Holiday Hookup

erotica ebooks by Nathaniel Feldmann
erotica ebooks by Nathaniel Feldmann

Holiday Hookup

The dream vacation on Vlieland continues as Joel's maybe-maybe not boyfriend suprises him by appearing on the beach.

The room was so terribly bright when I opened my eyes. That headache clawed its way around my head. Morning. The cawing of seagulls all around the open windows like the call of a rooster, but it was actually noon and fuck I had the worst hangover. The pain radiated from my neck and jabbed endlessly into my eyes. I knew better than to mix wine and beer and all that limoncello. I ran for the bathroom and puked nothing. I set my head under the sink until my belly was full of ice-cold water.

Back in bed, I tried to fall back asleep, but Sander burst through the door looking as happy and refreshed as always, his shoulders defined in a breezy tank top, swim trunks on, and a tray of breakfast in his hands.

“Did we?” I asked, shoving a croissant in my face, totally unsure if last night was all a hallucination or if we actually fucked those random hotties in the shower.

“Yes, those guys came over. Yes, that sexy producer fucked you. Yes, the rapper fucked me. Yes, I was the one who put you in bed. Yes, you’re welcome.”

I covered my head in the white cloudy pillow, soft and expensive like a hotel.

“Don’t tell me you’re having regrets,” Sander said, pulling me out of bed, putting me into my trunks, shoving me out the door and onto the beach. “You’re on holiday! Plenty more guys on the island. Come on!”

Still no text from my clearly-not-boyfriend, Joost, not that I was waiting for him to check in. Whatever. Sander was right, I needed to enjoy my time away from the city.

I wished I drank more water. The bottle in my hand warmed in the sun. A dull headache persisted, but I lay down to chase it off my mind. The sun helped dry me out. With my sunglasses on, sunscreen on the top of my nose, I settled in that dreamy place between sleep, between wakefulness, between the sun and sand kind of feeling. I couldn’t take my mind off last night, like it was this blurry dream. The thought of Johan, Sander and Pim, the four of us in the sauna together, all their dicks in my face, cum falling on me in buckets and all I wanted was each one of their cocks inside me and…

“Dude, you got a huge boner!” Sander said, shoving me awake.

I flipped over quickly. My hard-on settled into the sand, and I was still so horny from the thought, still lost in the dream that each movement was like I was fucking the beach. Just a little bit. So warm and sleepy.

“What was going on up there?” Sander asked, picking at my head, trying to suppress his laughter and like just so openly mocking me. But it’s not like he hadn’t seen me get fucked last night.

Before I could respond, Sander lowered his sunglasses and followed the approach of two sexy men.

“Oh, hey boys!” Sander said with a dainty little wave. “Joel was just about to tell me something really important.”

“Sander!” I hissed. My cheeks flushed with the sun; my erection not going anywhere.

“Don’t let us stop you,” Johan said as he threw out a towel next to me, a cool box at his side.

“Just thinking about the sauna,” I said, with my eyes on that hot tall producer. “Maybe tonight?”

“What do you say boys?” Sander asked, handing a bottle of sun lotion to Pimmy and gesturing for a hand with his back.

“Zeker,” both boys said with smoothness, with enthusiasm, like it was definitely something they could hardly wait for.

Under the sun, Johan threw each of us an ice cold beer and we laughed as the can exploded in my hands. I rushed to suck all that bitter foam and guzzle down the entirety before all the gas disappeared. My hangover disappeared with my first sip and I sank into the sand as that daring little scorpion on Johan’s hand shimmied up my thigh, the tips of his fingers just on the surface of my skin, trailing through the hair and making me shiver.

When I looked over to him, my sunglasses lowered, my eyes sparkling in the sun, he smiled, his lips stretching nearly to his ears, but then opened his mouth to a wide yawn and fell back. He feigned snoring until he actually fell into a daytime slumber. His body was stretched out long, his big basketball player feet far off the towel, his heels buried in the sand. I propped myself up and couldn’t stop staring at that mound in his shorts, that beautiful cock. I wanted to just take it out and suck suck suck like my life depended on it.

I followed the trail of stubble that flowed from under his shorts to his belly button, a slight outie that I wanted to push in. His flat stomach spread so smoothly into his chest and shoulders. His armpits begged for my nose. The neatly trimmed hair, wet and dripping sweat that smelled of the sweetest hickory smoke.

His eyes opened as I alighted on his face. He returned a smile, along with raised eyebrows that hinted at the dunes.

“I think we’re gonna go for a walk,” I said to Sander and Pimmy, who were already making out and clearly didn’t care what we were up to.

We each took a can of beer and with Johan’s arm around my shoulders, he led me on a daytime stroll. We toasted to the sunshine. My toes tingled with each step, the warm granules slipping between my toes, the sand so soft and airy, like a freshly made couscous. I wanted to throw myself onto the ground and cover my entire body in the beach.

Johan told me he knew of a great view, out and over the beach. His arm slid around my hips and his index finger played with my waistband, the material stretching, the string still tight. He didn’t force his touch, no, he lightly caressed this small patch of skin and he showed a gentler side of himself, but I knew how rough he could get when in the mood, with the heat turned up and his thirst unquenchable.

We climbed up an incline, so steep I practically had to crawl, the sand cascading with every burdensome step. Johan beat me to the top, his feet accustomed to the island, and as I struggled, still not far from the bottom, he disappeared amongst the tall grasses at the peak.

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