend Bob, is gay!

“No!… (pause)… Listen, do you mind if we talk more about everything tomorrow? You wanna meet for lunch and get something to eat? Just a little something for lunch.”

“Okay. 1pm at SETs? It’s right near the store. The corner of Schlüter and Niebuhrstraße,” Martha suggests.

“I’ll be there on time at 1pm. See you tomorrow and have a good night.” She hears Martha’s farewell greeting: “Good night to you, too”. They end the call.

Lena can’t go into the details of Martha’s experiences now. Not on the phone, while she’s in an open Porsche, dashing down the highway in Berlin and actually wanting to process her experiences with Elena and the young, attractive Norwegian. What an experience! Tomorrow she can devote herself to Martha, one hundred percent, not half-heartedly, as she feels it now.

Again, Lena looks over to Marian. He thinks he’s spotting a stealthy grin on her face.

“Did something happen?” he asks.

Lena hesitates, then shakes her head.

“I’ll know more tomorrow.” She stares at her cell phone. “It might change everything now…” she adds.

Marian directs his Porsche toward the highway

He accelerates the car quickly.

In the Villa Wesemann the doctor lies on the sofa next to his wife Elena, who until recently initiated and enjoyed many intimate activities between Lena, the blond tall Norwegian, and herself. He stares at her naked body. She looks like she was cast in liquid bronze by a sculptor: perfect forms, unconfined, and erotic. Next to her thighs is her diamond-studded vibrator. She seems to be asleep. Wesemann comes closer, smiling. He loves her no matter what she does. His hand runs over the bulge in his crotch and down to his testicles. He keeps looking at her and smiles.

Elena keeps sleeping and doesn’t wake up when Wesemann sits upright next to her and gets rid of his clothes including all the underwear. He doesn’t let his beautiful wife out of his sight for a moment. He lies down next to her on the side and supports his head with his left hand. His penis is half erect. He drives his right hand several times over his whole body: his cock stirs, but hardly gains strength or stiffness. Wesemann’s eyes wander from Elena’s face to the vibrator lying next to her. The precious diamond trimming glistens at the top in the diffused light of the room. He grabs the penis-like part, which is actually quite small, and one would suspect it could leave many desires unfulfilled.

Lost in his thoughts, he plays with the device in his hand. He loves Elena. She’s the only woman he truly respects. Because she’s tougher than him and all the men he knows. Because she retains such incredible elegance. And because she’s greedy as a wild lioness. How many times has he had serious problems with her! He has to think of the poor boy she caught last New Year’s Eve. He was a student and had been waitressing at the reception at Unter den Linden, where the Russian ambassador had invited them. When she took him home, the poor guy thought he got a big catch. He was the prey, but he realized that only when the naked bodyguard appeared next to Elena. He, Wesemann himself, wasn’t there. He still had to clarify this problematic real estate matter with the ambassador and three business partners. When he finally came home, he found extremely satisfied Elena, naked, with a champagne glass in one hand, a leash in the other, and her outstretched feet on a whimpering, trembling piece of a man whose back had bleeding weals and who was tied up on the leash by the neck. The bodyguard just dressed, in front of him holding a leather whip. He looked at Wesemann as if to suggest an apology. His shrug was supposed to mean that he was not to blame and that he had acted on Elena’s orders.

It took Wesemann over an hour to stop the bleeding on the boy’s back and make him halfway fit for transport. He had been very angry with Elena but didn’t dare to turn his strong disapproval against her. Instead, he had insulted the bodyguard and instructed him to throw the naive student out of the car somewhere in a quiet place and make it clear to him that he better not tell anyone about the evening.

After that he had the best sex he had ever imagined with Elena. That night it had become clear to him that she would simply take what she wanted, without any hesitation. Like an ancient, merciless deity who lives only for her own pleasure. And only he is equal to her, only he can be allowed to stay by her side… well, at least that’s what he wants to believe. The thought of her power makes him horny. After all, that night he was able to make it clear to her that she had gone too far with the student.

Wesemann turns the diamond ring of the vibrator to the right.

The device begins to vibrate very quietly. Wesemann holds it close to the tip of his cock, which immediately reacts with pleasure – at least that’s how it looks: he makes a kind of twitching movement at the top. Wesemann produces a pleasurable grunt. He moves the vibrating part, resembling a thick, small, red rod rounded at the top, over his entire penis and down to his scrotum, and after a short moment of pleasure further into the depth of his crotch, where the penis root sits between the ass opening and the scrotum, well-protected between the thighs. He turns the shutter of the small, glittering penis copy, which also serves as an on/off switch, even further to the right. The vibration becomes stronger and faster. The vibrator has only two settings, he notices. And the maximum has already been reached. Too bad, actually; he could use more. He drives the vibrator up and down his now clearly stiffer penis several times and then concentrates on the head, that now shines and is slightly swollen under the fores…

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