In Bed with Berlin

Folge 1: In Bed with Berlin

In Bed with Berlin

Folge 1: In Bed with Berlin
Folge 1: In Bed with Berlin

In Bed with Berlin

The first part of a story where the search for sexual freedom, intimacy, and love takes place in Berlin.

She is almost naked while coming down the steps of the concert hall with a very sexy smile on her pretty face. With every step she takes, the flowing white fabric detaches from her body and flutters in the glistening light that shines all over Gendarmenmarkt.

Just before she reaches Marian, the fabric tears off and slides down her naked skin. She now stands right in front of Marian, who stretches out his hands seeking her beautiful, round breasts. “Anna” he calls to her. She says, “As long as you’re with me,” and presses his head down so that he falls on his knees.

He turns his head: the many people around stare at him in disapproval. In addition there is Lena, who is also naked and blows him a kiss. There’s another woman next to her. Her hair shines golden and her red dress flows around her like liquid. She shouts “No!” and stretches her arms to him. She is beautiful, he feels incredibly attracted to her, he wants to go to her, he wants to touch her. But Anna’s hand pulls his head brutally towards her and presses his face between her thighs. It gets dark, wet and hot.

Glistening light seems to burn his brain. He’s scared to death.

“Fuck!” he hears himself screaming. Waking up, he accidentally looks directly into the sun, beaming through the glass doors of his bedroom, leading to the terrace. Marian shuts his eyes.

He can’t stand Mondays. On Mondays it is particularly difficult for him to get up.

What the hell was that? He dreams some crap all the time, but that was really extreme. He rubs his eyes and gets up.

Still tired, he looks at his naked body. A large mirror on the wall reflects the bright light that floods his penthouse and clearly highlights the contours of his stomach and arms with his beautifully defined muscles. He winks at his sleepy image in the mirror, raises his arms up in the air, revels in the sunlight and grins at the sight of his penis also waking up. Must have been this weird dream. Starting with a slight erection now it slowly becomes harder

Oh, that feels good!

Marian again realizes that the sun has already found its way through the half-lowered blinds. It’s 8 o’clock and already kind of hot. He’s looking at his cell phone. “As long as you’re with me …” appears on the screen.

A text from Anna from yesterday. That’s odd. They haven’t been that intimate for a long time. It anyway was never more than an affair.

That hot girl from last night appears in front of his eyes. He looks down at his body.

Is it because of her or because of this absurd dream? This isn’t a normal morning erection! He suppresses the thoughts of Anna and switches to  the woman in the club last night. Fantastic bosom, gorgeous body anyway. He feels a tiny bit of a hangover. Maybe it was one too many gin and tonic last night. He remembered being with his colleague Matthias at the “New First”, the club at Joachimsthaler Straße, that reopened after the previous owner was murdered. Too bad that girl was with her boss. She couldn’t leave him just standing there by himself, and if Marian got it right, she left with the guy. But she wrote down her mobile phone number and stealthily slipped the note into the pocket of his jacket. Maybe he actually will call her some time.

Marian turns to he side and looks at the part that protrudes from his loins. He’s enjoying his body and what he feels right now. Slowly he begins to stroke himself along his muscular thighs and his taut belly.  Finally, he grabs his now hard cock and massages it slowly and firmly. Now he has become really horny…

But then a loud knock on some door … Marian moves around. What the hell…? Then he sees:

A woman in a worker’s overalls on his terrace. She bangs the patio door with her flat hand and grins from ear to ear. “Damn,” it goes through his head. “Has she been watching me the whole time?”

Where are his underpants? His clothes are lying carelessly mixed up on the floor.  A louder knock follows. God damn it! How did this woman get on the terrace? Now she is knocking so hard that the glass of the door is about to shatter.

“Yeah, I’m coming,” he yells.

In a hurry like he would have to extinghush a fire, he crosses the hallway towards the living room that also houses the ultra-modern kitchenette, grabbing a scarf from a coat rack to cover the lower part of his body. Of course, one can still see that his penis is standing high, but he hopes that it will subside as soon as possible. The woman out there will break his window if she keeps knocking.

He hurries to the patio door and slams it open.

“What the fuck? What are you doing here?”

She examines him from top to bottom and grins suggestively.

She’s putting down the heavy toolbox.

“I have rung the bell several times, Mr. Koenig. And I called your cell. We’re replacing the taps in all the apartments today. In the kitchen and in the bathrooms. You had asked us for an appointment as early as possible. That’s why I’ve climbed over the roof to see if you might be here after all, as nobody has opened the door. I wanted to check what’s going on.”

With the smile of a sphinx, the woman lets her gaze wander over Marian’s body.

He remembers clearly now that the date indeed had been appointed weeks ago.

“I forgot about it. I’m sorry.”

“Okay. I’m sorry that I might have come at a bad moment.”

Marian thinks of a reply and looks at her more calmly. The woman has opened her overall up to her waist an…

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