Hidden in Plain Sight

Erotica ebooks by Hansa Bosbach

She smelled like citrus, I thought as I sat across from her in the small Mexican restaurant. The dim light reflected crimson off her lips as she lifted the shot glass. “Cheers” she said in a soft voice that made me feel like she whispered it differently in my ear. I lifted my own glass in toast. Tequila burned in my throat, ice cold with a hint of sweetness.

I watched her bare shoulders relax as she set down her glass. Sighing as she leaned back in the booth. She was wearing a blue strapless dress the color of dark sapphires. I smiled as my own glass reached the table, and let my eyes drift along her curves. The dress fell to just above her knees, short enough to be tantalizing but long enough to hide the cuffs that I knew were strapped tight around her thighs. Blonde hair that floated like golden wheat framed her face and shimmered in the candle light. The candle on the table flickered, it’s diffused light making her skin seem to glow. Her chest rose and fell in time with her shortened breath. The black lace corset she wore over the dress pushed her chest upward and narrowed her waist in a way that made my imagination dance with carnal lust.

We sat side by side in the booth, the contrast between us noticeable by everyone around us. Her… The beauty. Sensual and oozing with the promise of sex. As for me… my beard speckled with silver in a black t-shirt and jeans. I smirked at the thought and leaned over to whisper in her ear. “Look at them.. the way they glance and try not to stare at you. They probably think you’re a whore…” My hand touched her leg and slid slowly up beneath the dress as I spoke, “and indeed you are a whore…” My hand slid higher. Across the cuff. Higher. Coming to rest against soft lace hidden between her thighs. “My whore.” I could feel wetness collecting on my fingertips as I gently stroked and pressed against the warmth behind the fabric. She smiled at my mischief, her eyes sparked as she spoke in her soft voice.

“Yes, sir…” I could see the fear and anticipation in her gaze as the waitress approached. Would I stop? Did she want me to stop? Would I let her see?

I looked up at the waitress as she spoke, “will there be anything else? Some dessert perhaps?” I smiled as I removed my hand from under the table

“Everything was delicious as always…” I paused for a brief moment and then turned to face my lovely companion. Her eyes were riveted to my fingers as I brought them up and sucked the liquid from my fingertips. “We just need the check.” I turned and offered my card to the slightly flushed waitress. “Very good sir, I… will be back in a moment with your receipt.”

I could feel the smile in her words as she leaned over pressing her chest against my arm and whispering in my ear, “tease.” I turned and caught her chin in my hand, looked deeply into her eyes… and growled… “I haven’t even begun.” Her eyes slowly closed and I felt a shudder run through her. I heard the waitress approach, turned and retrieved my card thanking her again for the excellent meal.

Standing and shrugging on my le…

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