FreiWillig – Episode 7: Loyal

erotica ebooks by Lilly M Beck

Inspired by real life events.


I pull my foot under the blanket and snuggle comfortably into the slate grey bedding. Without opening my eyes, I feel for you with my hand and feel only the cool sheet, so you are already up. I pull my arm back and cover my breasts. I love duvet covers. So soft and yet cool on the skin. Almost like satin, but not so slippery. And the quilt warms me so nicely, even though it’s as light as a feather. I think this is the only place I’ve ever slept like this. Thanks to you, I’m always naked at night anyway, so I can enjoy this pleasant feeling on my skin. Despite all the fluff, I’d still prefer to feel you right now with me… The distance between us, which I think I feel from time to time, can only be counteracted by real closeness. This connection is just so special, and I think I will go crazy if you move away from me. But now I’m still too tired to take care of us. I’ll do it when I’m awake. By all means…but now I make myself comfortable again, pull the pillow up and go back to sleep soon.
From a distance I hear soft music and how the bedroom door opens. I keep my eyes closed and my ears pricked up. You sneak very quietly to the bed and move carefully. You lie down on your mattress side and slip under my blanket. I lie on my side facing away from you and breathe calmly. Your hand gently strokes my stomach and pulls me toward you. As I give put a pleasant sigh, you grin and watch me. Your hand remains on my middle.
“Hanna?” You wait. “Are you still sleeping?”
I have to smile. I just love your voice. So soft and pleasant, yet so masculine. You master the game perfectly, because when you want to, you sound strict and demanding. I like that too and I find that just as sexy. Outsiders and the business partners certainly can get annoyed with you, but that doesn’t seem to matter to you most of the time. The result counts and you always get what you want. Always.
Without looking at you, I slide even closer and stroke your arm. You’re smiling. Your hand goes up my ribs to my breasts. You caress me gently. Your fingers are tender at first. They make me purr.
“Mm mm.”
I can’t come up with anything more yet, but that’s all you need to react. You pull the covers, push me on my back and expose my breasts. My nipples are already sticking out and they’re hard. You bend over and embrace one of my firm breasts and lick slightly over the bud. You play with them. Vary the sound of your tongue from soft to hard and back. Nibbling the surrounding tender skin and finally biting firmly. My moaning is loud. I briefly rebound and feel my wet crack, swollen and so ready for you again.
Just when I open my eyes in disappointment to see why you don’t go on, I see you kneel between my legs and bend over me to get better at the other breast. You kiss my breasts and continue with your special treatment. Dedicating yourself extensively and fairly to each side. Your kisses, sucking and biting make me more and more wet and I can hardly follow you emotionally. Soft, hard, distant, close. You drive me crazy. I stroke your hair and scratch your neck. You watch me for a little moment, grinning diabolically and taking both arms over my head. You kiss my upper arm when I put it down and whisper in my ear when I slide down again that I should leave them up all the time. I nod in agreement. What else? That’s how you know me. Well-behaved. Ready to deliver. Breathless. You just make me so wild and crazy with your mouth just now.
Not a bit more of my fatigue. But that’s how I know it with you. Always. Somehow this fire never burned up between us. On the contrary. What exactly fuels it, I can’t even answer clearly, it just works incredibly well. Most of the time. The problems that we’ve been having lately, I put aside. I can’t think straight when you have my nipple between your teeth, and I suspect that you’re trying to fuck me right now. I already know that grin of yours in such special situations and it makes my legs tingle.

I breathe quickly, longing for your kisses, but you give yourself exclusively to my upper body. You push the blanket to my feet and slide it down. You kneel between my legs, which is why I have already opened them wide anyway. You look down at me with satisfaction and grin. I look back at you.
“Your turn,” I say, and I want to put my arms down and devote myself to you.
Quickly you push me hard back into the pillows. “You shall not move, slave.”
Your fingernails slide straight down from my sternum. A pleasant shiver runs down my back. Have you ever called me that before? I am your slave? While I’m still thinking about it, you dive between my legs and kiss a hot, wet trail across my pubic bone. Slowly. So painfully slow. Make your tongue run down my soft, warm skin. Tenderly, but sometimes hard and with pressure. Bite me under my ribs. I scream and rebel. This pain was unexpected. You reach behind you. Did you bring anything? I don’t see anything. What was that noise? A soft meta…

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