In Bed with Berlin – Episode 10: Brand New Love

In Bed with Berlin: Folge 10 - Liebe ganz neu

On the board of the motor yacht “Edmond Dantès”: Chris receives the news about his best friend’s motorcycle accident in Hawaii that morning after a  terrific night of love. The world suddenly looks completely different for him and also for Lena. And Chris’s face had also changed: he seems years older than five minutes before and his thoughts and feelings seem to be miles away from Lena. She feels he isn’t really with her anymore. He had shut himself off from her.

Not saying a word, he leans against the ship’s railing. Every now and then his gaze wanders over the Wannsee, that glitters in the blazing summer morning sun as if nothing had happened. Then again he just stares down at the ship planks at his feet. Lena watches the wind play with his wild blond hair. She is at a loss and decides not to say anything now not to appear stupid.

“Lena, I must fly there,” he finally brings up.

That was a clear and very understandable statement.

“Mike is my best friend. And we have this surf school together,” he adds. “I have to see him. You understand that, don’t you? “

“Of course.” Lena nods compassionately. Her heart sinks under the planks of the ship, yet she knew: somehow it will be okay. Well, she is sure “knowing” is an exaggeration. She hopes so. But the stupid thing is: it isn’t just about his friend Mike, but also about Chris having a girlfriend in Hawaii. That’s what this new situation also means. He’d be back with her now, or at least close to her. And if there was such a thing as love between Chris and his girlfriend, Lena wouldn’t be able to stand between them.

“She’s certainly a pretty blond surfer’s bride,” goes through Lena’s head and a picture forms bit by bit in her fantasy, as if a puzzle is being put together: a blonde, sun-tanned Hawaii girl in a bikini on the beach, and her heart sinks even deeper as the picture obtains ever clearer contours. “Shit,” she thinks. “Fucking hell, I really do mind. Am I really in love or what? This wasn’t the plan. Did I have a plan though? Of course, I also know that these fluctuations in feelings, these real volcanic eruptions of emotions cannot be planned. I wanted to be free and just enjoy my life here in Berlin. I’m not really up for problems.”

But then she realizes that it’s just life. After all, life is not an endless drug party without hangover and not a horse farm without falling from a horse.

And now on the way back to the city: Lena sits behind Chris on his BMW and embraces his firm body. They both fall into a subdued mood on their journey from the club to the Wannsee S-Bahn station. Even though they can’t talk because of the volume of the machine, she can still feel that Chris is with his friend in Hawaii with his thoughts. As expected, their farewell to each other also feels sad.

I’m sorry,” says Chris after he takes her helmet. “I’ll call you when I know when to fly. And I’ll be back as soon as I can.” His gaze wanders down to the pavement as if he were actually embarrassed, then up again to Lena’s large, brown-green eyes. Her questioning face says it all.

“Because I want to see you again. Absolutely,” he adds in a low voice.

She’s looking at him. The wind blows his wiry hair over his still radiant blue eyes, which he now pinches slightly together.

“My God, this man is sexy. Even now, in this situation,” Lena thinks.

“It’s nice to hear you say that,” she says instead. “But for now, other things are important. I wish you well and I very much hope that your friend…” (she hesitates briefly) ” …that he gets better quickly. I’ll be glad if you call”.


“If you feel like it,” she adds.

Their lips touch for a goodbye kiss that doesn’t last long.

“Goodbye, Lena. See you soon,” Chris ends the whole thing and turns away toward the motorcycle. Lena quickly turns around and disappears into the entrance of the S-Bahn station. She looks over her shoulder at Chris in the hope that he would give her a last sign (perhaps some gesture, but for what and why she doesn’t know herself), but Chris is already sitting on the machine, turning and driving away without paying any attention to her. Lena doesn’t see him driving away anymore because she wants to leave quickly. Shit, she doesn’t usually cry at farewell scenes, but this time her feelings drive plenty of moisture into her eyes. Is he leaving her life he just entered?

“No, don’t cry now,” she thinks. “It’s silly. This wasn’t the plan. I DIDN’T PLAN IT THIS WAY!” she hammers herself into her head again and again and accelerates her pace as if in a trance.

“Calm down,” she says to herself a few moments later, stops and breathes deeply. “We’ll see what happens. We’ll see what happens. We’ll see what happens.”

She’ll have to confirm that over the next few hours and days.

During the S-Bahn ride toward Bahnhof Zoo, Lena stares out of the window as if paralysed. That was really incredibly great night with the best sex in the world! But perhaps it will fade again and only remain as a faded image of a memory in some hidden regions of the brain. Lena begins to fantasize. For a few minutes she thinks of Chris’s friend as a doctor. If someone has suffered a craniocerebral trauma and is put into a coma, this, unfortunately…

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