In Bed with Berlin – Episode 3: Love, Sex, Life

Berlinable eBook: In Bed with Berlin Folge 3

‘Marian! Now that’s really nice! Come in!’  Martha asks him with a smile. He does so, pointing to the bottle of champagne in his hand as he stands in front of her in the hallway of the apartment.

‘I thought that might be good for both of us. And I thought yesterday evening was somehow … not yet completely’ he adds in a low voice, filled with excitement. They stand close to each other, the special form of the electrical voltage between the two charges in a split second, tiny explosions, you can almost hear it crackling. Marian places the champagne on an antique sideboard in the hallway, above which a mirror with a gold-ornate frame hangs. For a moment he sees Martha’s neck, her smooth back and her crunchy bottom, which is seductively visible on the surface of the undergarment. Like in a painting, he thinks briefly. He starts to hug her. She closes her eyes.

She cannot believe that he came to her so easily and does not know what to do now. Slowly she turns to face him.

The moment his hands touch her shoulders, the spell is broken. What she had dreamed of in countless lonely nights since she was young becomes reality in this second.

At about the same time, Lena is on her way to meet the attractive stranger from the train, whom she met yesterday on her journey to Berlin. She came too late and was afraid that he hadn’t waited for her – or hadn’t even appeared; her date was uncertain and more of a decision, ‘whether’ or ‘whether not’.

‘Sorry, I’m a little late, there was a traffic jam … and I was the one who said: Point seven. Well, that’s the way it is sometimes.’ Lena tries a laugh that comes across embarrassed. ‘It’s okay, no problem,’ Sebastian replies with a nonchalant smile. They feel a little strange now to each other now. Stranger than yesterday when they stood in the lurching compartment and almost kissed. ‘I’m glad you came,’ he says.

‘You!’ replies Lena. ‘That you came. My name is Lena. As you already know.’

‘And I am Sebastian. But you already know that, too.’

She looks at him from the side as they move towards the escalator and exit. He is tall, she must look up at him if she wants to look into his eyes, his striking face. Lena stops, Sebastian reacts, looks at her questioningly. She stretches up to him, almost on tiptoe, despite the high shoes. She takes his hand and kisses him on his well-shaped lips.

‘Hey, it’s really nice that you came,’ she breathes in his ear. It is a warm, tingling moment. She notices how long his eyelashes are, how promising his eyes, his mouth line, full and sensual, in complete contrast to his rather angular jawbones. He returns her kiss, soft and gentle, and only touches her mouth. He doesn’t try to get in there and reach her tongue. He remains distant, but full of warmth, and, as Lena speculates, very interested in going further and exploring more of her and her body. At least she hopes for it. She feels her heartbeat in her hands.

‘Where do we want to go? Do you have a special wish? Maybe eat something?’

Lena nods. Something is different than yesterday. Does he look different? But he is just as attractive as yesterday: blond hair, not really cut short, but not long either, looks deliberately unkempt which looks great on him. Clear, intensely light blue eyes, slightly tanned summer skin, he has strong, but not extremely muscular arms, as you can see clearly now because he only wears a dark blue, short-sleeved V-neck t-shirt. Broad shoulders, straight back. Again, he has the light linen jacket that he wore yesterday, but today with the matching, wide-cut trousers.

‘I don’t know my way so well yet. I’ve only been living here since last night, so to speak,’ laughs Lena as they set off towards the exit. ‘Where do you live now?’ he asks. ‘In Charlottenburg,’ she replies. ‘OK. I live in Mitte. I think I already know where we’re going. You will definitely like it. ‘

Lena watches him from the corner of her eye. He looks really good! She was lucky, she thinks. Let’s see how all will evolve.

In front of the station there is a new Mini Cooper Convertible with an inscription on the sides. Sebastian opens it with his driver’s license in the form of a check card, which he holds on a sticker attached from the inside. He opens the car door. ‘I don’t have a car anymore. This is from ‘Share & Drive’. We just leave it there afterwards and take another one after dinner,’ he explains as they sit in the brand-new car. ‘This is now part of the lifestyle among younger Berliners. Almost no one wants their own car anymore, it’s much more practical that way. If you don’t have to fix your ego to a ton of tin.’

‘It’s funny,’ says Lena. „I’ll log in there. I don’t have a car here and I don’t know if and when I’ll buy one.’

‘You don’t necessarily need a car in Berlin unless you travel a lot for work,’ adds Sebastian. He enters his pin number in the tiny screen next to the steering wheel and starts …

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