In Bed with Berlin

In Bed with Berlin: Folge 2

In Bed with Berlin

In Bed with Berlin: Folge 2
In Bed with Berlin: Folge 2

In Bed with Berlin

In Bed with Berlin: Episode 2 is filled with sexual pleasure, juicy gossip, and socialite self-indulgence.

Lena opens another door. It’s the one to Marian’s bedroom.

Some blinds are lowered; the room is not as bright as it was this morning. Lena stops at the door. Her gaze falls on the spacious King Size bed.

On it: Veronika.  As if draped, a luxuriant beauty, naked, uncovered. Her curly hair surrounds her head like a fan of fire, she looks like a red-haired Venus, ready to make love at any time.

Marian,’ she whispers, `finally you’re back! Come to me! Let’s enjoy each other and have a really good time!’

She raises her head, opens her eyes and discovers Lena, still with the bunch of flowers in her hands. Veronika stares at her, speechless.

Then: ‘Oh, my goodness! Shit!’ That’s what she is thinking at that moment. If this woman there is Marian’s girlfriend, then she, Veronika, would be fucked and Marian as well but not in the form she had imagined …

Lena doesn’t know how to react. Then she decides to withdraw without a fuss and to close the door very quietly behind her. When she turns around, she is startled when she almost collides with Marian. ‘What is it?’ he asks.

Lena points to the closed bedroom door.

‘You’ve got company,’ she notes with a slight grin. Marian’s mind gets alert. That can only be the plumber, he thinks. Who else? He gave her the key to his apartment this morning … ‘The visitor has red curly hair, very feminine forms and lies naked on your bed.’ Shit, he thinks. He should have gone straight through the apartment to see if she was actually waiting somewhere for him. He already suspects: there could be a misunderstanding now. He nods, says nothing at first, bites on his lower lip instead, embarrassed.

Finally: ‘Hm. I’m gonna go take a look, okay? This is probably… she …might be …’ That’s as far as he gets because Lena interrupts him.

‘Pst…’ she ends his helpless stammering. She grins even more and puts her index finger on his lips. ‘You don’t need to explain anything else, okay? So, go take a look.’ She continues to speak in a whisper: ‘Meanwhile, where can I park my things and maybe unpack something, and later also… sleep?’ Marian points in the other direction of the entrance area. ‘Back there, the room’s all for you. I’ll show you.’ He wants to accompany her, but Lena says in a smug tone that she can manage on her own, that he should now take care of his visitor. She means that honestly and not ironically.

After all, she came to Berlin because this is the city of freedom. And now, she thinks to herself, she can hardly complain that it’s about to start off really freely. She smiles: first, the experience with the hot man on the train, now, a naked woman in the apartment… the best therapy against this damn sentimentalism with Tom.

Marian carefully opens the door to his bedroom. Lena watches him disappearing behind it. Her grin becomes wider: she had feared that he only knew his work here in Berlin. At home in Heidelberg, he always seemed very ambitious and goal-oriented. But he doesn’t seem to be living here like a priest, drowned in work. She happily packs her things and dances toward her room.

Marian in the bedroom: Veronika no longer lies naked in his bed. She’s sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing a different T-shirt than this morning, just as tightly cut and half-transparent, and again she’s not wearing a bra. She is about to slip into a pair of light, tight jeans that are frayed in many places and half-mended. She doesn’t wear panties. Her red curly mane now waves openly and wildly around her attractive freckled face, that looks pretty angry at the moment. And disappointed, which she tries to hide. ‘Sorry, I didn’t know you had a girlfriend. Nothing in your apartment suggested that. Not that I was snooping around while you were gone. It was just obvious, just by looking at the stuff around the bathroom: no female things.’

She pulls up her jeans that accentuate her juicy ass incredibly well and bends over to grab her sandals. This move demonstrates her luscious curves in their full glory.

At this seductive sight, a pull spreads in Marian’s loins. She’s really sexy, that woman, and she has such a great body.

‘She’s not my girlfriend,’ he says calmly. ‘I’m single right now and I’ve been single for a few months now. She is my… cousin, but actually more of a sister to me.’

Veronika looks at him with a mocking look, trying to slip into her sandals, which she doesn’t quite succeed at. Marian walks toward her. ‘Hey, I was very curious if you’d be here when I got home. And I’m very happy that you’re really here waiting for me. Because I thought about you quite a lot during the day and hoped for exactly that: that you would be here. Right here, in this room, in this bed.’

‘What do you mean? Are you ‘quasi’ single? With temporary exceptions, that surprise you here and there like your alleged cousin sister?’ Veronika says in a biting tone.

‘Nobody shows up here surprisingly, not even my… mother.’ is Marian’s answer. After a short break, she looks at him again, sulkily.

‘Come on, don’t be upset anymore. Surely I should have gone straight into my bedroom to see if you were here, and not into the kitchen to the fridge,’ he says in a soft voice.

She fiddles around angrily with her sandals. Actually, she has no reason to be angry at all. He hadn’t invited her – not really – and she can’t burst into his life naked and just expect him to be ready for it. But she just doesn’t feel like it anymore.

And the story with his cousin, she doesn’t believe it either. It would have been too good to be true, such a hottie, hetero, and also single … She decides that she will do without such stupid spontaneous actions in the future, stands up, takes her things and wants to leave. She says, ‘Hey, it’s all right. Sometimes I’m a little too brash, I’m sorry.’ She squeezes past him to get out of the room, her breasts grazing his arm.

I can’t let her go now, Marian thinks.

His hand gently grasps her chin as if by itself, strokes it, then from her cheek backward to her wavy red curls. He grabs her hair and holds her tight.

She pauses, emits a short, angry sound, looks at him with raging eyes.

‘I was hoping you’d be here.’

‘And your so-called cousin-sister?’

‘She won’t bother us. She’s totally fine. I’ve been thinking about you all day. It’s true! I’m not gonna let you go now!’

And that disarms Veronica. Looking at him with her big, green eyes she says, ‘Okay, I believe you because I want you.’ She stands on her tiptoes and kisses him tenderly and slowly, which he immediately responds to. Their lips touch again, another long kiss follows, first soft and careful, then it becomes more intense and passionate.

And then everything happens very quickly. Marian becomes more than just hot for Veronika in a fraction of a second – that’…

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