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Synopsis: Lola is a 25 years old french girl living in Berlin. She plays in a girlband, works aside in a Call Center, and dates Christophe, a traumatized teacher in his late 30s. Given the sporadic nature of their encounters (Christophe gives his classes in Hamburg and is away the whole week), they both agreed to see other people. Christophe has a platonic lover, a blue-eyed german punk that introduces him to the delights of Hamburg. Lola, tired of her routine of plain one night stands, starts hanging out on a fetish forum where she’ll soon be maintaining an addictive correspondence with a mysterious dom. As she urges him to meet up after weeks of online sex, he finally invites her to a party. Eighteen hours that will change her life forever.



I was in bed, watching Bonding, a comedy ,about a shy broke guy who becomes the assistant of a dominatrix, when I got lost in thoughts. Maybe because the episode was slightly turning me on, I started thinking about this guy at work. Nick, a really funny guy that I vaguely had a crush on. Earlier in the day, we were taking a break, fooling around in between two calls in the open-space. I was seating with Greg and Sam, who were arguing about Grinder or something when, as they usually liked to, they decided to bully me. Sam is ten years older than me and he loves to make fun of my confessions when we’re in public. “What about your boyfriend Lolly? Does he still have a boyfriend?” “So Berlin!” added Greg shaking his head. “Shut up guys I’m trying to work and Sam you’re being suffocating!” “Yet you would like to suffocate.” Nick interrupted. He looked straight into my eyes, turned back to his computer and took his next call. “What was that about?” Sam laughed out loud again and our zealous boss Julius came to put us back to work.

I really like Nick and his theories about everything. I like that he’s always carrying around two or three books and that he looks meticulously clean. Rare enough to be considered as an encouraging +, I suppose.

I tried a couple of times to invite him for a drink in the nearest Eckkneipe, a bar full of old Germans listening to schlager music which was kind of our headquarter, but he’d always decline. This evening was no exception to the rule, and we separated a bit before the S-bahn Station. Nick was a true antisocial and did not see anyone except at work where he’d be compensating his lack of sociability by doing absolutely everything but properly working.

Still, if he would have really liked me, he would have already invited me over since his apartment was literally two blocks away from our call center. I sighed. When a guy is nice and clever, and probably good in bed, he has to be a fucking ermite… What is wrong with people in this city? It’s like easier to have group sex with your flatmates than going for a drink after work.

Out of boredom, I googled bdsm berlin, and ended up on an online fetish community. It was for free and if I’d just upload a picture of my tits, nobody would know it was me. Taking the pictures felt like doing something forbidden…just imagine if my mom finds out… I was already pretty excited when I filled out the categories of the site. I just had to “Sign On” to become Gazoline, 25 yo, F, Sub – searching for a Master.


Before their divorce, my parents had a huge library and I’d pick up books from the wooden shelves to read until late at night under my blanket. My Dad had a pretty impressive collection of comic books. Fred, Margerin, Tardi…All the classics were there as well as some more obscure stuff: punk fanzines, porn-sci-fi…

I particularly enjoyed reading the story of Gazoline & the red planet where the heroin – a sexy leopard – spends her apocalypse swallowing pills in the desert and raping soldiers with their own guns.

I remember a blow job scene with Gazoline’s well-hung Kangaroo boyfriend that procured my first sexual thrill.

The scene is somehow anchored in my retina even years after, and I remember my dad’s preoccupation when he found out that the comics at the back of his book shelf were lying on the floor of my room. Anyhow after chatting with some older Australian and American guys, I started looking for people located in Berlin. This is how I found him. On Fetlife, you can see who just visited your profile: this is how he found me. Creatureofthenight didn’t lack a sense of humour which was surprisingly charming for a German guy. He’d first comment on my pictures saying he liked my style (fun enough for a close-up of my chest) before starting a conversation in the chat.

Creatureofthenight (32, M, Master.)

Hey beautiful, how come you’re still awake at this time of the night?

Gazoline (25, F, Sub)

Hmm, bored and horny, I suppose. What about you?

Creatureofthenight (32, M, Master.)

Same here, very awake and play-full. I like your picture. Can I ask yo…

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