erotica ebooks by J.A. Thomas
erotica ebooks by J.A. Thomas


Against his friends' advice, Simon moves into a creepy but atmospheric old house and becomes embroiled in a twisted affair with its existing inhabitant.

It started a few weeks ago. I haven’t been able to sleep right since. She keeps begging for more and I don’t know how to stop it. I feel like if I say no, she’ll just sink her teeth deep into my flesh and tear the skin and muscle away until I’m a heap of bloody carnage. She’s not living. Not like you and me, anyways.

I moved into my new house – a rather popular house, actually. It was known as the location of not one but two violent murderers back in the 40s. Both crimes suspected to have been committed by the same person. An actress if I recall correctly, but I can’t be sure. The details surrounding the cases are still shrouded in mystery to this very day.

My friends urge me not to move into the house. “It’s haunted, man,” they’d say. It was obvious that they believed it, too. The way they shuddered at the sight of the gothic architecture and refused to come over after dark. It was as if they truly felt that they were doing me a service by perpetuating these tall tales. Of course, I didn’t listen.

It took a couple weeks for me to get settled in and all my things unpacked. Once that was done, it finally started to feel like home. Sure, it was awful creepy at night moving through the dark, mazey hallways to grab a glass of water, but that came with the experience, right? There was also the matter of the lights, which seemed to short circuit quite often. There were even a couple times that the bulbs burst, as if they were overheating and exploding.

Of course, this wasn’t enough to convince me the house was haunted. It was old. It had to be faulty wiring or something of the kind.

Things only got worse from there…

I awoke one night to the sound of my kitchen cabinets opening and slamming shut. I awoke in a daze, quickly striding over to my closet and grabbing the first thing I could get my hands on – an umbrella.

Slowly, I began to creep down the stairs. The creaking hardwood beneath my bare feet seemed to betray me. As I stepped off the final stair, onto the first floor, the slamming came to an abrupt halt.

“Hello?” I shouted into the darkness, trying to sound intimidating and masculine.

I reached my hand over to the left and frantically searched for the light switch. My fingers grazed the plastic cover and I quickly flipped it up. The light shone bright through the darkness. It seemed to be getting brighter and brighter until finally-


The light burst and glass shattered onto the floor, clinking as it fell to the ground. My eyes struggled to adjust to the change as I stared down the hall. I could just make out a silhouette. The silhouette of a person standing in front of a window at the end of the long, dark corridor.

“Hey!” I shouted, moving toward the shadow.

It didn’t move.

“Get out of my house!” I yelled again, continuing to advance on the figure.

Still, it stood, motionless and shrouded in eerie darkness. I halted, steps away from what I believed now to be a woman. She stood in front of me, breathing rapidly. I could hear a faint moan escaping her throat. A sound which I expected to be painful or broken, but as it progressed, getting louder and louder, it became apparent what the sound actually meant.

She was having an orgasm. She stood in front of me, h…

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