In Bed with Berlin – Episode 11: The Long Goodbye

erotica ebooks by Michalina Mayerhoff

Anna with Marian in the office: She is still standing in front of the closed door as if glued to the ground and has put on a trodden face. The sentence she has just let go sounds in Marian’s head like an echo in the mountains: “I have lost the child.”
His child.
“How did this happen?” he wants to know.
“Last night I suddenly had a lot of pain and went to the bathroom and there I had a kind of haemorrhage. Anyway, I was bleeding really bad and the kid… the fetus… “, (“stupid word”, she thinks, “sounds so medical”) … has definitely… ended up in the toilet.”
This wording corresponds more or less to the sentence she had thought up earlier.
Then Marian, carefully: “Well …”
Silence again.
“And how do you feel now? About that? And other stuff?”
Anna is squirming. “I don’t know yet. That’s always a shock. And then all that blood. But I have almost no pain anymore. Unlike last night. I thought someone was going to rip my guts out. Well, it kind of was.”
“I’m sorry,” Marian finally says. “Really,” he adds in a clear voice – and it sounds real. At that moment he actually means what he says.
With a certain amazement and a kind of unprecedented consternation, he realizes that he had actually begun to relish the idea of having a child.
“Okay,” Anna ends the conversation in a low voice. “I’m going back to the reception desk.”
Marian nods. “Let me know if you need anything. And, of course, you can go home if you’re not feeling well.”
Anna shakes her head and consciously plays the suffering heroine: “It’s all right. “
“A twist of fate,” Marian thinks as Anna leaves. “Surely it is for the best. “
Then yesterday evening goes through his mind: the threesome with Lena and Martha. It was mega-hot. Incredibly great sex. Intimate, close, highly erotic – and the thing with two women at the same time has always appealed to him if he is honest with himself. Most men would find it appealing. Undoubtedly, there is something unique about it. Probably a repetition is not possible, but nobody can take this great experience away from him. Not for all three of them, because it was certainly also a highly erotic experience of a special kind for Lena and Martha.
The fact that things are different with Anna now will give him the sexual freedom he still desires; unhampered by a high level of responsibility which he would have had to take on against his will. This is something to be happy about.

Anna sits down on her high-tech office chair at the reception of the law firm “Wiedemann, Scholz & König”.
“There, that’s done,” she thinks. She almost feels sorry for Marian. After all, he’s a “good man”. It’s an old-fashioned expression for someone who’s character is “okay”, but it’s true, this expression. She already knew why she wanted to HAVE him and live with him – and possibly have a child. She sighs. She can put this wish on file for now. She notices that a new rush of blood is pouring into the panty liner of her panties, despite a tampon in her vagina – though not as violently as last night when it was really bad. She reaches for her handbag and hurries to the toilet.

Lena in Marian’s attic: Lost in thought, she crouches on her luxurious guest bed, her chin rests on her knees, her arms enclose her tucked-up legs, her gaze stares into space. What should she do? Her new, not even started job as an anaesthetist… Cancel it? Does this thing with Chris have any chance at all? Since he called her at the stopover of his flight from Zurich, there have been no further calls. Should she try the other way around? She hates herself for even thinking about it. There’s nothing to it. Why not? He was more than a little aware of how crazy she was about him in every way. Besides, it’d be more than polite to ask about his friend Mike’s condition. What time is it now in Hawaii? She is consulting the world display of her iPhone’s clock app. Hm, 12 hours back time difference. In Berlin it’s 9:44 in the morning, in Honolulu 9:44 in the evening. It could well be the right time to get Chris on the phone now. Should she dare?

But at that moment her iPhone rings. The display shows that Sebastian is the caller. Lena moans, although not loudly, but rather inwardly. Should she take the call?

Her thoughts are somewhere else, but on the other hand, Sebastian could be a welcome change.
She operates the touch screen.
“Hi, Sebastian!” Lena tries to keep a cheerful tone of voice.
“Hi, Lena! How are you? “
“Fine, thank you.”
“Fine. We were gonna go on a date, or did you change your mind?”
“No, no,” Lena replies quickly. “If you… if you want to… I could … tonight … or tomorrow evening,” she continues, stammering.
Sebastian decides for tonight, impatient to see Lena again. They agree to meet at 7 pm.
“I can cook us something,” he adds. “Do you like fish? “
“Yes, very much.”
“Good. Me too. Wonderful. “

When the conversation ends right after that, Lena’s thoughts still wander to Chris, but she feels a little better. The evening today could be a nice change, the sex with Sebastian wasn’t bad, she could hope to be together …

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